How to make sure your web hosting is not impacting your business?

web hosting impact on business

“Is my web hosting impacting my business?” If you own an online business which highly depends on your website, then you will face this question at some point.

If you’ve bought a web hosting service just by looking at its price, then get ready to pay a big sum of money for your mistake.

Web hosting impacts your business in numerous ways which result in loss of revenue.

Below listed are the points to make sure that your web hosting is not impacting your business.

Your Website Speed Is Directly Related To Your Website’s Conversion Rate

The slow speed of your website directly affects the online sales as speed is an important part of website’s user experience.

A user prefers the websites which load fast as compared to the websites which take forever to load.

Think about it, when we visit a website to buy something online and find that the website is loading really slowly, we get irritated and do not wait for it to load at every step of placing an order or doing a payment. We prefer to leave the site and visit another website to buy the product.

Speed directly impacts the sales ratio of your business.

Here are some facts….

  • 40% of people prefer to leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • If your website takes 1 second more to respond, your website conversion rate drops by 7%.
  • 47% of online shoppers expect a web page to load in less than 2 seconds.
  • Amazon stated that just one-second delay in their page loading time cost them $1.6 million in sales every year.
  • Google said that even four-tenths of a second delay in their search result make them lose 8 million searches every day.

So, always makes sure that your web host provides better speed so that your website can load faster and can provide better user experience.

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You Lose 100% Of Revenue When Your Website is Down

Most business users depend on their web hosting company to take care of their website uptime.

But no company can ensure 100% uptime as maximum uptime one can provide is 99.99%.

The causes for website downtime are different including planned downtime, failure of components, malicious attacks, and natural disaster.

Even most web hosts guarantee 99.99% uptime but very few actually deliver it.

You must track your website’s uptime with services like UptimeRobot, Site24x7.

Website downtime directly affects the productivity of business and results in 100% revenue loss.

In 2016, there was an outage in United Airlines website for one few hours which resulted in a delay of flights globally and lots of flights were canceled. It impacted the organization by many million dollars and lots of unhappy customers.

In 2013, Amazon reported $66.240 loss per minute when its website was down

In 2010, Virgin Blue airline’s IT outage lasted for 11 days and cost them $20 million dollars.

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Your Web Hosting Can Affect Your Website’s Ranking in Google

In shared web hosting, you are sharing server resources with other websites hosted on the same server, including the server IP address.

If your host allows spammy or illegal websites on their servers, it directly affects your website’s position in search results.

Google considers these websites as toxic and sharing the same IP address with them affects your website’s ranking which impacts your business growth.

It is always recommended that you must ask your web host about it before your purchase web hosting from them.

Inmotion Hosting is one of such hosts which never allow such websites on their servers.

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Connecting With Your Host’s Customer Support Team is Difficult

Regardless of services of web host, customer support is also crucial for your online business.

Your web host should have a strong technical support team to provide excellent services and solve all your server related issues.

It is always better to ensure whether the customer support of the web hosting company is good or not. To ensure this, search for the web host in social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter and see how actively a host is responding to customer’s queries posted them.

You can also read reviews about the host on the internet but most of the reviews you’ll find there are paid reviews.

You may also try to connect to a customer support executive before you buy a web hosting plan through chat or phone and see they are quick enough to attend you and efficient to answer your questions.

If you have a hosting account already and you face issues connecting to the support team, then you should consider switching your host.

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Your Web Host Doesn’t Provide Room To Grow During Seasonal Traffic Spikes

Scalability is a very important factor that you must consider while buying a hosting solution.

If you want to grow your business, then you need a web host that offer a web hosting solution for all kind of traffic need.

When you start your business, you can opt for a shared hosting account as traffic is less on your website.

As your business grows, the traffic on your website also increases and low bandwidth and fewer server resources may result in the crashing of your website.

You also experience seasonal traffic increase during any promotional sale that you run on your website. During that time you need more server resources for a short period of time, and if your host is not capable enough to provide you additional resources during that time, your website is likely to crash during the promotion period.

So, always choose a web host which provides effectively high scalability to handle the sudden traffic increase for whatever reason.

Make Sure Your Web Host Takes Security Seriously

Security of the web hosting is very important and lack of security can be devastating to any business and can result in loss of income or data loss. Most web hosts are aware of security issues and listen to demands of their customers. Your web host should take care of their servers to provide a secure environment as well as provide necessary tools to secure your site and its functionality.

Always considers following things to choose a secure web host:

  • SFTP – It stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol and provides an additional layer of protection to drag your files to where you want to upload them
  • SSL – It stands for Secure Sockets Layer and provides an encrypted path between browser and web server
  • Backups – Make sure that you web host perform backup regularly to protect your site from disaster or any problem
  • Server Maintenance – Your web host should maintain the server adequately to ensure attacks are limited

Free Cloud Server Trial

cloud server free trialSince we’ve published a post about free vps trial 2017, we’re getting a lot many requests about free cloud server trail. To help our blog readers to try a cloud server first before they actually buy one, we’re posting a list of top cloud server providers which offer a free cloud server trial.  If you’re from a health or insurance industry, you can also look at HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage Providers & HIPAA Compliant Hosting Providers.

As we all know that Cloud Servers are the a newest form of hosting servers which allows their users to scale up server resources as an when required and also helps users a pay as you go pricing option which helps them cut down their infrastructure cost.

A cloud server is a logical server but works similar to a physical server. When someone buy a cloud server, he basically renting a virtual server space rather than renting or buying physical server. Cloud servers are based on IaaS and gives their users an option to scale up or down as per their requirement. In today’s time all the top IT companies including Microsoft, Rackspace, IBM, HP, Softlayer, LinuxCloud and many more offer cloud servers. You can also get a cloud server free trail before you buy one from all of these companies.

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So guys here are the top web hosts which offer a completely free trial for cloud servers for up to one month. If you find there services not satisfactory, you can anytime cancel your subscription.

Top Hosts Offer Cloud Server Free Trial 2017

Find below the name of top cloud server providers with a link to their cloud server free trial page.

#1 Windows Azure – A Microsoft Cloud Platform

Microsoft offer its Windows Azure cloud hosting solution’s $200 worth of free trial for a complete 1-month period. Big companies like NBC, Aviva, 3M, Toyota, easyJet etc relies on Windows Azure. Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform and can be scale up as per your dynamic business needs. It’s build on Microsoft’s powerful Windows platform and works best with apps like Visual Studio, .NET, Window Server, Active Directory, SQL Server, SharePoint, and BizTalk. You can apply for a complete 1 month free trial from here.

Get Flat 50% Discount On BLUEHOST

#2 Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon offers one of the best cloud services available on internet under the name of Amazon Web Services. The cloud server offered by AWS is known as Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). You can use 750 hours of Amazon EC2 Linux/UNIX or RHEL or SLES or Windows Server Micro Instance usage (613 MB of memory and 32-bit and 64-bit platform support) – enough hours to run continuously each month with many other benefits completely free. Amazon offer this free trial to enable AWS customers get started in the cloud. You can find more information or can register for your free cloud server trial visiting here.

#3 Softlayer Cloud Server

Softlayer, A pioneer name in web hosting industry, also offer a 30 days absolutely free cloud server trial. You can deploy public cloud instances with exceptional features in just five minutes with Softlayer and can use it for 30 days for free of cost. To avail this amazing cloud server trial, you just simply visit the following link and use the coupon code FREECLOUD.

#4 HP Cloud

This is something amazing. World’s one of the largest IT company, HP, offer a 90 days long cloud server free trial to do anything you want from testing apps, keeping archival to taking backups. As a HP Cloud customer you get $100 credit to each of your first three HP Public Cloud monthly invoices. If your usage exceeds this $100 credit in a billing cycle, you will be charged standard HP Cloud pricing for any additional usage. You can avail this wonderful offer by visiting the following link.

#5 CloudLinux – An Award Winning Company

CloudLinux is an award winning hosting provider offer Linux cloud server free trial. You can get a 30 days free trial for CloudLinux cloud servers by signing up with them. CloudLinux is a better option to try for heavy traffic websites or WordPress Blogs. If you want to give Cloud Linux Cloud Servers a try you can visit the following page to request a trial run.

#6 Google Cloud

Google recently has launched its cloud hosting services. They are one of the best cloud hosting provider in the market. To grab some share in cloud hosting market, they are offering $300 worth of free cloud hosting trial to all new customers. You have to consume $300 in 60 days time. To get a trial, visit Google cloud official website.

We’ve only listed only those cloud server providers who are best in the market. if you think we should include some more providers let us know and we’ll add more. You can also check some free VPS hosting options here.

5 Things You Must Check Before Buying Web Hosting For Your Website

Making a decision on choosing web hosting company can be very tough.

All the companies in market promise 100% uptime, unlimited resources and knowledgeable support which make customers even more confusing to make the right decision.

With most companies having similar claims, you want to be sure that the company you choose provides the best hosting service at best price.

You should look for the following feature in a web hosting service:

  • Unlimited hosting
  • Enhanced malware protection
  • Free domain
  • Online stores and selling tools
  • Easy site builder
  • Spam and malware protection
  • Money back guarantee
  • Scalability

You should check below five things before buying web hosting for your website:

web hosting buying guide


It is the aspect which most of us look at first while choosing a hosting provider.

Price or fee of the service that you would be paying must be considered before selecting a web host.

Many web hosting company offers free services, some offers paid plans.

There different kinds of offers available in the market with a different feature which you need to select according to your business requirement.

This means you also need to compare the feature that company offers along with the price.

Selecting the cheapest offer isn’t necessarily the best idea, especially when you depend on your website to make money.

A feature like non-outsourced support, quality hardware, costs money and companies offering very less price won’t offer these features.

So, always consider your business requirements and compare prices with features they offer before making your choice of web hosting.

Godaddy offers best in class web hosting services at best pricing with all the features you need to build your website. Their web hosting plans starts from as low as $1 per month.


Hosting security is extremely important as you would want to invest money in the secure hosting package to make sure that viruses, malware, DDoS attacks & hackers don’t hurt your website.

A lot of companies these days are eager to use your emails for spamming and your website for their ads.

The hosting company that you select should have highly secure servers. The hosting company that you select should have the following feature to make your data safe.

  • RAID: It is a special system for protecting data even if the server crashes. It is important to have web host server pre-installed
  • Secure Datacentre: The web host company should have data center with secure location where chances of natural disasters are less
  • Uptime: It the time your website is online and users can access it. Make secure your company offers not less than 99.99% uptime
  • Back-up: Make sure that your web hosting company provide regular backup which helps to restore latest version of your website in case server goes down

Customer Support

It is also a very important factor that you should consider before selecting any web host.

You should be able to connect the customer support of your web host server whenever you want to and more importantly, they should be knowledgeable enough to solve your issues.

Before selecting, you can try to call on the customer support and check if they can fix any issue.

You should also check online reviews about them and the support should be 24/7 available.

Features and add-ons

Now, different hosting offers the different feature in different prices.

You should look after first your requirement that what exactly you need.

With so much of competitors, companies offer extra add-ons features as well to make their service more popular among users.

Many companies offer multiple data centers with additional features such as regular data backups, free domain privacy, hosting companies and many others.

You get extra services at the same price, so little research on plans of different companies helps you get more features at the same price. Always consider this factor while selecting the web hosting for your website.


This is the feature which tells you whether or not the company fits in your plan for future.

You might consider one company that fulfilled your needs for one year as you have less traffic on the website, but after six months or one year when traffic increases the server cannot handle it and your website crashes.

You might consider one company that can fulfill your needs in a longer run.

During the initial period of your website, you have less traffic on the website, but after six months or one year when traffic increases, sometimes the server cannot handle it and your website crashes.

Any web hosting company that you select should give you the room to grow your website.

The web host should be capable enough to give you options when traffic of your website increases.

Transferring from one host to another is time-consuming and takes lots of efforts as well.

Your web hosting company should be easily able to upgrade your account whenever in future you need that and should provide dedicated servers.

So, the host should scale their solutions for the growth and you can stay with one web hosting company even when your business grows.

Summing Up:

As with all these factors, you need to do some research and get opinions from experienced users to make the informed decision.

You can read customer reviews if they are satisfied with the service of that hosting company and what is the company’s reputation in the market.

It will give you more knowledge and would make it easier for you to make a decision.

Best Web Hosting 2017

Best Web Hosting 2017: When you start a website, choosing the best web hosting company is very important for its success. There are thousands of small-big web hosting companies available in the market but which hosting company you should go with can only be suggested by an expert. Here our roles comes, we’re a team of experts who has years of experience in web hosting industry and we ourselves test web hosts on different parameters like server up-time, speed, customer support, traffic handle capabilities, ease of use and over all customer satisfaction and suggest you the best web hosting for the kind of website you wanted to host. Below are the name and details of some web hosting companies that we hand picked for you so that you can host your website with the right web host.

The Best Web Hosting Companies of 2017

Godaddy – Best Web Hosting For Newbies & Small Businesses

Visit GoDaddy

When you’re just starting up or own a small business, there are two things we believe you must be consider when choose a web hosting company is

  1. Price
  2. Ease of use

generally pricing is the biggest challenge with all start ups. Godaddy is like a boon for all small & medium size business owners who wanted to get online. The hosting provider offers all the solutions you need to get your business online. Whether you want to register a domain name, want to host a website, looking for a DIY tool to create a website by yourself to save the design cost or wants to have some professional email accounts on your own domain name to impress your clients, Godaddy has all of the mentioned solutions for you. To get all of the mentioned solutions, all you need to buy a Godaddy’s shared web hosting. With the web hosting service, you get a free domain names of your choice and an easy to use control panel that you can use to host and manage your website and to create email accounts on your own domain name.

For all new customers, Godaddy offers its Economy Hosting with a Free Domain Name for just $1 per month. We’ve written a detailed post with step-by-step guide on how to get Godaddy’s Economy Hosting for just $1 per month.

Bluehost – Best WordPress Hosting Provider

Visit Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosting provider known for its world class WordPress hosting. The host is recommended for WordPress by WordPress’s official website. The hosting provider offers all kind of web hosting solutions including Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers and Managed Hosting.

If you run a bunch of WordPress websites and looking for an unlimited domain hosting which can handle a large amount of traffic and comes with an easy to use control panel then look no further, we’ll strongly recommend you Bluehost for your hosting need.

Bluehost’s servers are faster than any other  popular host’s servers. In our article Bluehost Vs Hostgator we had compared the speed of Bluehost’s Server with Hostgator’s server and found that Bluehost’s server was faster. Since Google has officially confirmed that they’ve started considering website’s speed as an important factor to rank websites, server speed has become more important part as it used to be.

Bluehost’s shared hosting comes as low as $4.95 per month and supports unlimited domains, unlimited emails, free domain registration, 1-click install library to install popular applications like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc in a single click. You can check the recent offers by visiting Bluehost’s Promo page.

Inmotion Hosting – Best SEO Friendly Business Hosting

Visit Inmotion Hosting

In today’s internet era, the only thing a business need to become successful is to get found online. With the increasing competition to rank above your competitors, SEO guru’s are doing everything possible but very few of us know that IP reputation plays a vital role in any website’s ranking. A website which is hosted on a server which has a white listed IP, is likely to rank higher in search engine compare to a website which is hosted on a server which also host adult or illegal websites.

In one of our recent post on SEO Hosting we’ve clearly mentioned why businesses should go for SEO hosting for better search engine ranking.

In SEO Friendly Business Hosting category we’ve hand picked Inmotion Hosting which is indeed a world class hosting provider with BBB certification.

Inmotion Hosting doesn’t allow any adult website on their servers and restrict unsolicited emails from going out from their servers which makes their server’s IP white listed.

Inmotion Hosting charge a bit higher price compare to Godaddy and Bluehost but if you’re serious about your business it worth spending a bit more rather to get penalized by Google. You can read our in-depth review on Inmotion Hosting.

Shopify – Best eCommerce Website Hosting

Visit Shopify

If you’ve some plans to start an online store to sell your products but don’t have enough money to get an online store developed or you just don’t have enough time and wants your online store up and running in no time then Shopify is the best solution for you. Shopify is world’s most trusted brand in providing DIY eCommerce Website Development solution. With Shopify you can develop your online store by yourself, can choose a theme for your store, can add or delete products and much more. The solution come pre-hosted on a reliable hosting solution which is capable of handling thousands of visits per day.

If you wish to know more about eCommerce Website Builder solutions, you can read our recent post in which we talked about 3 best eCommerce Website Builders available in the market.

When you run an online business, it is very important for you that your website gets 100% up-time so that you never miss a sale. Speed is also very important for your online store to give a smooth experience to your visitors and your hosting should be capable of handling thousands of visits so that when you run an offer and traffic flooded to your website it should keep running smooth. Being an eCommerce solution, Shopify has all of those features in-build.

We hope you would love our recommendations. All the hosting services we’ve mentioned in our article are pre-tested by us and work best in their category. If you still have any question in mind feel free to use our Contact Us form to get in touch. Looking forward to hear back.

Best Shared Hosting 2017

best shared hosting 2017Shared hosting or virtual hosting service is a type of web hosting service where multiple websites shared the resources of a same web server so that the cost can be reduced for everyone. Shared Hosting is most popular type of hosting and its best for hosting static websites, low traffic wordpress blogs & websites with small database. Some of the Top Web Hosting Providers offers Best Shared Hosting services on reliable hosting platform. usually all providers offers Shared website hosting on windows & Linux platform & most of them also offers cpanel or plesk to manage it.

List Of Best Shared Hosting Providers 2016

Find below the list of Cheap shared web hosting plans on Linux & Windows platform which is offered by best web hosting providers in the industry.

Web HostSpecial PriceFeaturesVisit Website
Blue Host$3.95 Per MonthUNLIMITED Domain Hosting
UNLIMITED Data Transfer
UNLIMITED E-mail Accounts
FREE Domain
Visit Website
Dream Host$8.95 Per MonthWordPress-optimized
UNLIMITED Domain supported
One-Click software installer
Visit Website
Hostgator$3.96 Per MonthEASY Control Panel
One click installer
4,500 Free Website Templates
Visit Website
Ipage$2.95 Per MonthUnlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Data transfer
Free Domain
Free Google Credit
FREE Site-Building Tools
Visit Website
IX Webhosting$3.95 Per MonthOne FREE Domain
UNLIMITED Domain & Bandwidth
Dedicated Support Rep
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Visit Website

Windows Shared Hosting

Windows shared hosting is required when you want to host a website which is based on Microsoft Windows based technology such as asp .NET & MS SQL database. Usually all top shared hosting providers offers their hosting plan which includes .NET, MS SQL & plesk control panel to manage the web hosting space.

Linux Shared Hosting

If you want to take an advantage of open source OS & applications, Linux shared Web Hosting is best for you. All of the Linux Hosting comes with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MY SQL & PHP) bundle. Most of the best web hosting provider also give a free cpanel to manage the shared hosting. Linux shared hosting is also recommended to host your wordpress blog.


Most of the Linux Web Hosting providers offers cPanel with all their website hosting services. CPanel is the world’s most popular website management control panel which gives you an ease to manage your website using friendly GUI interface. using Cpanel you can easily Set up email accounts, databases, modify FTP access and more on your Linux shared hosting.


Plesk is second most popular website control panel to manage your windows & Linux shared hosting. All best web hosting providers offers plesk control panel even with their cheap web hosting plans. Plesk software package is a commercial web hosting automation program from Parallels.

How to choose best shared hosting plan

While choosing a shared web hosting plan for your blog or website, few things you must consider to make a right decision.

Technical Requirement

You must first confirm if all of the technical requirement to host your blog or website are met with the web hosting plan you’re considering to buy.

Control Panel

Check if the control panel they are offering is user friendly. usually Windows web hosting comes with Plesk or Cpanel and Linux Web hosting comes with cpanel.


Shared Hosting cost is one of the most important factor, while choosing a best web hosting provider, you must compare if it providing you cheap web hosting with almost 100% uptime & all tools you require.

Multiple Website Hosting

Its an added advantage if your shared hosting comes with a facility to host unlimited websites or multiple website in a single web hosting plan. Most of the cheap shared hosting providers offers the same.

Promotional offer

There are many cheap web hosting plans comes with some promotional offer like free domain registration for life or few months of free web hosting. Check if the shared web hosting providers you’re considering offers any promotion.


Support is very important part of your web hosting plan. Confirm if your web host provides 24*7 technical support on phone, Email, Trouble Ticket and on chat.

Cheap WordPress Hosting 2017

2017’s Most Affordable WordPress Hosting

cheap wordpress hosting

WordPress is world’s most popular and widely used open source Content Management System aka CMS used for creating beautiful and highly customizable websites and blogs. WordPress can be used in hosted and self-hosted environment. Over 60 million people use has chosen WordPress to power their dream. If you’re planning to be a part of the community and looking for Low Cost WordPress Web Hosting option to host your own WordPress website then read this article carefully. In this article we’re going to tell the about one of the most trusted WordPress hosting provider in the world which offer Cheap WordPress Hosting with a free domain name of your choice at just $1 per month. People prefer to go with Self-Hosted WordPress Environment over the Hosted one because it gives them more freedom and security over their blog.

Things to Consider While Choosing A Cheap WordPress Hosting Provider

Before you make a decision and choose an Affordable WordPress Hosting Provider for your website you must check the following things before you make a purchase.

1-Click Install or Pre-Installed WordPress Option

If you’re a newbie or a non-technical person you may find it difficult to install the WordPress manually. To do away with all the hassles that you may face while installing the WordPress on your self-hosted environment, it is recommended that you should go with a hosting provider that offer 1-Click Install or Pre-Installed WordPress Hosting.

24*7 Technical Support

This is one of the most important aspect that you must consider while choosing a WordPress Hosting provider for your website. You may need a helping hand anytime when you’re a setting up a blog, considering a provider which offer 24*7 technical support is highly recommended.

A Renowned Name

We always suggest our readers to go with a hosting provider which has a good name in the industry. In web hosting industry, there are many new company comes and go every day. To make sure your data is in safe hands, you should consider only renowned name to host you website.

An Easy To Use Control Panel

Control panel is the most important part of a web hosting. It helps you manage your hosting with ease of few clicks. cPanel is one of the most popular that web hosting provider offer with their WordPress Hosting. We recommend you to go with a provider which offer cPanel or customized cPanel.

Nightly Backups

Backups are important and it becomes more important when you’re a non-technical person. If you want to prevent the loss occurred because your host don’t take the backup, it is highly recommended that you choose a hosting provider which takes nightly backups and can restore them for you when required.

99.9% Up Time

Every host write about it but what is the host who actually deliver it? On every hosting company’s website you’ll find written that they offer a 99.9% up-time guarantee but the reality is very few of them actually offer it. You have to find out by reading the reviews that what is the host which offer a 99.9% up-time. Based on our research hosts like Godaddy & Bluehost deliver 99.9% up-time.

Cheap WordPress Hosting Provider Award 2016 : Godaddy

Based on the research we conducted for you on internet so that you can find the best host for your WordPress website which offer cheap WordPress hosting, we concluded that Godaddy is the Cheapest WordPress Hosting provider on internet. The host offer WordPress hosting that starts at $1 per month along with a free domain name. You can have a look at the pricing below.

Godaddy WordPress Hosting Pricing


Godaddy offer a plan for everyone. If you’re just starting up, you can start with the first plan i.e Starter and can move to other plan as you grow.

Godaddy offer pre-installed managed WordPress hosting which enables you to spin a WordPress website in less than 30 seconds. You also get a free domain with annual plans. Godaddy also update your WordPress version to the latest available in the market so your site is secure, up to date and running like a dream.

The web hosting offered by Godaddy is specially designed to host WordPress site and use dedicated, load balanced servers, advanced tools and personal tweaks from WordPress experts so that your site runs smoothly even when your blog post goes viral.

The web hosting also prevents your website from brute force and DDoS attacks.

Get Godaddy’s WordPress Hosting $1 Per Month

Godaddy WordPress Hosting Alternative

If you own more than 1 website and can spend some extra money you can consider Bluehost to host your WordPress blog. Bluehost is one of the most popular WordPress hosting provider empowering 2 million websites worldwide. The host offer 1-Click install WordPress hosting with easy to use control panel. With Bluehost you can host unlimited website and the hosting space comes with unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth. You also get a free domain name with Bluehost web hosting to know more about the solution visit Bluehost website using the button provided below.

Visit Bluehost

Free VPS Trial No Credit Card Required for 30 Days 2017

 free vps trial

Looking for a Free VPS Trial? You may be a student who is looking for a VPS for education purpose or a professional who want to test an application in VPS environment. Whatever your need is we have a VPS trial for you. Whether you’re looking for a Windows VPS trial or a Linux VPS trial, this article will help you to get one. In this article, we’ve concluded best VPS hosting providers that offer a free VPS from 30 days to 90 days without charging you money. Some of them may even not required a credit card. What are you waiting for, grab your cloud VPS or SSD VPS for free now?

Virtual Private Server popularly known as VPS Hosting is a cheaper solution with dedicated server alike facilities. VPS hosting is the best option when you’re looking for a dedicated server at cheaper prices. Nowadays all popular web hosting providers including Hostgator, Inmotion, Godaddy, Arvixe etc offers Virtual Private Server Hosting. If you’re new to this technology or confuse which VPS Host to choose, we’ll recommend you to do a Free VPS Trial before you buy one. All popular host know that customers are concern about the virtual server performance & want to have a VPS Free Trial before buying them just not only to test the features but to test the performance & uptime. A free VPS Trial gives customer confidence to make a right decision. Generally, VPS hosting providers offer VPS free trial for minimum 7 days, some of them offers Free VPS Trial for up to 30 days. Credit Card is required for most of the Free VPS trial but in our case, we’ve mentioned VPS host below where no credit card required.

Why Free VPS Trial

There’re many reasons why you should try a VPS Hosting Server before buying.

  • You can test your website or application on a live server.
  • You can test if the solution is suitable for you.
  • You can have an idea about after sales support.
  • You can understand the technicalities involve in the solution.
  • You can test server up time (if the provider is ready to give you a trial VPS for a longer period e.g 1 month).
  • You save money (if you’re getting a server for 1 month for free you’re somewhere saving approx $50-$70).
  • If you’re a blogger or a technology writer you can write reviews on the basis of your experience about the trial.

How do I get a VPS Free Trial

Generally, VPS Hosts ask you for your credit card details before offering a free VPS trial but there’re few good VPS hosts which provide VPS Free trial with no credit card required. We always suggest our blog readers to Try a VPS host which require a Credit Card. below we’re providing a list of VPS Hosting providers which offers Free VPS trials with or No Credit Card required.

Free VPS Trial No Credit Card Required

#1 Interserver Cloud VPS Trial $0.01 For 30 Days

Interserver is a 15 years old United States based web hosting company known for its affordable hosting services. You can get a 30 days long VPS trial in just $0.01/Slice with Interserver. Interserver offer maximum 16 slice VPS. To get most out of your free trial you should buy maximum number of slices. A 16 slice VPS will cost you only 16 Cent for 30 days. Once the trial period is over you can adjust the slices as per your requirement. The best part with Interserver is, you can renew your server at a damn cheap price of $6 per month per slice only. They are one of the best option for cheap vps server unlimited bandwidth. If you’re looking for a long VPS trial for 30 days, you can sign up for interserver VPS trial by Click Here.

#2 Google Cloud VPS 60 Days Free Trial worth $300

#3 PHOTON VPS 30 Days @ $5.95

PhotonVPS is one of the most trusted brand in united states for affordable VPS hosting. The company was setup in the year 2008. Photon VPS offer both linux & windows based VPS solution. All VPS Solutions come with a 99.99% up time guarantee. The VPS solution is extremely fast as it runs of SSD storage. The best part of Photon VPS is that they provide Free 1 Gbps DDoS protection on all VPS packages. They are one of the best cheap cpanel vps provider on internet. You can buy a 30 Days VPS trial clicking here.

Special Offer: Godaddy’s Web Hosting with FREE Domain for $1 per month. Read More

#4 BlueHost Cloud Based VPS Trial

Bluehost is one of the world’s largest providers of cloud-based online solutions. They have been mentioned as top cloud server providers by many top websites. If you’re looking for a powerful, scalable and reliable VPS for trial purpose and can spend $14.99 to try it out, BlueHost is the best choice. BlueHost Standard VPS comes with 2GB RAM, 30GB SAN Storage, 1TB Bandwidth and one free domain name to make you go. Bluehost is most recommended VPS hosting provider and if you’re considering to buy a VPS after the trial, we strongly recommend Bluehost to you. To activate your trial in just $14.99 Click Here & buy The Standard Plan VPS Trial. Remember to select Standard plan before you purchase. $14.99 is a special 50% discount price so that you can try the services. If you find BlueHost services satisfactory, you can renew them at original prices.

#5 ResellerClub VPS Trial $5 for 30 Days

ResellerClub, A 16 years old web hosting company with clients in over 230+ countries bring this VPS Trial offer exclusively for new customers. You can purchase your very own VPS trial at ResellerClub for a small fee of USD 5. This trial will enable you to experience the support & service offered on VPS for 30 Days. However, please note that the USD 5 trial for VPS is only offered on the first three plans that is VPS 1, VPS 2 or VPS 3. Incase you have a higher requirement for VPS, you can always try out their services by opting for the lower plans and then easily upgrade to either of the higher plans. Also, please note that the USD 5 VPS trial does not include a Control Panel or WHMCS software since that would involve an additional cost. I would highly recommend you pay a little extra and try out the additional software since that would be required while testing your Hosting package. You can avail of the VPS Trial at ResellerClub by follow this Step-By-Step guide to activate VPS Trial OR navigating to the VPS Plan page and entering the Coupon Code “VPSTRIAL” during checkout. If you have any queries that you would like to discuss before starting your trial, you can drop in a mail at

#6 ElasticHost Free VPS Trial

Elastic host is one of the best cloud server hosting provider from UK. Elastic host provide Free VPS trial for 5 days on a best VPS server with 2000 core-MHz CPU, 1GB memory, 20GB disk with ease of use control panel. It’s 100% secure to start a trial with them. The Free VPS Trial ends with no automatic charges. It offers total control over OS and configuration and you can any time upgrade to paid account. Elastic Hosts are proud winners of the award for Best Cloud Service at the Cloud Computing World Series Awards 2010. You can get your VPS Free Trail by Sign Up Here.

#7 HP Cloud 90 Days Free Trial

HP, one of the largest IT solution provider in the world, offering a 90 days free trial for HP Public cloud. You may use the free service for Development, Test, Archival & backups. You will get a promotional $100 credit to each of your first three HP Public Cloud monthly invoices. If your usage exceeds this $100 credit in a billing cycle, you will be charged standard HP Cloud pricing for any additional usage. To know more about the offer visit here.

#8 Linode 7 Days Free VPS Trial

Linode is another top VPS hosting company offers a Free VPS trial for 7 days. Credit card is required to signup with them and after signing up with them you get a 7 days money back guarantee. They offer Linux Virtual Servers on there own cloud. Linode has Six datacenters in the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. If you wish to host an ASP.NET application and wants to host with a reliable Host, you can consider the following ASP.NET Hosting Providers.

#9 VPS.ME Free VPS

If you wish to get a VPS completely free for more than 1 year. VPS.ME could be the right provider for you. The Host offer a completly free VPS with 384 MB of RAM, 600 MHz dedicated CPU speed, 5 GB of disk space and full root access to your server and a control panel. In order to activate your server you also need to have a mobile phone number as an SMS message will be sent to confirm your identity. You can get this from here.

Some of the VPS Hosting providers mentioned above require your credit card details to ensure you’re serious about their product. Although some of them don’t ask you for your credit card. If you’re unsure which Free VPS trial you should choose, just fill out the form below and we’ll send the best deal to you.

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Free Web Hosting Sites

Many of us want to share our knowledge online through a Blog or a website but because of expensive web hosting providers we couldn’t do the same.  Here is a good news for those who ever wanted to start up a wordpress blog  or a website using popular CMS like Joomal & Drupal, Now you can get a Free Hosting Plan to host your dream blog or website. There are many Free Web Hosting Sites out there which are providing Free Hosting for WordPress, Joomla & Drupal on Linux platform with MY SQL & cpanel.

Free Web Hosting is good option if you’re hosting a Blog or a website just for fun or as a hobby. We never recommend to choose a Free Web Host to host a business or a professional website. To host a business or professional website we do recommend Godaddy’s hosting which only cost $1 per month along with a Free domain. Read more about it here.

Top Free Web Hosting Sites

There are many Free web hosting sites available on internet but we’re mentioning top 5 Free hosting providers which are most popular.



000WebHost is industry leader in providing free web hosting services with Apache, PHP, MY SQL & cpanel. The Free hosting comes with 1500 MB free disk space, 100 GB monthly data transfer, 99% uptime guarantee and No Ads.



Zymic is a popular Free web host offers free hosting for blogs & website.

Zymic is yet another Free Hosting provider.  Zymic free hosting features include PHP/MySQL, free sub-domain names, Ad-free hosting and an overly generous disk and transfer allowance. The Free Hosting includes 6 GB of disk space & 50 GB of monthly data transfer. It Supports latest version of PHP, MY SQL & offers a free control panel.

5GB Free


5GB Free is a popular Free Web Host offers Free Hosting in a PCI compliant and SAS 70 Type II certified data center. 5GB free hosting comes with 5GB space, 20GB bandwidth, 10MySQL Databases, and PHP scripting. You also have your choice of a free 5GB Free domain name.

50 Megs


50 Megs is there in hosting industry since 1995 & offers free web hosting along with other paid hosting plans. The hosting plan offered by 50 Megs doesn’t  impressed me much as it come with only 50 MB of disk space & supports Ads which nobody would like to show up on his/her site and the worst thing of 50 Megs free hosting is, it comes with only 1 GB of data transfer which is very less for even low traffic website. Although it supports wordpress blogs and supports PHP, Perl, & MySQL but I don’t think people will much like this Free web host.

Host 1 Free


Host 1 free is a Free web host & offers free Web hosting plan similar to 000web host. The host support WordPress, Joomla, Drupal & some popular ecommerce softwares like OS Commerce & Megento. The Free hosting includes 2 GB Disk space, 10 GB monthly bandwidth & 2 MY SQL Databases.

How To get Free Hosting for WordPress Blog & CMS (Joomal & Drupal)

To get this Free hosting for your wordpress blog, Joomla & Drupal website you just need to visit any of these free Web Hosting sites and have to sign up there. Once you sign up with them accepting all of their terms & conditions, you become eligible to use their free website hosting plans.

We advise you to read terms & condition carefully before signing up with any Free web host.

If you’re looking for free Windows hosting you can refer to our Free ASP.NET Hosting providers list. Now you can register a domain name with Google.

Cheap Web Hosting India

Cheap Web Hosting India

Web Hosting refers to the Internet Hosting service that is used to make a website available via the World Wide Web. That means if you want to make your website accessible on the Internet, you need a web hosting service to host your website. If you’re new to web hosting, you can refer to the article about web hosting that we had written in the past on this website.

There are plenty of web hosting services available on the Internet. Some offer cheap web hosting services while some charge you a hefty amount for their services. For a first time buyer, it becomes very difficult which web hosting service to choose to host a website.

Most of the web hosting companies are from the United States. In India, there were only a handful of web hosting companies available until 5 years ago but now many US based companies like Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostpapa, Arvixe, Softlayer, CrazyDomains and many other has started their operations in India. They all are offering low-cost web hosting services in India.

If we talk about Indian web hosting companies, Net4 India, is one of the oldest company in India that offers a complete array of services that anyone needs to bring a business online. Bigrock is another Indian company that offers web hosting services in India.

People in India prefer to buy web hosting services from an Indian host because they want customer support in their local regional language, preferably in Hindi. That is why they sometimes avoid companies that don’t offer customer support in Indian local languages.

Not everyone can afford costly web hosting services. Finding a web hosting service that is cheap and reliable could be a difficult task, especially for a newbie, who is going to host a website for the first time. To make the job easier for you, we are listing here top 5 web hosting companies in India that offer cheap web hosting in India.

Side Note: Most people just need a shared hosting service to host a website. In this article, we’ll be discussing hosts that offer shared hosting services. They may be offering other hosting services as well but our focus will be on their shared hosting services because shared hosting services are the cheapest among all kind of web hosting services and best suited for personal blogs & small business websites.

Top 5 Cheap Web Hosting Providers in India

As we have mentioned already above in this article that there are plenty of web hosting companies available in India but we’re picking up just top 5 for you.

#1 Godaddy

Godaddy Web Hosting

Godaddy has entered into the Indian market just a few years back but the company itself is very old. The company was started in the year 1997 by Bob Parsons. It is the largest domain name registrar in the World with more than 61 million domain names under management.

13 million customers and 4000 employees worldwide make Godaddy the #1 company to buy domain name & web hosting services.

Godaddy services are targeted towards individuals and small businesses. You can buy everything that you may need to start a website and promote it under one roof with Godaddy.

Godaddy has their datacenter located in America, Europe & Asia.

Their shared hosting plans start from Rs. 199 per month but under the current promotion offer you can buy their web hosting services for as low as Rs. 99 per month including a free domain name & 100 free email accounts. Checkout Godaddy’s Rs. 99 per month Offer.

#2 Hostpapa

Hostpapa web hosting

Hostpapa may be a new name for you but they are a well know web hosting brand from Canada. In India, they have recently started their operations a few years back. Our website is also hosted with them and we are quite satisfied with their services.

They offer 3 different web hosting plan to choose from but we recommend you to choose their business plan because that offer you everything unlimited and offer a decent performance. Hostpapa certainly does not offer the cheapest web hosting services in India but for unlimited hosting services, their prices are quite competitive. You can also use their coupon code to save some money on your purchase.

They do have a local support team in India to answer your questions but their servers are located in Canada. So if you’re comfortable with hosting your website on a Canadian server, Hostpapa is a good option for you.

Currently, over 5,00,000 personal and small business websites are hosted with Hostpapa. With every web hosting purchase, you get a free domain name & a website builder to build a website. You get Telephone, chat, and email support options and 30 days money back guarantee.

#3 Bigrock

Bigrock Web Hosting

You must have heard the name of Bigrock already. They are very active in advertisement and often run ads on TV. Bigrock is not a very old web hosting company but they have gain popularity in no time because of their active marketing campaigns.

Bigrock is primarily a domain registrar but like every other domain name registrar, they do offer everything that anyone needs to build a website. Shared web hosting is one of their very popular services.

They do offer shared web hosting services on Linux & Windows platforms. They also offer specialized web hosting services to host WordPress websites, Shopping Carts and other popular CMSes.

With as little as Rs. 59 per month, you can get a hosting space from Bigrock. They do offer hosting services on Indian & US based servers. You can choose your preferred data center location at the time of placing an order with them.

Bigrock is a part of The Endurance International Group, Inc. which is a well-known group of web hosting companies. Web hosts like Bluehost, Hostgator, iPage, HostMonster, JustHost and much more are also a part of The Endurance International Group.

If you’re confused between Bigrock and Godaddy, you can read Bigrock vs Godaddy comparision on our site.

#4 HostingRaja

Hostingraja web hosting

HostingRaja is the newest name among all the web hosting companies we have listed so far in this article. They have started their operations just about 5 years back.

The biggest advantage of hosting a website with HostingRaja is their customer support. You get 24*7 customer support in 12 regional languages.

They use LiteSpeed web server technology which makes their web hosting services super fast. They have recently introduced this technology from July 2016 and customer who signed up after this period will get the hosting space on these servers.

LiteSpeed makes Static content to load 5x faster than Apache, Dynamic file to load 10x faster than Apache and PHP to load 3x faster than Apache.

Their web hosting plans starts from Rs. 165 per month but under the current offer you can get them at 40% discount for just Rs. 99 per month.

#5 Net4 India

NET4 India Web Hosting

Net4 India is the oldest domain registrar and web hosting provider from India. They have a PAN India presence with offices in 11 major business cities. The company owns 7 datacenters in India which make NET4 the largest web hosting provider in India.

Net4 India focused on corporate clients and all major corporates like ONGC, Reliance, NIIT, CNBC TV18, Siemens, ITC, Essar, Godrej, Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Proctor & Gamble, Hutch, L&T, Lufthansa, Sahara, SBI, TCS, are the clients of NET4 India.

They are the first company in the world to be ISO 27001 certified. Currently, over 100,000 websites are hosted on NET4 data center.

Net4 has the lowest web hosting price in India. You can buy web hosting services from NET4 for as low as Rs. 30 per month.

Why VPS Hosting Is Superior To Shared Hosting

If you’re familiar with web hosting services, you must have heard many a time about Virtual Private Server popularly known as VPS.  VPS Hosting is an ideal solution for growing businesses or for websites which have a large volume of traffic that can’t be manage with a shared hosting. Now you must want to know when you should move to a VPS Hosting from Shared hosting. In our today’s post we will write 5 reasons you need VPS Hosting over a shared hosting.

why vps hosting

Why VPS Hosting Is Better Over Shared Hosting?

Better Control On Your Hosting

All VPS comes with root level access that means you have a full control over your VPS that otherwise not possible on shared hosting. There are thousands of other websites already running on same server in shared hosting thus no host can provide you a root level access for shared hosting services. When you buy VPS hosting, you can even restart your server when required or can install any software or application. You can host multiple applications or website on a single server and can manage all of them from a single console.

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Cost Effective – Less Burden on Your Pocket

VPS is costlier compare to a shared hosting plan as it gives you better computing facilities but it is a cheaper solution compare to a Dedicated Server Hosting. It’s a perfect solution when you require features comes with a dedicated server at cheaper prices. You can get a VPS plan starts from just $10 per month or can ask for a VPS Trial anytime you like before buying one.

High Level of Security Compare to Shared Hosting

Shared hosting doesn’t provide you a high  level of security which is required for a dynamic website or blog. In shared hosting environment each website hosted on a shared server use a common IP address but VPS hosting comes with a dedicated IP & unique to user password entries. You can also use a firewall and can restrict your server access from certain IPs to ensure a high level of security.

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Better Support & Full Manageability in Your Hands

Almost all the top web hosting providers offers premium support to their VPS clients. generally, they offer support over the phone, Email, Chat & trouble ticket. You can also get a managed server with some additional cost which makes VPS a better choice over shared hosting. A VPS solution cost you a just higher in cost compare to shared hosting but it’s worth spending a few more cents for a bigger benefit.

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Better Performance Compare to Shared Hosting

Shared hosting doesn’t guarantee you a great performance, many a time you face a poor up time & slow server performance issue in shared hosting, this is generally happening because there are many websites sharing the resources of a single server. VPS is your own private server which host only those websites which you host on it and it also comes with dynamic upgrade facility, i.e you can upgrade or downgrade your server any time as per your requirement.

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I hope with all of the reasons we mentioned above, you must be able to make out why VPS hosting is better than shared hosting and how it can help you grow your online business step by step without spending much on servers. The best part with a VPS hosting is, you pay only for the services you use. Unlike dedicated server, you can easily upgrade the resource you want & can save on other resources that you don’t want.