How to Change Godaddy Hosting from Linux (cPanel) to Windows (Plesk)

How to Change Godaddy Hosting Operating System from Linux to Windows

If you’re familiar with web hosting, you must be knowing that there are two popular operating systems i.e Windows and Linux.

Godaddy does support both Windows and Linux operating systems on their web hosting.

Many first-time web hosting buyers don’t know which operating to choose and many times they end up buying a hosting plan on a wrong operating system.

If you are one of those buyers who have bought a wrong web hosting plan and now want to switch your plan from Windows to Linux or from Linux to Windows, then this article is for you.

Note: This article is for Godaddy web hosting users. In this article, you will learn how to change Godaddy hosting from Linux to Windows or Windows to Linux.

So let’s get started.

Step-By-Step Process to Switch Your Hosting Account Operating System in Godaddy Shared Hosting

If you have selected a wrong operating system during your shared hosting purchase with Godaddy and now you want to switch your hosting account operating system, you can do it anytime.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to achieve this.

Step-1: Login to your Godaddy Account

Before you do anything else, you need to login to your Godaddy account.

After you logged in, follow these steps

  • Click on Web Hosting
  • Now click on Options
  • Now click on the Customize tab

Step-2: Select the Web Hosting Plan

Now it’s time to pick the web hosting plan you want to buy.

To switch your hosting account operating system, you need to cancel your existing plan and need to buy a new one.

After you click on the customize tab, you will see “Plan Menu”. From the “Plan Menu”, select the web hosting plan that you want to buy. You can consider buying Godaddy $1 per month web hosting plan if you want.

If you don’t find the “Plan Menu” under your account you can contact customer support.

Step-3: Complete Your Purchase

After you choose the new hosting plan with the operating system of your choice, it is the time to buy the hosting plan. You can now click on the “checkout button” to make a purchase.

After your purchase, it may take up to 72 hours to complete the migration process. The migration process time majorly depends upon the size of the site, the number of databases.

You will receive an email once the migration process is complete. It is advisable that you should not use FTP during the migration process.

Things to Know Before You Change from Plesk to cPanel or cPanel to Plesk Hosting in Godaddy

  • You cannot switch the operating system of a hosting account created using a free credit, with a secure socket layer (SSL) installed on it.
  • You cannot change the operating system of your hosting account if it has an active mobile site.
  • If your site requires some special hosting feature such as ASP, ASP.NET, CGI, or PHP, it could be possible that the new operating system does not support those features. In this case, your site will not function properly. For example, a Linux hosting plan does not support ASP and ASP.NET.
  • If you are moving a from Windows Hosting to Linux operating system and you’re using MS SQL databases on your site, you have to delete them before proceeding, since MS SQL databases are not supported on Linux web hosting platform.

How to Move WordPress Blog to a New Host or Server (No Downtime)?

How to move wordpress blog to a new host with no downtime

Transferring a website from one host to another is always stressful and involves downtime.

As soon we change the NameServers of our domain name, it takes 24 to 48 hours to propagate across the internet.

During the propagation time, our website becomes inaccessible.


In this article, I will tell you a trick that you can use to reduce the downtime to almost ZERO.

Before I proceed further, let me tell you a small story behind this method.

If you are a regular reader of our website, you must be aware that this website was hosted with Hostpapa.

But last week I got an email from Hostpapa’s support team. As per their email, my website is receiving a good amount of traffic and consuming a lot of resources which their shared hosting cannot handle.

Further, they have also suggested me to move my site to their VPS plan else they will terminate my account.

Without wasting my time, I logged into my Analytics to see if my website is actually receiving a lot of traffic that a shared server cannot handle.

Surprisingly, I was getting normal traffic.

My analytics report told me that my website was receiving only a few hundred visitors a day.

I got my answer. Hostpapa server was not reliable. My website was receiving hell lot of bot traffic which their firewall was not able to eliminate.

I immediately purchased a hosting plan from Godaddy.

And now the actual problem starts.

I realized that if I changed the nameserver, my website will become inaccessible.

I start reading articles on the internet about “how to move a website to a new host without downtime?”


I couldn’t find an article which could solve my problem.

Then, I watched few videos on Youtube and found a video which gave me an idea and I moved my site without downtime.

How to Move WordPress Blog to a New Host or Server (with No Downtime)?

To move your WordPress blog or website to a new server or host, you should have the following things ready for you.

  1. Access to your domain control panel
  2. Access to your old WordPress website
  3. Access to your current web hosting control panel
  4. Access to your new web hosting control panel

If you have access to all the 4 things I have mentioned above, let’s start the migration process

Step 1:  Take Backup of Your Website’s Database

To take backup your website’s database, you have to install a plugin called WP-DB-Backup.

wp-db-backup plugin

After you install the plugin, Goto à Tools àBackup.

Now a backup wizard will come up.

Click on the “backup now” button, and the backup process will start.

After the process is over, your backup will automatically download to your computer.

Step 2: Take backup of your WP-Content Folder

WP-Content folder of your website is the place where your plugins, images, videos, themes etc. are located.

Taking a backup of this folder is very important in order to move your site to a new web hosting provider.

To take a backup of this folder, log-in to your current web hosting’s cPanel.

Now GoTo -> File Manager -> Public_html -> Open the folder with your website’s URL

As soon your website’s folder will be open, you will see a folder with the name “WP-Content”.

Select this folder, and now click on the “Compress” button from the menu.

wp-content folder backup

Save the file in Zip format.

Once the compressing process is complete, download the Zip file to your computer.

Step 3: Add your domain name as an Add-On domain in your new hosting account

To host your website to your new hosting account, you have to add your domain name as an add-on domain name.

Special Note: This step is only applicable if your domain name is not the primary domain for your new hosting. If your domain is primary domain for your new hosting, you can ignore this step.

To do this, log-in to your new web hosting’s cPanel. Now go to the domains section and click on Add-On domain name.

addon domain

Now, type your domain name under the “New Domain Name” field and click on “Add Domain” button to add your domain name.

Step 4: Install WordPress

In your new hosting account, Install WordPress on your domain name which you have just added.

To do this, look for the WordPress icon in your cPanel, Or select Auto-installer to find WordPress script.

Click on “Install” button and fill up the required details and proceed to complete the WordPress installation.

Once the WordPress installation is done, move to step 5.

Step 5 : Restore Database

Once the WordPress installation is complete, we’ll restore the database backup that we have taken during the step 1.

To restore the database, go to the cPanel of your new web hosting account.

Now go to PHP MY-Admin.

php myadmin

You will see all the databases on the right-hand side of the screen.

Expand the database of your website by clicking on its name.

Once it is expanded, you will see all the tables within the database. (See the image below)

database backup restore

You will see a table name “WP-Options”.

Click on it.

After you click, it will show you some details about the website e.g URL, Website Name, Description. This is how you can make sure that you are working on the right database.

Now we will upload our backup to this database to restore.

To do this, we will import our database using the “Import” feature available in the main menu. (Learn how to use import feature)

Click on the “Import” button in the main menu.

A window will come up.

Click on the “Choose File” button and select the backup file and click on the button “Go”.

The process will start and your database will be restored.

import database to restore

The process may take few minutes to complete based on the size of the database.

Step 5 : Restore WP-Content Folder

After we’ve restored the database, it is the time to restore the backup of our WP-Content folder.

To do this, log-in to the cPanel of our new hosting account, and go to the File Manager.

Now GoTo -> Public_Html -> Your Website’s Folder -> WP-Content

Open the WP-Content Folder and delete all the file which are there.

Now upload the ZIP file of our WP-Content folder here.

Extract the file.

You will see that one more WP-Content folder has been created under WP-Content. The structure of this folder will be like this.

Public_Html -> Your Website’s Folder -> WP-Content -> WP-Content

Now open this folder and select all the files and move them to the original WP-Content folder. After all the files are moved, the structure will look like this.

Public_Html -> Your Website’s Folder -> WP-Content -> Files

Now our site is moved successfully and it is the time to move to our final step.

Step 6 : Change NameServers

This is the final step of this process. All of our website’s files and database are already restored.

Changing nameservers will make your site running on the new hosting account.

To change the nameservers, Log-In to your domain’s control panel.

Now go to DNS settings and look for Name Servers settings option.

Replace the old DNS with the DNS settings provided by your new hosting provider.

Save the changes. You’re Done.

Final Words

Now your site has been successfully moved to the new hosting account.

This way we can minimize the downtime to almost zero.

I find this way very effective and have successfully moved two of my sites so far without any downtime.

I have read many tutorials on the internet on moving WordPress site from one host to another without downtime, but this one is the best among all of them.

Godaddy $1 Hosting With Free Domain Coupon (Only Applicable To Economy Hosting Plan)

Godaddy $1 Hosting: Today we’re excited to feature an amazing Godaddy $1 Hosting Coupon promo on our blog. Under this promo, you can buy Godaddy’s Windows (ASP.NET Hosting), Linux or Wordpress hosting plan in just $1 per month along with a free domain name of your choice. You also receive 1 Business mailbox with 5 GB of storage space for 1 year for free.

The Godaddy 1 dollar hosting offer is currently up and running only on Economy Hosting Plan. Lots of our visitors have already get benefited from this offer. We don’t know how long this offer will be available so we advise you to avail this offer today.

Note: $1 per month Discounted price is only applicable to Economy Hosting Plan & will automatically added to the cart as soon you will click on this link. After clicking on the link proceed to the cart to see the final discounted price.

How  To Avail This Offer (Step By Step)

Without wasting your time, let’s move to the steps to avail this offer. It is quite simple to get Godaddy $1 Hosting, here are the steps

  1. Visit Godaddy Using the following Link
  2. When you’ll click on the link mentioned above, it will take you to Godaddy’s website & a Webpage with notification on top saying “SPECIAL OFFER! Get 12 months of Economy Web Hosting for just $1*/mo” will appear. (See the image below)godaddy notification
  3. When you scroll down the page a bit you’ll find 3 hosting plans i.e Economy, Deluxe, Ultimate. Out of the 3 plans, You’ve to choose the Economy plan to avail Godaddy $1 hosting promo. Don’t bother the price mentioned on this page as the final discount will be added to the hosting plans
  4. When you’ll click on Add to Cart button it will take you to the next screen which says “Customize Your Web Hosting plan“. On this screen, you choose your preferred operating system i.e Linux or Windows and leave other fields intact. Choose Windows if you’re looking for ASP.NET or MVC hosting, Choose Linux if you want to host a PHP, WordPress,Joomla,Drupal or any open source website or application.Godaddy OS Options
  5. Now Click on continue button. It will take you to the next screen which says “You’re eligible for a FREE domain“. Enter the domain name that you wish to register and click on “Go“. If it shows the domain is available. click on “Add & Continue buttongodaddy cart
  6. Now in the above screen, you can see that the discount has been applied to your order. You only required to pay $12.18 and your total saving is showing as $86.87.

Note: You can pay in your local currency. Godaddy supports most currency after you activate Godaddy $1/monthly Hosting offer using the link mentioned above, you will see the pricing in your local currency.

Update 1: Godaddy $1 Hosting offer has been extended. The offer is currently live. Follow the steps as mentioned above to avail this offer. Godaddy’s deluxe & ultimate hosting plans are also in 50% discount. If you would like to host more than 1 domain name, you may buy deluxe & ultimate hosting plans.

Update 2: The $1 web hosting plan from Godaddy only allow you to host a single domain, so if you want to host more than 1 domain, you can buy Deluxe or Ultimate web hosting plan from Godaddy. Under this offer, both plans are at 50% discount. Click the link below to activate the deal.

What is All Included in this offer

The 1 dollar web hosting offer from Godaddy is applicable for both new & existing customers.

Important: To get this limited period offer, you can create a new account with Godaddy, or can log in to your existing Godaddy account.

The Godaddy 1 dollar hosting (One Dollar Web Hosting) comes with the following benefits

  1. A web hosting plan Linux or Windows for 12 months
  2. A Free domain name for 1 year
  3. Control Panel i.e cPanel with Linux Hosting or Plesk With Windows
  4. 1 Business mailbox with 5 GB storage space for 1 year.
  5. 150 free applications with Linux & 70 free applications with Windows (1 click install scripts)
  6. 45 Days money back guarantee
  7. 10*1GB storage MySQL databases Linux and 200 MB storage Windows SQL Databases
  8. DDoS Protection
  9. 100 GB Space
  10. Unlimited Bandwidth
  11. 50 FTP Accounts
  12. 99.9% uptime guarantee
  13. Site backup & restore (paid option)
  14. 1-Click install for popular application (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.)
  15. 24/7 monitoring and DDoS protection
Economy Plan Feature Details
Number of Websites You Can Host 1
Operating System Windows/Linux
Data Centre Locations US/Europe/Asia
Disk Space 100 GB
Monthly Bandwidth Quota Unmetered
Free Domain Name Included 1 Free Domain With Minimum 12 Months Subscription
Number of Subdomains Allowed 25
Control Panel cPanel with Linux & Plesk with Windows
Free Email Account 1 Free With Every Purchase
MY SQL Database 1 Database of 10 GB Space
MS SQL 200 MB Database With Windows Plan
1 Click Installer Included with 125+ application supported
Site Statistics Yes
SSL Certificate Can be Purchased
PHP Version PHP 7.1, 7.0, 5.4-5.6
Cron Job Available
Additional Resources Available On-Demand Bases
Plan Upgrade User Can Upgrade The Plan Anytime
Security DDoS Protection, Monitoring, Suspicious Activity Tracking
Backup/Restore Available Under Control Panel
FTP Users 50
Web FTP Available

So what are you waiting for, go and grab this limited period web hosting offer from Godaddy before it is too late? Click Here To Activate This Offer

500 Internal Server Error

500 Internal Server Error

500 Internal Server Error is a very common Error that you might face if you’re a webmaster. Before we go ahead and explain you the reasons why you may get an 500 Internal Server Error and how to fix it? let’s first understand what this error is all about.

What is 500 Internal Server Error ?

The 500 Internal Server Error is an HTTP status message that means something is wrong on the server side but there is no specific information is available about the issue.

It becomes really tricky to find out the root cause of an 500 error. Since a website owner can customize the message that should show up to users when there is an 500 Internal Server Error, you should also know what are the common messages that may show up when there is an 500 error.

Here are some commonly used messages for this error.

  • 500 Internal Server Error
  • 500. That’s an error
  • HTTP 500 – Internal Server Error
  • 500 Error
  • Temporary Error (500)
  • HTTP Error 500
  • HTTP 500 Internal Error
  • Internal Server Error

Sometimes you see a message like the below.

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

If you have seen this error on your website, the first thing you should do it “Don’t Panic”. I have seen most webmasters get panic when they see error on their website and sometimes made a mistake without knowing the root cause of the error.

In this article, we will tell you some ways to fix 500 internal server error.

What Cause a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error?

As we mentioned earlier in this article that knowing the root cause of an HTTP Internal Error is tricky. Since these error are general in nature and don’t provide any information about the root cause, we can only assume some reasons why that happened.

There could be a problem in the website coding or may be there is a problem with the page you’re trying to load.

Precisely, we can say that there is a problem with the server but server don’t have much information to provide about the issue.

How to Fix an 500 Internal Server Error?

As we have mentioned multiple times earlier that an 500 error is a server side error and it nothing to do with your computer or internet connection. That means, if you have seen this error on your website, you need to fix something on the server where your site is hosted.

Here are some common causes of a 500 error and possible fixes.

Many Visitors Are Trying To Access Your Website At A Same Time:

This is one of the most common reason why you see an 500 error. When there is a lot of traffic on your website and your server can’t handle the load, a 500 error happens. Usually, it is a temporary problem and fixes automatically as soon the load on your site reduces.

A corrupt .htaccess File

If you’re using WordPress to run your website, a corrupt .htaccess file can also cause this error. To confirm, if that is the cause of the error, just login to your web hosting account using FTP or Web FTP, and rename your .htaccess file, if your site comes back to normal, you have solved the problem. Now go to Settings » Permalinks and click the save button, this will create a new .htaccess file for your website.

PHP Memory Size Limit

All web hosts preset your PHP memory size limit, if you’re performing an operation on your site that required more PHP memory, you need to increase the size of your PHP memory.

There are two ways to do this,

  1. You can use the control panel provided by your web host and increase the limit. Web host like Godaddy has that option in their web hosting control panel.
  2. Ask your web hosting provider to do the needful for you.

Permission Error

Incorrect permission on one or more files or folder can also result an 500 internal error. If you’ve given the wrong permission to someone of your website’s files and folders, visitors can see an 500 error when they will try to access them. We have seen that an incorrect permission on a PHP and CGI script is usually the cause of an error.

Final Thoughts

Internal Server Errors are common and sometimes takes time to find out the root cause of the problem. If you’re getting an 500 error, don’t panic and don’t make any big change to your website without any proper research. Take your time and find out the root cause. That is the only way to fix an 500 internal server error.

Find The Real IP Address Of a Website Using CloudFlare CDN

Find The Real IP Address Of A Website Using Cloudflare

If you want to know the IP address of a website, usually a simple DNS lookup do the job for you.

But have you ever come across with a situation where the DNS lookup returned you the IP address of CloudFlare.

CloudFlare is a popular content delivery network that website owners use to speed up their websites and provide seamless user experience to users when they open up their website from the different parts of the World.

CloudFlare has over 35% market share in the CDN industry and has a 10 Tbps Capacity and 117 Data Center Global Footprint.

Over 6,000,000 websites, e-commerce portals, and web applications use CloudFlare’s services on the internet.

CloudFlare maintains around 391 nameservers and if you want to use their services, you may require pointing your nameservers to CloudFlare.

When a website owner points their website’s nameservers to CloudFlare, the DNS lookup start showing the CloudFlare’s IP address instead of the actual IP address of the website and this is where the actual problem arises.

CloudFlare works between your website and your host. See the diagram below to understand it better.

how does cloudflare works

When someone visits a website using CloudFlare, it visitor first enters to CloudFlare CDN network and then CloudFlare redirect the visitor to the actual website.

If you want to see the actual IP address of a website using CloudFlare’s services, a DNS Lookup will not work in this case.

Here is an example: I did the DNS lookup of the website, which is using CloudFlare CDN, the lookup returned the following results.

dns lookup resultsAs you can see in the image above that the DNS Lookup showing the IP address of CloudFlare and not the actual IP address of the website.

So how can you know the actual IP address… What is the way out?

A Simple Way To Know the Actual IP Address of a Website Powered by CloudFlare

Here is the answer to your problem.

To know the actual IP address of a website using CloudFlare, the website CrimeFlare will help you out

Below is the address of the website

The website CrimeFlare tells you the actual IP address of a website using CloudFlare CDN services. All you need to do is to enter the domain name in the search box available on the CrimeFlare website and press the search the search button.

Here is the lookup we did for the DailyDot.Com website

Enter the domain name to know the actual IP address

Below are results of this search

crimeflare lookup results

As you might have noticed that the CrimeFlare give us the actual IP address of the server where the website DailyDot is hosted but the DNS lookup was giving us the IP address of CloudFlare.

If you have liked this article, feel free to link back to us or share the article on your social media channels.

MDDHosting Review

MDDHosting ReviewI was struggling to find the right web hosting company until I find MDDHosting. You might have already noticed that I was praising them on social media. It’s been almost 3 years I have been using their services on my niche sites and extremely happy with their uptime & performance. I am writing this MDDHosting Review to share my experience with my blog readers. In this review of MDDHosting, I will share everything about MDDHosting including MDDHosting pros & cons.


The Internet is swamped with numerous of web hosting service providers, and it is quite explicable that finding the right service provider for any business owner who wants to gain powerful online traction can be a bit bemusing. I had been facing the same thing a few months back when I was thinking from where to start to find out the right web hosting service provider. Personally, if you ask me, then I would say that my experience with the company has been so far good.

Well, like any other website owner even I tried to look for reviews about different hosting companies on different forums like webhostingtalk and believe me it was of great help for me. Asking few questions from the community moderators I shortlisted MDDHosting and did more search which I would certainly like to share through this post.

Are you even looking out for a hosting company that promises to offer speed and service with a better approach? Which among so many options is worth to take a leap of faith? If such questions are keeping you away from the MDDHosting services, then you are on the right page to clear your doubts. Here in this review, I am sharing my personal experience with MDDHosting and have tried my level best to discuss several parameters that will definitely answer most of your doubts.

Before I start unfolding different layers of truth about MDDHosting services to know whether they can live up to your expectations or not, let’s have a quick brief review about its establishment.

About MDDHosting

MDDHosting is becoming the effectual choice for the business owners, who always want to go extra miles for hi-tech, yet guaranteed services. It was established by a rock-solid web hosting expert, Michael Denny in 2007. Since its humble beginning, the prime goal of Michael has always remained the same- to provide remarkable services with round clock customer support service to the clients. The company’s customer support team is known for troubleshooting the problems. MDDHosting so far has been successful in gaining the trust of the newbie and established entrepreneurs in the market.

MDDHosting is becoming the favorite on the webhostingtalk forum. Although they charge little extra for their services than other web hosting companies in the market, but you will find it worth paying after experiencing more and more potential visitors on your website and increased revenue. Some of its well-elaborated plans are shared premium, reseller, virtual private and dedicated servers.

Let’s have a look on each of its featured services, and figure out what MDDHosting has in its bags to offer to its clients.

Pros of MDDHosting:-

Web hosting services and their plans

This emerging web host company is gaining new heights of popularity and achieving expertise in web hosting market with their improved services and lightning speed powered servers. Let’s have a fleeting look at plans and pricing offered by MDDHosting:

Shared hosting services

Under this service, the MDD offers three plans to the users, which covers both uncommon and common features of shared hosting.

  • Full access to all the e-mail features, SSH, private SSL, and DNS zone editor.
  • Provides compatibility with Magento and E-commerce apps
  • Unlimited cron jobs and FTP accounts.
  • Automatic Daily Backups.
  • CloudLinux reliability
  • PHP version selector

Below are the details of shared hosting plans offered by MDDHosting.

Features / Plans Basic Intermediate Advanced
SSD Storage 5 GB 10 GB 15 GB
Monthly Data Transfer 250 GB 500 GB 750 GB
CPU Cores One, full access One, full access One, full access
Addon Domain Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MYSQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
LiteSpeed Powered Yes Yes Yes
CloudLinux Reliability Yes Yes Yes
Money Back 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Uptime Guaruntee 99.9% 99.9% 99.9%
Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Price $7.50/mo $11.50/mo $15.50/mo
Annual Price (15% OFF) $6.38/mo $9.78/mo $13.18/mo

Premium Hosting Services

The servers used for providing Premium hosting services to the users are equipped with Pure SSD storage to ensure speedy processing throughout the day without any glitch. Some of the common advantages that all the three plans of premium hosting services include are:

  • Unlimited domains and sub-domains
  • Instant Setup
  • 2 Full CPU cores
  • Unlimited e-mail features
  • cPanel for all the accounts
  • Unlimited FTP accounts and cron jobs
  • SSL Secured Control Panel and Webmail
  • Automatic Daily Backups

Have a look at MDDHosting’s Premium Hosting Plans

Features / Plans Basic Intermediate Advanced
SSD Storage 5 GB 10 GB 15 GB
Bandwidth 300 GB 600 GB 900 GB
CPU Cores Two, full access Two, full access Two, full access
Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MYSQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Cron Jobs Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
LiteSpeed Powered Yes Yes Yes
cURL Library Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Price $25/mo $50/mo $75/mo
Price (Annual Subscription) $21.25/mo $42.50/mo $63.75/mo

Reseller Hosting

If you are looking for the plans which can give the much-needed boost to your website then reseller hosting services are the right choice for your website. The MDD offers three plans under this service. Its basic plan starts from $34.50 per month. The user can get following services with every plan:

  • Zero setup fees
  • CloudLinux reliability
  • Private DNS server
  • Automatic daily backups
  • SSL Secured Control Panel and Webmail

Have a look at MDDHosting’s Reseller Hosting Plans

Features / Plans Basic Intermediate Advanced
SSD Storage 25 GB 50 GB 75 GB
Bandwidth 500 GB 1,000 GB 1,500 GB
cPanel Accounts Limit 25 50 75
Backup Daily  Daily  Daily
Overselling Enabeled  Yes Yes Yes
Private Nameservers Yes Yes Yes
WHMCS Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Price $34.50/mo $59.50/mo $84.50/mo
Price (Annual Subscription) $29.33/mo $50.58/mo $71.83/mo

VPS Hosting Services

If the increasing number of visitors on your website is surpassing your shared hosting services limit then more bandwidth, storage space, and security, you can switch to simply upgrade your plan to VPS hosting services. Even for the VPS hosting services, the MDD provides three different plans with following advantages:

  • RAID10 SSD Storage ( maximum up to 50 GB)
  • Full root access
  • 2 IP address
  • Instant reboots are available
  • Automatic daily backup services

Have a look at MDDHosting’s VPS Hosting Plans

Features / Plans Basic Intermediate Advanced
SDD Storage 20 GB 35 GB 50 GB
Premium Bandwidth 500 GB 1,000 GB 1,500 GB
Dedicated RAM 1 GB 1.5 GB 2 GB
vSwap (Burstable RAM) 1 GB 1.5 GB 2 GB
Network Port Speed 1,000 MBPS 1,000 MBPS 1,000 MBPS
CPU Cores (2+ GHz) 1 2 4
IP Addresses 2 2 2
Automatic Backups Daily Daily Daily
Monthly Price $49.50/mo $74.50/mo $99.50/mo
Price (Annual Subscription) $42.08/mo $59.60/mo $79.60/mo

Dedicated Server Hosting services

If your website has outgrown all of the above services or you want to push your website to the next level, you can switch your plan to dedicated server services.

Here is a screenshot of the plans offered by MDDHosting: 

Added features of the hosting services:

  • LiteSpeed Powered Servers- These servers are 9 times faster than Apache web hosting, processes PHP 50% faster, and 3 times faster than SSL Apache Hosting. It supports .htaccess and mod_rewrite.
  • Other facilities: MDDHosting’s servers are made from Dual Xeon Quad Core+ (8+ cores) and a minimum of 24 gigabytes of ram.
  • SSD Storage– It is used to ensure uninterrupted performance and speed.
  • Spam Filtration- Spam filtration for a single domain by SpamExperts – up to 99.9% Effective.
  • Daily Automatic backups- Another added advantage of MDD hosting. These people take up daily backup and keep backed data on their server for 7days which you can back up anytime by logging into your cPanel.

Powerful Datacenter

MDDHosting has a private N+1 data center facility on 4,000 square feet of raised floor. Its database is equipped with powerful servers; each of them having a minimum of 24 gigabytes of ram and Dual Xeon Quad Core processors (8 cores). The data center is well-equipped with 7 air-control system units, each underlining N+1 redundancy that helps them in maintaining the overall humidity and cooling level. These HVAC units are capable of maintaining an environment in the data center at 70 degrees within 45% humidity. The overall variation in temperature and humidity can be more or less around 4 degrees. Moreover, the fire detection is meticulously managed by prompt detection alarm system and other powerful fire suppression system.

Going forward, they make use of Internap, Level3, tw telecom, Comcast, XO, Hurricane Electric, Savvis, Global Crossing, RMIX, and UUNET to maintain the connectivity of the datacenter. So much of security and facility the loss of data in any case reduced to a minimum. With such state-of-the-art infrastructure, we can believe MDDHosting to keep our data safe and secure.

30 Days Long Money-Back Guarantee

There are many web hosting companies out in the market who promises to return every single penny after 30 or 90 days, provided the customer isn’t satisfied, usually, they do not. But it is not the case with the MDD. They offer 30-days money back guarantee with most of the plans and the refunds will be given on the prorated basis of unused time.

Compensation for the Downtime

Most of the renowned web hosting companies promise to return your money in one or another way, but by imposing technical issues on the user’s end, they escape from the situation. It’s a fact that there is no web hosting company which has never faced a downtime. As no one is perfect, when I informed MDD about their not up to the mark 99.78% uptime (it’s not that major one, but still I did to check their efficiency) they immediately replied me with a mail including a complete explanation of what and why it happened. Plus, in return, they offered me free services for a month. It was really a smart move from their side. Due to their server update, the downtime I faced was gone and got free services as well. So, all in all, I didn’t claim my money but still get some benefits.


Though MDDHosting is a growing web hosting company, it knows very well what to offer its customers, like free dedicated IP address, zero set-up, one-time installers, free domain and sub-domains, free daily backups for 7 days during disaster recovery, and much more.

No Migration fee up to 750 GB

Within 30 days of sign up MDDHosting allows you to transfer your data from another host at FREE of COST. You can transfer up to 750 GB of your data per month.

Performance of MDDHosting servers

To get a clear picture of their server performance, we run few checks on different online tools that helped us to analyze the real load time and speed of a website on MDDHosting server. Below is the screenshot of the result of the test conducted on, LoadImpact and Pingdom:

Bitcatcha Performance Test Results 

mddhosting performance

LoadImpact Test Results

MDDHosting Load Performance

Pingdom Results

MDDHosting Website Speed Test

With the above screenshots, it is crystal clear that the load time of the MDDHosting servers of 2.6MB page is around 2.39 sec. So if your web page is lighter, it will load even faster.

MDDHosting Uptime

Below is the screenshot of MDDHosting uptime. The site hosted with MDDHosting was up for continuous 30 days. That means we received 100% uptime during the month.

mddhosting uptime

Below is more details about MDDHosting Uptime & Response time month to month.

Month Uptime Response Time
August 2017 100% 343 ms
July 2017 100% 501 ms
June 2017 99.96% 380 ms
May 2017 99.85% 368 ms
April 2017 99.68% 411 ms
March 2017 100% 401 ms
February 2017 99.99% 382 ms
January 2017 99.91% 332 ms
December 2016 99.85% 388 ms
November 2016 99.93% 522 ms

Customer Support Service

Though the MDDHosting does not provide online or live chat support, its round the clock active Phone and e-mail support has outperformed our expectations. The customer support team also answer those queries and clear customer’s doubt of which they are not liable (Obliviously the valid queries related to services or technical issues).

Cons of MDDHosting

Like other web hosting companies, the MDDHosting is also not perfect, it also has some weaknesses. Some of the weaknesses of its services are enlisted here:

Limited SMTP mailing limit

While using MDDHosting services, the only pain point that annoyed me about their services is limited SMTP mailing limit which is close to 200 emails/hour or 2000 emails per day. Technically speaking, SMTP emails are requisite for open source software like WordPress and SMF to shoot emails to users to notify about various different actions taken such as email confirmation when a new user registers on the website and service or product update to different clients. In such cases, this limitation becomes a bottleneck.

Marketing Gimmick:

This is a small dot if you see the overall picture. Not a big deal. But this can annoy any customer who comes to their website. On MDDHosting’s homepage, they have a section that displays in bold, “The coupon code “25OFF” gives 25% off on a one-time basis…. Hurry up! Some code is given and that will expire with some indicated time”. Then, there are a countdown timer (counts down from 3 days) details about the server. This coupon offer doesn’t go away. It’s quite obvious that this is a marketing gimmick used by the company to lure the customers.

Final Take- The Conclusion

In my opinion, MDDHosting is preferably suited for the businesses who own small to medium-sized websites, with some extent of technical expertise. On the whole, the knowledge base and overall support system provided by the company is outstanding, and the company ensures to deliver seamless migration service from other hosts. If you’re comfy operating your own website single-handedly with little support and are looking for a reputable hosting company that’s speedy in resolving any type of technical issues, you could think about going ahead with MDDHosting.

Best Website Hosting Companies From Around The World

Best Website Hosting Companies

Web hosting or Website hosting is a service provided by website hosting companies or web hosts to host and keep a website accessible from any location of the World 24*7.

These website hosting companies store a website on a special kind of computers called servers. These servers are loaded with all the essential software that are required to run a website on the internet.

Web Hosts connect these servers to a high-speed internet connection so that visitors of these websites can access these sites at a fast speed from any part of the World.

There are thousands of web hosting providers in the World but the maximum number of web hosts operates from the United States followed by Germany and China (Source: Pingdom).

As per the report published on Pingdom, The US hosts 43% of the world’s top 1 million websites.

If you’re new to web hosting, you might get confused while choosing a web hosting plan for yourself as there are more than 500 good hosting providers in the World.

To make your task a bit easier, we’re listing top website hosting providers from across the World. You can pick one based on your location and preference.

United States

Below are the top website hosting companies in the United States.


Godaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar. They are also known for their affordable web hosting solutions. Godaddy offers Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, and Dedicated Hosting Servers. Their shared hosting plans start as low as $1 per monthVPS Hosting plans as low as $16.99/mo, and Dedicated Server Hosting plans as low as $69.99/mo. Apart from the 3 web hosting solutions we have mentioned, Godaddy also offers managed WordPress Hosting and Website Builder solutions.


Hostgator is another top notch web hosting provider from the United States. The company was started back in the year 2002 in Florida. In the year 2012, the company was acquired by EIG. Currently, the company is managing websites for more than 2,00,000 clients and employs more than 500 staff members. Hostgator offer Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Hosting Server, Managed WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Reseller Hosting services. The 1 Cent hosting plan of Hostgator is one of the most popular hosting plans in the web hosting industry.


Like Hostgator, Bluehost is also a part of Endurance International Group (EIG). The company was started back in the year 2003. Bluehost is managing over 2 million websites and employ more than 750 staff members. The web hosting provider is quite popular among WordPress community because the WordPress officially recommends Bluehost as a web hosting provider for WordPress. The web hosting company offers shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, and Reseller hosting services as a part of their hosting offerings.

United Kingdom


EUKHost is a 15 years old web hosting provider from the United Kingdom. It is managing over 35,000 customers and over 150,000 domains. The hosting provider own 2 data centers in the United Kingdom with over 1200 servers.

123-reg is a popular domain name registrar from the United Kingdom. The domain registrar is quite popular among small business owners and individuals for web hosting services. If you are new to web hosting or a small business owner with small to medium size website, 123-reg could be a good option for you. It offers standard hosting, premium hosting, WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting, Drupal hosting, and VPS Hosting solutions.

Godaddy UK

Godaddy also has its presence in the United Kingdom. It also offers web hosting services from its United Kingdom data center. If you’re considering buying a shared hosting plan in the UK, Godaddy is a good option.


EasySpace is another leading web hosting provider in the United Kingdom. The hosting providers offer SSD powers web hosting services with UK support. You can choose from Standard Hosting, Premium Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Servers, and Dedicated Server hosting solutions.



Hostpapa is a popular Canadian web hosting company. The web host is very popular among small & medium size businesses in Canada. Hostpapa offers shared web hosting, VPS, and reseller hosting services. Although dedicated servers are currently not available with Hostpapa. Their web hosting plans are quite affordable and start from CAD $3.95 per month. They offer industry standard of 99.9% uptime.


Web Hosting Canada is another popular Canadian web hosting company. With over 19000 active clients, WHC is a trusted name among Canadian businesses. They have their data centers located in Canada and you can choose your server in Canadian East & West coasts locations. You can purchase shared hosting, cloud servers, reseller hosting, and dedicated server hosting from WHC.


With over 10,000 Canadian customer base, HostUpon is another trusted name in Canadian web hosting industry. The Canadian web hosting provider owns 5 global data centers and has more than 50,000 websites hosted on their servers. They have 3 backbone bandwidth carriers, SAN storage networks and have built our entire infrastructure to be fully redundant at multiple levels. The web host offers shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, VPS, reseller hosting, and WordPress hosting solutions.


Godaddy India

In the year 2012, The Godaddy starts its operations in India. The company is doing extremely good in the Indian market and growing at a very fast pace. The biggest advantage of Godaddy over any other web hosting company in India is its pricing strategy. They offer web hosting for as low as INR Rs.99 per month and domain name for INR Rs.99 per year. You can also select your server location as India. They provide local support through chat, phone, and email. You can purchase shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server and managed WordPress hosting services from Godaddy.


Bigrock is another top an ICANN Accredited domain name registrar and web hosting provider in India.  The company is quite popular among small businesses, professionals, and individuals in India.  You buy Shared hosting, KVM VPS, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and specialized hosting like WordPress Hosting, Drupal Hosting, Joomla Hosting services. They offer hosting services in US and India data centers.


Net4 is the oldest ICANN Accredited domain name registrar and web hosting provider in India. They own 8 data centers in India. The Hosting Provider is quite popular among small to big size businesses and enterprises. The biggest advantage of Net4 is their colocation service. While all other hosting providers offer you their pre-made hosting solution, Net4 allows you to host your own server in their data center. Apart from the colocation services, you can also purchase VPS, Dedicated Server, and shared hosting services from Net4.


Panthur is a renowned web hosting provider in India. In the year 2009, Panthur made their services commercially available to the public. As of now, Panthur only offers shared hosting and reseller hosting services. If you’re looking for a web hosting service for a large website, Panthur may not be a good option for you.

VentraIP is a 100% Australian Owned & Operated web hosting company. With over 150,000 customers, VentraIP is a popular host in Australia. Their Melbourne based customer support team offers 24*7 customer support. They offer SSD powered shared hosting, VPS, and Reseller hosting services.

Digital Pacific is another good Australian web host that offers web hosting services for individuals, small to medium-sized businesses and corporations. The company owns a 30,000 square foot data center that equipped with high-end Dell servers.  Digital Pacific offers shared hosting, cloud server hosting, VPS, and Dedicated Server hosting services.


Hetzner is the largest web hosting provider in South Africa. They offer web hosting solution for all size of businesses. If you are just starting up, you can buy one domain or multiple domains shared web hosting services from them. If you are an advanced webmaster, you can buy self-managed or managed servers, With Hetzner, you can even colocate your server in their data center.  Hetzner also provides custom web hosting solutions and reseller hosting plans.

Afrihost is the second largest web hosting provider in South Africa. They offer web hosting services for all size of customers. You can buy shared hosting with Windows and Linux operating system options. Afrihost also offers cloud hosting and enterprise cloud hosting solutions. Under the specialize hosting solutions, they offer reseller hosting, managed and unmanaged dedicated servers, and colocation services.


Vodien is a Singapore based company that offers domain name registration and web hosting services. Under their shared hosting offerings, they provide both standard and SSD powered hosting plans. You can also purchase Virtual Private Server from Vodien. Their VPS Hosting plans comes with SSD storage. If you’re an enterprise level customer or run a large website, Vodien can provide you private cloud servers, dedicated servers, and colocation facility.

ExaBytes was started back in the year 2001. Currently, they have a customer base of more than 75000 customers. From individuals, students, small & medium size businesses, to government and public listed companies are clients of ExaBytes. ExaBytes have more than 1000 servers under management and proudly hosting more than 100000 websites on their servers. From shared hosting to Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers, ExaBytes offer everything you may require to run any size of Website.

Godaddy VPS Hosting Review

godaddy vps hosting review

Are you looking for more control over your website’s hosting platform? Is your shared hosting unable to handle the traffic load of your website? Do you wish to move out from your shared web hosting solution to a more stable solution?  If yes, then you must read my review on one of the robust VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting platform – GoDaddy VPS Hosting.

Choosing GoDaddy VPS Hosting can be a good decision for your online business. From root access to latest PHP, Apache, and free control panel, it also provide self managed, managed, and fully managed options to get complete control over your website’s hosting solutions. Also, you can install an SSL certificate and your most preferred software without requiring a dedicated server.

Godaddy VPS Hosting is ideal for running high traffic websites and software that require complete access to a online server. It even allow integrating various software applications to your website with ease.

From packages to features, uptime to performance, everything about GoDaddy VPS Hosting is mentioned in this Godaddy VPS Hosting review.

So, read on this post to dig out each and every detail about Godaddy virtual private server hosting platform.


GoDaddy VPS Hosting offers world-class support, and this is witnessed clearly by a plethora of eminent features offered by Godaddy. The presence of so many impeccable features and with the convenience of full customization makes it the perfect hosting platform for rapidly expanding web applications.

  1. Powerful Control Panel – GoDaddy is pre-loaded with industry leading control panels, like cPanel or Plesk. This is one of the best things as you can get control panel of your preference without paying even a single penny. Most of the other web hosting providers charge you for providing these control panels.
  2. High-end Security Support – Client’s safety is one of the most considerable factors for GoDaddy. This VPS Hosting service offers efficient security monitoring, rectifying errors and backups so that your websites remains safe and high-performing under all conditions.
  3. VPS Running in Just Minutes – I have used numerous other VPS hosting platforms prior to using GoDaddy VPS Hosting. One thing that used to trouble me a lot were the long hours consumed while running the platform. But with GoDaddy, this is not the case as the hosting server runs in just a few
  4. Root Access – It offers root access to install Apache, PHP, and various types of modules, Server Level Proxy, and other world-class solutions.
  5. Free Upgrades at Any time and from anywhere – If you feel the need of more resources for your website, then you can do it easily with the VPS Hosting service from GoDaddy. It offers you the comfort to upgrade your plan at anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to go for any re-provision or re-configuration, your current plan will be upgraded to the higher plan with out any downtime.
  6. Efficient Backup Support – This is an optional feature, which you can avail at a price of just $ 4.99 per month for 50 GB. It offers your website with efficient backup support to reclaim important files that may lose due to some error or by mistake.
  7. SSL Certificate for Free – With the VPS Hosting plans from GoDaddy, you will get an SSL certification for free for one year. There are numerous other reputed VPS hosting providers that charge you extra money for the SSL certificate.
  8. Robust Processors – The servers of GoDaddy VPS hosting are amped up and can work well with the advanced generations Intel processors.

Levels of Management

GoDaddy VPS Hosting offers service on Linux and Windows Platform with 3-levels of Management – Self Managed, Managed and Fully Managed.

For the Linux Platform, there are four options available:

  • Centos 7
  • Centos 6
  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora

For the Windows Platform, there is only one option available,

  • Windows 2008

godaddy vps levels of management

The three levels of management have few similarities and dissimilarities that are as follows. The operating distribution for the three levels is CentOS 6, Fedora 20 & 22, Windows 2008 7 2012, and Ubuntu, with the availability of CentOS 7 under the Self-Managed category. To ensure that your website receives the maximum security from electronic errors and hacks, there is network and hosting service offered within the self-managed system. The Managed and Fully-managed levels offer comparatively higher hosting and networking solutions container stats via NodePing.

Features such as patching, free control-panel, APP installs and updates, site lock, support, and auto-updates are absent in the Self-Managed option. Contrary to this, the Managed and Fully Managed options are closely alike with the only difference that the support and migrations service is available within the Fully-Managed option but are optional under the Managed category. Also, various high-end features, like the patches, backup support, and powerful control panel are absent in the Self-Managed option, which are available almost identically in the other two options.

So, I would recommend you to opt for a level of management that suits your business needs and in accordance with the level of understanding you possess about VPS hosting. If you fail to make a selection properly, then you would end up experiencing problems and troubles.

Which Level of Management Must You Go For?

If you are an expert having comprehensive knowledge of managing VPS hosting, then the ‘Self-Managed’ option is the best choice for you. The option of ‘Fully-Managed’ is ideal for a newbie, or for those who lack having any knowledge of VPS hosting. For those who have little knowledge of VPS hosting, but does not have enough time to devote to tracking backups, patches, and updates, the ‘Managed’ option is good to go.

Glancing at my comparative analysis of the three levels of management, you must have got a clear idea that there are maximum OS options available on Self-Managed VPS hosting server, and with the other two options, their scope is limited to an extent.

Plans and Pricing

Now that you have known about the Multi-Level Management Support feature of the GoDaddy VPS Hosting Platform let me tell you about the various plans available along with their pricing.

The Linux Plans

There are 4 different plans delineated for GoDaddy VPS Hosting for Linux platforms. The details of these plans are mentioned below.

  1. Economy – This plan is available at a price of $ 16.99 per month. It offers 1GB memory, 40 GB storage space, unmetered bandwidth, 3 dedicated IPs, and Free SSL certificate for an initial first year.
  2. Value – Under the second plan, you get 2 GB memory, 60 GB storage space, unmetered bandwidth, 3 dedicated IPs, and Free SSL certification for an initial first year. It is priced competitively at $ 19.99 per month.
  3. Deluxe – Available at a price of $ 21.99 per month, the deluxe plan offers 4 GB memory, 120 GB storage space, unmetered bandwidth, 3 dedicated IPS, and one-year free subscription of SSL certificate.
  4. Ultimate – This plan offers 8 GB memory, 240 GB storage space, unmetered bandwidth, 3 dedicated IPS, and FREE SSL certificate at a price of $ 31.99 per month.

The Windows Plans

Just like the 4 Linux plans, there are 4 different options available for the Windows platform.

  1. Economy – The economy plan for Windows 8 is available at a price of $ 26.99 per month. It offers 2 GB memory, 40 GB storage space, unmetered bandwidth, 3 dedicated IPs, and Free one year SSL certificate.
  2. Value – The next plan is the value plan available at a price of $ 30.99 per month. Within this plan, you will get 3 GB memory, 90 GB storage space, unmetered bandwidth, 3 dedicated IPs, and free one year SSL certificate.
  3. Deluxe – With 4 GB memory, 120 GB storage, 3 dedicated IPs, unmetered bandwidth, and free SSL certificate for the first initial year, the deluxe plan is available at the cost of $ 31.99 per month.
  4. Ultimate – Lastly, the Ultimate plan offer customers with a large memory of 8 GB, 240 GB storage space, unmetered bandwidth, 3 dedicated IPs, and SSL certificate free for one year. For this plan, you have to pay $ 41.99 only.

The SSL certificate is available with the VPS hosting server for free for the initial first year. To renew and use it further, you need to pay a sum of $ 69.99 on a per year basis.


Definitely, if you are opting for a VPS or Virtual Private Server, then high speed and flawless performance is the very first thing you will be expecting. With GoDaddy VPS Hosting, your expectations will not only meet but will be surpassed, as it an excellent and unmatched hosting service provider in terms of performance and overall functionality. To measure the performance, I analyzed the uptime and response time of this hosting solution and found it really convincing.


I monitored the uptime of Godaddy VPS hosting solution and found that it meets 99.9% of what they promise to deliver. I received the uptime of 99.86%, which is acceptable.

Response Time

As far as the response time is concerned, I found it very much convincing and up-to-the mark. It is an efficient platform delivering fast and quick response time for every request.


There is limited scalability offered from GoDaddy as it allowed me to upscale the VPS to just 8GB RAM. 1&1 and InMotion allowed amazing scalability of up to 32GB RAM, and even more. So, if you wish to host an application needing more than 8GB RAM, then this option might not work for you. Although, in my opinion, it is perfect for beginning as you can soon shift to other hosting solutions when your need for resources increases.

Service UpTime Guarantee

The VPS Hosting service from GoDaddy does not offer a money back guarantee, but it definitely offers a service uptime guarantee. It offers a service uptime guarantee of 99.99% per month. But if GoDaddy fails to maintain this uptime in a specific month, then you may contact them and claim a credit of 5% of the monthly hosting fee for that particular month.

You may use this credit to purchase further services or products from GoDaddy, exclusive of taxes. There are few exceptions to this guarantee, and it is not applicable to timely repairs, interruptions occurring from custom coding, scripting, or installation of third-party applications, outages affecting the website’s email and FTP, and other causes that are beyond the control.

Customer Support

There is flexible and 24 x 7 customer support service available for GoDaddy VPS Hosting. There is even a community forum where customers from all across the world share problems and solutions with each other. As compared to the other VPS hosting service providers, like DreamHost and HostGator, GoDaddy stands as a clear winner.

Pros of GoDaddy VPS Hosting

  1. More Control – The GoDaddy VPS hosting service offers more control to the users. It delivers command-line access to the server that allows installing and using any tools and processes.
  2. 3-Level Managed Solutions – If you compare the levels of management offered by GoDaddy VPS to other similar hosting services, then only GoDaddy offers 3-level managed solutions. You can avail for Managed, Self-Managed, or Fully-Managed services on the basis of your requirement.
  3. On-Demand Plan Upgrade – If you wish to upgrade your plan to another level, then you can do it with ease without performing any reconfiguration or re-framing.
  4. Convenient Migration from Shared to VPS Hosting – GoDaddy VPS Hosting service offers one-click migration to import your sites to VPS hosting, and redirect DNS for fully-managed and managed plans only. Also, if you experience any problem, then you can avail the paid migration service.
  5. Unmetered Bandwidth – No matter which plans you select, you will get an unmetered bandwidth support with GoDaddy VPS hosting. With this functionality, you can conveniently manage hefty traffic and critical situations for your website with ease.
  6. Complete Access to the Root Level – Most of the VPS Hosting service providers do not offer root level access, but GoDaddy offers it and allows you to avail access to private servers for installing modules, PHP, server level proxy, and more.
  7. Instant Running Time – This VPS Hosting service requires very less time to start. Even when there is a critical time, the overall time needed to run the server is very less.

Cons of GoDaddy VPS Hosting

Besides so many positives, there are few limitations accompanied with the GoDaddy VPS Hosting service.

  1. Limited Scalability – The VPS Hosting service from GoDaddy is obtainable at limited scalability option. It is possible to upscale the VPS to only 8GB RAM. There are other hosting service providers, such as HostGator, and more that allows scaling up to 32 GB RAM, and even more. So, as per my experience, GoDaddy is ideal for those who are mere beginners. For professionals or for those planning to work on a large scale basis, it is better to look for another service provider.
  2. Limited OS Distributions – One advantage of GoDaddy is that it offers Windows VPS Hosting, but the bad thing is that the OS flavors are limited to an extent. You can obtain Windows 2008 OS option, but the other options, such as Windows 2012 OS and Windows 2003 are not available.
  3. Limited Managed VPS Solutions – GoDaddy offers ‘Managed’ VPS hosting services, but the option is limited to Windows 2008 OS and CENTOS. To avail other services, like Fedora, CENTOS 7, or Ubuntu, then you need to switch to the other available options.

Godaddy VPS Hosting Review: Final Verdict

The GoDaddy VPS Hosting is a feature-rich solution for dynamic and swift business needs of the advanced digital world. Despite few limitations, it offers numerous rich solutions and high-end features to the users at most competitive prices.

It is based on virtualization technology that ensures fast and efficient response of the servers. With its robust Content Delivery Network, it becomes possible to access the website from all the geographies. It is a robust and efficient solution delivering world-class support to the users of all plans and levels of management. The only major limitation is the scalability.

So, if you are seeking for a reliable solution that can provide you the best support during launch and running of your online business website, then GoDaddy VPS Hosting will be a logically intelligent choice.

Top 3 Month To Month Web Hosting Providers

month to month web hosting

Don’t want to make yearly payment in advance for your web hosting? Month to month web hosting is the way to go.

Web hosting providers like Bluehost, Siteground, A2 Hosting etc are good, but the problem is they don’t offer a pay monthly web hosting plan. If you want to subscribe to their web hosting services, you have pay for at least 12 months services in advance.

Don’t worry, in this article we’ll tell you about 3 web hosting providers that are equally good or even better than the popular web hosting providers and also offers a month to month web hosting plan.

There is no doubt that paying for a longer period e.g 3 years, in advance brings down the monthly price of web hosting but it also hit your pocket.

It is not a wise decision to pay yearly for hosting when you’re not sure how long you are going to run your site.

It is also a good decision to choose a monthly hosting plan when you do not want to restrict yourself to a particular host. You can move out to any host whenever you want without making your money stuck.

Best Month to Month Web Hosting Companies

#1 InterServer

Interserver is one of the popular cheap web hosting providers. They are known for their affordable shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated server hosting solutions.

The biggest advantage of using Interserver is, they offer a price lock guarantee. That means, they won’t charge you a higher price at the time of renewal. Your hosting plan will be renewed at the same price that you were charged at the time of signing up of your plan.

Interserver offers pay monthly web hosting plan that cost $5 per month.

You can either pay using your credit card or PayPal.

Under the special offer, you can get the Interserver web hosting for just $0.01 for the first month. Your plan will be renewed at the actual cost i.e $5 per month from the second month onwards.

Click here to know more about Interserver $0.01 first month offer

#2 Godaddy

Godaddy is one of our favourite web hosting provider. We ourselves are using their web hosting services since past 4 years and have more than 10 websites hosted with them.

So far, we have never faced any big issue with Godaddy. Their web hosting is reliable and prices are quite affordable.

The biggest advantage of Godaddy is, their customer support. They have their offices in many countries and offer customer support in many local and regional languages other than English.

Although they don’t offer a month to month web hosting plan, but we are still including them in this list. They are currently running a special offer on their Economy Web Hosting services. Under the promotional offer, you can get their economy hosting plan along with a free domain name for just $12 for 1 year i.e $1 per month only.

There is no other web hosting provider that is offering any such offer.

To know more about Godaddy $1 Hosting offer click here

#3 DreamHost

Dreamhost is one of the oldest web hosting provider. They are known for their quality web hosting services that is powered by SSDs. You also get a free SSL certificate and free domain name when you subscribe to any of their web hosting plan.

DreamHost is among the very few hosts that are officially recommended by the WordPress.

DreamHost offers a monthly web hosting plan that you can purchase for $10.95 per month.

You will also get a 97-days long money back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with their services.

Know more about Dreamhost Web Hosting Plan


Above are the top 3 month to month web hosting companies that we recommend to our readers. These are the companies that we ourselves use and confident about.

You can pick Interserver, if you want to host more than one website under your account.

Godaddy is a really good option if you want to host a single website.

On the other hand, Dreamhost is ideal for hosting a website that needs more power and security e.g an ecommerce website.

WordPress Website Hacked? Wondering What to Do? Learn How to Fix it in 6 Easy Steps

how to fix hacked wordpress website

For most of the part, WordPress is highly secure.

The chances of a well-maintained WordPress website being hacked are minimal, and that’s one of the reasons why 26% of the internet site around the world uses WordPress as their CMS.

But can we say WordPress is hack-proof?

Hell no. It can be hacked, and it happens loads of time.

Considering you’re reading this article, I assume you’re one of the victims, and your WordPress website has been hacked.

It is a stressful condition, but you need to be calm. Consolidate your mind that everything is alright and make yourself as relaxed as possible.

There are good chances that being in stress you will take some wrong decisions leading to more harm to your website.

Before we try to recover your website, let us make sure your site has been (actually) hacked.

How to Tell if Your Website is Hacked

If you nod for any of the situations below, then your site is hacked.

  1. Security Warnings – If you’re using any of the security plugins like Sucuri, then it’ll send a warning if it detects unusual activities. Most of the times, blog owners avoid these warning but you shouldn’t. If you see a warning, quickly evaluate it to check what’s causing the issues.
  2. Website Redirections – If your site is getting redirected to any other internet site (mostly porn, illegal contents, etc.) then you can be sure that someone has got unauthorized access to your WordPress site.
  3. Unable to Login – In certain situations, an attacker would steal your login information and change it. If suddenly out of nowhere you’re unable to login to your WordPress dashboard then it implies your website has been compromised.
  4. Taken Down by Host – Web hosts use algorithms to detect the unusual behavior of a site and is most likely to take your website down if anything suspicious occurs. However, a good host will inform you in advance and also help you get your site back.
  5. Other Signs – Few other possible signs of a site being hacked are –
  • Google marking the site as insecure/compromised
  • Security warnings from Browsers
  • Strange links from your site pointing to non-desirable sites
  • Sudden spike in traffic
  • Displaying pop-ups that you didn’t implement
  • If you’re observing one or more of the above situations, then it is time for you to be worried. You need to take quick actions before the situation gets worse.

Steps to Fix a Hacked WordPress Website

As stated before, the first thing to do is to calm down. Settle down and follow the below steps to repair a hacked WordPress site.

1. Talk to Your Web Hosting Company

Your very first bet is to speak to your web hosting company. A good web host takes the security of the client’s website as a priority and will most likely help you fix it.

They have experienced security experts who might have faced the exact situations before and will quickly take necessary actions.

Also, in a shared hosting environment, the host will be more interested in knowing what caused the hack. If the hack leads to the server, then all the website hosted on the server will be compromised.

Moreover, talking to your web host gives you a clearer idea of what needs to be done.

2. Change Your Security Password

A no-brainer. The very first thing you do when you’re suspicious about the hack is to change your WordPress login password.

Changing your password will restrict the hacker from further accessing your dashboard. While the changes won’t be recovered, it will save the site from getting more vulnerable.

3. Scan for Malware

If you’re on your own, then the next important thing to do is to scan your WordPress website for any possible malware.

There are many plugins available, but I recommend using Sucuri plugin. Here are the steps you need to follow to scan your site for malware using Sucuri –

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard and install Secure Plugin (if not available)
  • Go to Sucuri Security > Malware Scan
  • Click on ‘Scan Website’ button

Once the scan completes, Sucuri will show a warning if it detects any active malware (as shown below.)

sucuri wordpress scan

Image Source – Sucuri

Click on ‘Request Malware Cleanup’ button and follow the steps to remove common malware.

4.  Replace Malicious Files

If you have found malicious files on your server, then the easiest way is to delete the compromised files and replace with the original ones.

For instance, you can do a fresh install of WordPress without affecting your site content. It will most likely replace all the core files (except the files in directory wp-content.)

Go to Dashboard > Updates and click on ‘Re-install Now’ button.

5. Restore from the Previous Backup

If for some reasons, reinstalling WordPress does not fix the malicious files, then you need to restore from a previous backup manually.

But for this to work, you need to have a backup file available. If you have used a WordPress backup plugin like Updraft Plus or Backup Buddy, then congratulate yourself.

You can easily restore your site from a point when it wasn’t hacked. Although it may erase some of the latest articles published, it will secure your website.

If you do not have a handy backup, then check if your web host has a policy to back up your site monthly/weekly (most of the good WordPress hosting providers like Godaddy does.)

6. Check User Accounts

Have a thorough look in your WordPress users section and identify if there’s anyone you didn’t add with administration access to your site. If there’s any such user account, then delete it right away.

Also, make sure to provide administrative access to only those whom you trust.

7. Change Your Password, Again!

I know you did this in the beginning, but I want you to do it again.

But this time, it’s not only your WordPress login password but overall modifications. You need to change the password of the following:

  • WordPress Dashboard
  • FTP Login
  • CPanel Login
  • Web Hosting Account
  • Admin Email Address and
  • Domain Registrar (if separate from web hosting)

It ensures and gives you a satisfaction of complete security for future.

8. Hire A Professional

While many prefer to do things on their own and save money, there are few not familiar with scripts, coding, and technical aspects.

For those, hiring a professional to recover a hacked website is the optimal solution. It may cost a bit higher, but it is a sure shot way to deal with a hacked site.

Also, hackers sometimes hide the malicious scripts in unusual ways which are hard to detect for plugins and regular users like us. These malicious scripts allow hackers to come back anytime and cause damage to your site.

A professional security guy will give you a peace of mind and often saves a lot of time.

Final Words

Precaution is better than the cure.

Don’t wait for your website to be hacked. Prioritize the security and install security plugins, take backups while you still can.

I hope this guide has helped you fix your hacked website. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.