BigCommerce Review 2021

Bigcommerce review

Welcome to one of the most biased BigCommerce Review you will ever read. Why is it biased? Well, because I love the damn thing so much. So please read the text, give the trial a go and join me in singing praises for the product!

A friend of mine recommended I try BigCommerce. He gave it raving reviews – but I was suspicious because I would have heard about this software if it was really “that” good – surely!

The thing is; it really is good. Really really good, and I hope this BigCommerce Review and this entire site dedicated to BigCommerce can assure you of this point.

Who is BigCommerce for?

Are you passionate? Do you want to make money online, running a proper business? Do you have a product that is of quality and will add value to people’s lives?

If you answered yes, then you really do owe it to the world to build an online store. But building a store is not easy if you don’t have the right tools. But then fixing a car without the right tools isn’t easy either.

Having the right tools – the right Ecommerce software to power your online store is so critically important.

A BigCommerce store is for people who…

  • Want one of the most powerful eCommerce software platforms out there on the Internet
  • Are new to selling online and looking for an intuitive and user-friendly way in doing so
  • Have outgrown their current eCommerce software and need something more robust
  • Want to take advantage of selling on Facebook, and Shopping comparisons websites like, NexTag or PriceGrabber

If you fit into this category (which admittedly is almost everyone!) than keep reading. The only person that this Ecommerce software is not for, is those looking for free software. BigCommerce is not free. But it is very well priced. This is something I will cover in more detail. This is an all encompassing BigCommerce Review after all.

Bigcommerce customer reviews

Top BigCommerce Features

Did you know that BigCommerce has over 450 features. That’s over 450 things that you have at your fingertips to help you sell online. I have to say that they have covered just about everything.

And because of my interest in BigCommerce, I’m one who follows all their latest developments. I can say that they often bring out new fixes, new integration connections with major software companies, and new and innovative ways to do things.

The following are the 9 features that I love the best about BigCommerce:

  • Complete Creative Control – Instead of having to learn how to program in order to control the design of your site, you can now use a drag-and-drop feature that BigCommerce has. So if you want to move certain elements around on the page – you simply need to click to move it
  • Selling on eBay and Facebook – You can control all your eBay operations from the administration section of your BigCommerce store. This is a better way to sell items, manage invoices and shipping, check inventory and store design of your eBay store. BigCommerce also creates a Product tab on your Facebook Fan Page where people can see all your listed products and click through to buy on your website
  • Shopping Comparison Export – Getting your products onto sites like Beso, Bizrate, MySimon, NexTag, PriceGrabber, and Shopzilla is very important. BigCommerce gives you an easy way to export all the products you want to these type of websites
  • Automated Email Marketing – Keep in touch with your customers once they’ve purchased something from your store. I love this feature, as it gives me an opportunity to also hear from my customers as well
  • Flexible Product Photo Display – The way that the photos of your products look is very important to people who are interested in making a purchase. This feature enables you to present your products in a good looking way
  • Mobile Commerce – Purchasing things through mobile devices has been picking up a lot in recent years. This is where you need to be present and BigCommerce has this feature built-in automatically – so there is no work to do on your behalf
  • Automatic Inventory Control – If you have many items in your store (I don’t, but I can understand this pain) you can set this Ecommerce software to notify you when stocks are low so you know when to order/make more
  • Search Engine Optimization – Getting ranked up in search engines like Google is very important for traffic which ultimately results in your success. When building your web pages BigCommerce structures the page that best suits search engine optimization principles
  • Coupons and Gift Certificates – Show how much you love your customers by giving them coupons. Look professional by giving your customers the opportunity to order a gift certificate for someone else

What others say about BigCommerce

The fact of the matter is that BigCommerce review is right up there in the number 1 position for Ecommerce software. But don’t take my word for it. There have been countless of reputable companies in the technology industry who have said…

Internet Retailer “This will change the face of c-commerce”

TechCrunch “Powers everything related to an online storefront”

Forbes “A high-tech spin on an old school business”

Inc 500 – “44th Fastest Growing Software Company in the US”

There is no reason for Internet Retailer, TechCrunch or Forbes, or all the rest of them not to give a proper review. These are all massive companies and they tell the truth just like I am right here.

The price for BigCommerce

I mentioned earlier that BigCommerce is not free. Speaking from experience, I have tried the free stuff out there – and I wouldn’t recommend it. The reason is that there are so many bugs, and so many other problems that it kills your time to set up and run.

I had spent far too much of my time trying to set up those free Ecommerce software. I realized that it’s not worth it. I would rather get my online store going and selling as quickly as possible.

BigCommerce also offers a Pro and Enterprise plan – but those are for store owners that want unlimited products.

Bigcommerce Pricing

As you can see for yourself, the prices are reasonable. Most people out there – including me have less than 100 products, so going for the Standard plan is great for me. Although you can sell unlimited products under this plan.

Now let’s just say that your dollar margin in $10 per item that you sell. You will need to sell 3 of those items to have your BigCommerce paid for the month and still have money left over.

The question is, can you sell 3 of your product in a month? You know eBay gets 50 million people who buy and browse each month. I’m not saying to compete against eBay, but to sell 3 items in a month sounds reasonable right? You have to have some kind of belief that you can do that right?

The Step-by-Step guide to starting with BigCommerce

If you are interested in giving BigCommerce a go, this little guide will walk you through the steps that you would take to get going.

1. The first thing to do is signing up for a BigCommerce FREE trial account. This will last 15 days – this should be ample time for you to test out the software.

2. You will be sent your login details and other important account details to your email. Log into the administration section of your website and notice where everything is.

3. The next thing to do is change the theme of your store to best suit your business. BigCommerce comes pre-populated with many different types of themes – and I’m sure one will closely resemble the look that you’re trying to go for

4. Next, try uploading your products. There is a feature that will allow you to mass import products. I like to use this because I like editing in Excel and then importing to BigCommerce.

But for now, I would say to import each product one by one so you get a feel for the options

5. Check the store front and make sure that you like the way the store looks and feels. If everything is fine (fingers crossed!), get yourself onto one of their plans according to the prices above.

6. You will be given an AdWords coupon in which you can use to start promoting your products right away. I would recommend using this as soon as you can. I haven’t covered AdWords on this website yet – but if you check out the Adwords Help section, you should find a wealth of information.

7. Start selling. Start making Money. Start living Life on your terms.

The email communication that you get from BigCommerce once you sign up will lead you. So at no time during the process of setting up your store should you feel lost, or confused. If you do, BigCommerce support is there to help you. Or if you would prefer, send me an email and I’ll help out where I can.

What is it that you want in life? Is it Freedom from your 9 to 5 job? Is it to make millions of dollars? Is it to spend time with your family more often? Is it a whole heap of things?

You have everything to gain from building your online store and becoming successful that way. BigCommerce can get you there. It’s your platform for success. Give the free trial a go by clicking on the banner below and sign up on the BigCommerce website.

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Wow, you made it to the end! Hope you enjoyed this BigCommerce Review!