Best DIY eCommerce Website Builder

best diy ecommerce website builderIf you’re a small business operator or a freelancer who wants to bring your business online at a minimum cost, probably DIY Website builder is the right choice for you. A DIY website builder allows a user to create a fully functional eCommerce website with few mouse clicks. DIY website builders come with easy to use control panels that include all the tools that you need to build an online store and start selling online at no time. In this article, we’ll write about some of such tools.

The best part using a DIY website builder is, you need not to be a tech savvy to use them. They are very easy to use and anyone with basic computer knowledge can use them to build a website.

Most of the DIY website builder providers provides documentation to use the website builder. you can also find video tutorials on Youtube that you can use to take some help.

Best 3 DIY eCommerce Website Builder

Below are 3 Best DIY eCommerce website builders.

#1 Shopify  (1,25,000+ Online Stores)

Shopify is one of the best DIY website builders in the market. It gives you an option to choose from over 100 templates or create a custom-designed theme for your store. It is Level 1 PCI compliant and uses 128 bit SSL encryption to ensure credit card data is secure. Shopify comes with a secure shopping cart that lets you accept online payment instantly using a credit card or Paypal. With Shopify, you can easily expend your business worldwide because it lets you accept global currencies.

Shopify lets you manage your online store on the go using an app called Shopify mobile. You can run your business from anywhere using a mobile device. You can use your phone to update your store, manage inventory, fulfill orders, or contact a customer.

#2 BigCommerce (55,000+ Online Stores)

Bigcommerce is another popular e-commerce website builder that lets you create your own e-commerce website with few clicks (Read Bigcommerce Review). you need not have any technical expertise to create a beautiful website using Bigcommerce platform. Bigcommerce comes with 15 days no risk trial and 24*7 customer support.  With Bocommerce you get everything that you need to run a successful online store i.e Website, Domain name, Secure shopping cart, Product catalog, Payment gateway, Email accounts, Marketing tools, Reporting, Mobile-optimized store etc.

The platform is search engine friendly and lets you create search engine friendly Titles and Meta tags to take SEO advantage.

Bigcommerce comes with all marketing tools i.e discount and coupon codes, social media integration, newsletters, automatically generated customer lists and an abandoned cart saver to help you boost your sale.

#3 Weebly (88,000+ Online Store)

Weebly is one of the most user-friendly DIY e-commerce website builder that lets you build an online store in no time with few mouse clicks. It comes with hundreds of themes to choose from, with drag and drop features.

Although Weebly eCommerce website builder features are not as comprehensive as Shopify or Bigcommerce but it is still a good option for someone looking to start an online store.

I hope the article would help you choose the right website builder. All of the 3 DIY eCommerce website builders mentioned here are incredible and I truly hope you won’t regret buying anyone of them.

What Is The Best eCommerce Website Builder?

Wants to know what is the best e-commerce website builder? In the current business scenario where to sustain a business an online store has become an avoidable thing. In the years to come only those businesses will sustain their growth which will adapt to highly changing technology demands. In the past years, we’ve seen how the mobile technology has evolved and how the faster internet change the behavior of internet users to use the internet. Now people not only use the internet just to find information but also make online purchases more than they do going to market. Everything is just a click away. Realizing the fact most of the internet companies have launched eCommerce Website builder to help small & medium size businesses to design their own website without having any technical knowledge. But the question is which eCommerce website builder is best for you? In this article, we will discuss 3 most popular & best eCommerce website builder for you.

I’ve seen when people start searching the internet to find an eCommerce website builder they generally got confused with lots of options available especially between the two i.e

  1. Hosted eCommerce Website Builder (More User-Friendly)
  2. Self  Hosted Open Source Shopping Cart Solutions (More Customizable)

We’re writing this article for the non-technical person or a person with little technical knowledge, who wants to make their own eCommerce website and wants to sell online. If you’re among one of that kind of person you’ll find some great solutions to start your eCommerce website. Hosted eCommerce Website Builders are best suited for that kind of people and we’ll discuss 3 such solutions in this article. We’ll also give you some idea about self-hosted open source shopping cart solutions so that you don’t confuse between the two. So let’s start with the recommended hosted eCommerce Website Builder Tools.

 Best eCommerce Website Builder Tools 2018 (Hosted)

Below are the 3 best eCommerce website builders with do-it-yourself functionality to build an online store without any web development knowledge.

#1 Shopify: Powering 100,000+ Online Stores


Shopify is one of the best eCommerce website builder available today in the market. The website builder gives you all the facilities that you need to run an online store without any technical knowledge. This is a hosted solution that means server and software will be managed by the Shopify team. Currently, more than 100,000 small & big online stores are running with Shopify.

Here are some of the advantage with Shopify

  1. Choose a beautiful template from 100+ templates database or design a custom template for your store.
  2. Shopify provides a secure shopping cart that lets you instantly accept credit cards and PayPal payments.
  3. Level 1 PCI compliant with 128 bit SSL encryption to secure online payment transactions.
  4. Accept global currencies and make your business truly global.
  5. Host your website with your preferred domain extension i.e .com,.net,.us,.in, etc
  6. 24*7 expert support to help you anytime of the day
  7. free, built-in mobile commerce shopping cart
  8. SEO friendly
  9. Create & Manage coupon codes with built-in coupon engine
  10. Built-in analytics that let you keep track of your web sales and progress over time

Visit Shopify

#2 Big Commerce: Powering 50,000+ stores Worldwide


Bigcommerce is another most popular eCommerce Website Builder which is taking up very fast in the market. As of now, the solution is empowering more than 50,000 online stores. (Read Bigcommerce Review)

Some of the great features of Bigcommerce are as follows

  1. Give professional look to your online store with free & premium grade themes which require no technical skills to apply to the store.
  2. Free tools to help you manage inventory & orders
  3. Use Bigcommerce app store to integrate more advanced tools to your store
  4. Built-In marketing tools to help you sell more
  5. Built-In powerful SEO features to help your site rank higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo & other popular search engines
  6. Recover lost sales by automatically following up when a shopper leaves your site without buying with Abandoned cart saver.

Visit Bigcommerce

#3 Weebly eCommerce Website Builder


Weebly is one of the easiest drag and drops website builder with a pre-integrated fully functional shopping cart. The solution gives you an easy way to create an online store that works across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

You can start selling as soon as you setup an online store with Weebly, the shopping cart software set-up automatically when you create a store. The shopping cart also works with mobile devices and helps you leverage the power of mobile commerce.

The inbuilt Powerful Filtered Product Search functionality gives shoppers a faster way to find exactly what they want.

You can sell almost anything with Weebly i.e Digital Goods, Physical Products, Services and More. Digital and downloadable items are automatically delivered to customers via email with a secure one-time use link.

SEO is one of the most important parts to run a successful online store. Weebly automatically optimizes your site and product in the search engine so that people can find it.

Weebly eCommerce website builder also helps you manage your inventory and tax calculations. You can also manage your store with Weebly’s iPhone & Android app.

Like Shopify & Bigcommerce, Weebly also provides free web hosting with their eCommerce Website Builder tool. You can also start taking payments from your own domain name from all major credit cards. You can choose from a variety of payment options including Stripe, PayPal, and

Visit Weebly

Self  Hosted Open Source Shopping Cart Solutions

Self-hosted open source eCommerce Website solutions are ideal for those who has good technical skills and can code to customize their store. Usually, big eCommerce companies which have a team of technical people work with those solutions. If you’re not a tech-savvy person and just starting off we’ll recommend you to start with the above-mentioned solutions.

Open Source eCommerce Website solutions are stand-alone programs that the required to be installed in your hosting space. All major hosts like Bluehost, Godaddy, Hostgator support such solutions with their hosting. You can install them with a single click from the panel itself.

The major benefit of a self-hosted open source solution is that it can be customized to a great extent and you can use them the way you want.

Some of the examples of open source solutions are

  1. Magento
  2. OS Commerce
  3. Presta Shop
  4. Opencart

If you’re technical enough you can try the above open source eCommerce solutions with any of the above-mentioned hosts.


We hope by far now you must have got some idea about What is the best eCommerce website builder for you? Finding the best eCommerce website builder is not an easy task. You’ve to keep in mind your current requirements and the tools you may need in future to grow your business. If you’re technical enough and can handle the coding you can try your hands with the open source solutions but if you’re just starting up and don’t want to take the coding hassle hosted eCommerce website builder solutions are recommended for you. Now it is your turn. Let us know how to do you like this article. You can also contact us for any kind of query you have regarding setting up an online store.

5 Most Loved WordPress Plugins To Create Converting Landing Pages

Getting traffic to your site is definitely one of the most struggling things you would do in your blogging career.

But sooner or later you will succeed and get thousands of daily page views.

However, there will be one thing always missing from your website – CONVERSION.

People will visit your site, read your content and leave your site. But, that’s not what you want.

You want sales, subscribers, affiliate commissions. And how to do that?

By creating Landing Pages that converts.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone website page which is designed for the sole purpose of either getting sales or collect subscribers.

Landing pages are often completely different from your site and don’t include navigation menu, sidebar, or header of your site.

How to Create Landing Pages?

There are three ways you can create high converting landing pages.

  1. By hiring a web developer to create it using his/her programming skills. (Costly)
  2. Learning to code yourself and create landing pages. (Time-consuming)
  3. Using a drag and drop plugin that lets you create beautiful landing pages without any coding experience. (Affordable + Quick)

If you’re planning to use the first two methods, then feel free to leave this page and start searching on Google.

However, if you’re like me and want to use the last method then stick to the page as I’ll share 5 Most Loved WordPress Plugins to Create Converting Landing Pages.

Using these plugins you can easily create all kinds of pages a blog or business may need such as squeeze page, sales page, membership page, product page, portfolio, etc.

Read through the end of this article as there are few bonus plugins included which will sure to put a smile on the face of budget business owners and bloggers.

So, let’s get started.

1. Thrive Content Builder + Thrive Landing Page

thrive landing page builder wordpress plugin

Thrive Landing Pages is possibly the best WordPress plugin to create converting landing pages without touching a single line of code.

With its drag and drop functionality, you can change almost all aspects of a web page and add custom sections.

There are over 160+ templates included that are beautifully designed and converts well or you can start from scratch and create your own converting landing page.

Also, there are many two step opt-in forms available which you can use to create a different page for collecting user information.

Thrive Pre Made Landing Pages

Thrive Landing Pages Features:

  • 160+ Pre-Designed Templates
  • Customize almost every part of the page
  • Undo and Redo Functions
  • Save templated for later use
  • Two step forms
  • Supports external shortcodes within the editor
  • “What You See Is What You Get” editor
  • Excellent customer support and community

Pricing: Starts at $67 for one site with unlimited updates for one year.

2. LeadPages

leadpages wordpress plugin for landing page builder

LeadPages is what you call an advanced page builder. It is not just any regular landing page creator plugin but it’s much more than that.

LeadPages hosts your landing pages on their servers, provide fast delivery of files, and keeps your site lightweight.

Creating a landing page in LeadPages is just a matter of clicks and you’ll be amazed to see the speed of how quickly it deployed a landing page for you.

It won’t be wrong it says that LeadPage is a standalone landing page builder.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t host your landing pages on your site. You can choose to publish the pages directly on your site using the “LeadPages” plugin for WordPress. Alternatively, you can download the HTML page to use on other platforms.

They also have a drag and drop page builder which makes things a lot easier.

Unlike Thrive Landing Pages, the ready-made templates aren’t available for free and cost anywhere between $7 to $19 for each design.

LeadPages landing pages

LeadPages Features:

  • Create unlimited landing pages and host them on any platform.
  • Connects with almost every platform and you can have a record of all the landing pages from a single admin dashboard.
  • Simple landing page creator with tons of features.
  • Split testing functionality with Pro and Advanced plans.
  • Marketplace with hundreds of premium templates.


  • Expensive
  • Premium templates cost extra money

Pricing: Starts at $25/Month for standard plan and $49 for the Pro plan (payments to be made annually.)

3. Beaver Builder

BeaverBuilder WordPress Landing Pages Plugin

Technically, Beaver Builder is a drag and drop page building plugin that also works as a great tool for designing landing pages.

Beaver Builder lets you create converting landing pages by using the front end editor with drag and drop functionality.

The editor is both smooth and lags free which improves the user experience of changing and saving the landing page.

You can save your designs and use them in other landing pages which save time and provide consistency.

As of now, there are around 30 pre-made templates including with the plugin but there’s a catch here.

Beaver Builder recommends using their own theme which will let you create full width, distraction-free page without header and footer.

However, there is nothing great about their theme and you can easily get much better themes for the exact same price.

Regardless of some awesome features available, this issue has always been a concern for me.

There’s a free version available for Beaver Builder, but it is highly limited in terms of functionality. For instance, you can’t use opt-in forms and ready made template with the free version.

BeaverBuilder Plugin Free Version


  • Appealing front end visual editor with drag and drop functionality
  • Complete control over sections, which allows creating almost all types of landing pages
  • 30 custom built eye-catching templates that are ready to use
  • Template saving provides a quick way to create similar looking pages
  • Mobile friendly/Responsive
  • Smooth and lag free
  • Can be also used as a page builder for designing posts


  • Not fully compatible with 3rd party themes

Price: Starts at $99 for the Standard pack (without a theme) with unlimited sites allowed and one year support.

4. OptimizePress 2.0

OptimizePress Landing Page Plugin for WordPress

OptimizePress 2.0 is the most advanced page builder available in this list.

OptimizePress allows users to create high quality converting pages using visual LiveEditor which lets you see the changes you make in real time.

It enhances the speed of creating landing pages as you can quickly change the things you think are not looking good.

If you’ve tried the first version of the plugin and crying about the features it lacked then let me assure that OptimizePress 2.0 has tons of new features that are sure to put a smile on your face.

There are lots of drag and drop elements available in the editor section which you can use as per your needs.

Also, almost all the major email provider are supported by OptimizePress which come handy for business owners looking to collect their visitor’s emails.

OptimizePress Pre Made Landing Pages


  • Plenty of ready made page templates available
  • Lot of drag and drop elements available
  • Access to Optimize marketplace where one can find more premade templates.
  • Advance LiveEditor that works like a breeze
  • Theme and Plugin versions available. You can choose independently


  • Plugin size is considerably larger which can affect the loading time of your website.
  • Less number of ready made templates as compared to other landing page builders

Price: Starts at $97 for Core package with 3 marketing blog pages. However, A/B testing and priority support aren’t included.

5. InstaBuilder 2.0

InstaBuilder WordPress Landing Page Plugin

InstaBuilder 2.0 is again the next version of Instant Builder which promises advanced landing page creation tools.

InstaBuilder is an easy-to-use drag and drop builder which lets you create high converting landing pages without technical knowledge.

Many design elements are available within your editor which you can drag and drop to desired part of the screen.

There are over 100 pre-built templates to choose from which includes a sort of landing pages, squeeze pages, funnels, etc.

Some additional features of InstaBuilder that aren’t included in other plugins are – lockable content and built-in firewalls which allow you to block one or all pages.

Apart from it, the built-in image editor, as well as built-in graphics pack, are a delight for image intensive landing pages.


  • Mobile Responsive Templates
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop builder
  • Additional features available
  • A/B testing allowed
  • Over 100 pre-built templates
  • Question opt-in features which allow asking questions in your forms
  • Built-in image editor and Marketing Graphics


  • Considering the price there aren’t any cons that should be listed. Share if you found any.

Price: Starts at $77 for the lowest pack that lets you use InstaBuilder on 3 different sites with 1-year update and support.

Bonus Plugins Worth Mentioning:

Landing Pages: A free WordPress plugin to create landing pages with basic functionality.

Parallax Gravity: Another awesome landing page builder which is great to create and track the results of the landing pages.

Buy Now (starts at $17)

Elementor: Probably the best free plugin for creating landing pages. Mainly used as a page builder to design posts but can be used to create converting landing pages.

And the Winner is…?

I can’t declare any one of the plugins as the winner as all of them provide something better than others.

However, if I had to choose only one then I would go with Thrive Landing Page + Thrive Content Builder as it is both affordable and feature packed.

Do let me know your experiences and which one of them is your favorite landing page builder.

Use any other landing page plugin which is as great as these? Share the name below.

Thanks for reading, if you liked what you read then do share this post on at least one social media channel.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Domain Name?

Recently one of our website visitor asked me How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Domain Name? so i thought to reply him with this post. Well, to buy a domain name isn’t a costly affair but sometimes if you choose a bad registrar it could be a costly affair. Domain name prices differ from registrar to registrar. The most popular domains that people register are .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info. All of these domain names are called TLD’s (Top Level Domains). When it comes to registering a domain name I personally prefer to register all of my domain names with Godaddy.

Cost to register a domain nameGodaddy is world’s largest domain name registrar and offers cheapest domain name registration services in the world. You can register a .com domain name with Godaddy as low as $2 per year (Based on the offer availability). Godaddy run many such offers time to time to add new clients to its portfolio. If you’re a first-time buyer with Godaddy you can buy a domain name at a damn cheap price. You can also consider buying hosting services with Godaddy or can buy website builder with free domain & hosting.

Well, there are several reasons why I personally prefer and recommend others to choose Godaddy to register a domain name. The top 10 reasons are mentioned below.

  1. Lowest Prices across the  industry
  2. Largest Domain Name Registrar in the world
  3. Top notch Customer Support
  4. Easy to use Control Panel
  5. Highest number of Domain Extensions to Choose from
  6. One Stop Shop for your website requirement
  7. 12 million customers around the world trust Godaddy
  8. 55 million domains under management
  9. 4,000+ employees work for Godaddy
  10. Global presence with 9 Facilities in different continents

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Domain Name with Godaddy and How To Register One?

To help you register a domain name with Godaddy. Here is the complete process that you can follow. remember Godaddy offer the cheapest domain registration to a new customer so if you’re an existing customer you may not be able to get the discount.

  1. Visit Godaddy website using the following link to activate discount. Don’t worry about the prices mentioned on the page as discount will be added to the shopping cart
  2. Type In the domain name that you want to register in domain search box
  3. If domain name available click on “continue to cart” button
  4. Now on the payment screen, select the duration for one year as the offer is available for the first year only. you can register a domain to maximum 10 years but for rest of the years, regular price will be charged
  5. Now click on proceed to checkout button
  6. Register yourself if you’re a new customer or login to Godaddy
  7. Now choose a payment mode and make payment

Wow, you’ve just registered a domain name at the cheapest price on the internet. If you find any difficulty registering a domain name let us know or contact Godaddy customer support. For more such offers like this keep visiting our site.

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Namecheap Vs Godaddy

namecheap vs godaddyChoosing a right domain name registrar sometimes become confusing when you’re confused between two big players in the market e.g Namecheap Or Godaddy. Before going in details and comparing the two registrars, let me introduce myself first. I’m a Domain Name & Web Hosting expert with more than 6 years of experience in the same field. I’ve worked with some of the top Domain Name Registrars in the world and also a customer of some renowned Domain Name registration service providers like Godaddy.

Almost every other day, someone or other ask me this question “Which is the best registrar to register a domain name” and I always says “Godaddy”. It is not because I’m with them since years but indeed the pricing, domain control panel and overall customer support experience they provide, no other domain name registrar can match up with that.

Godaddy Exclusive Deal: Buy Godaddy Web Hosting with a Free Domain Of Your Choice for $1. Read More.

Let’s compare Namecheap & Godaddy on different parameters.

Company Background & Customer Base

Namecheap & Godaddy both are ICANN-accredited domain registrar and web hosting service providers.

Namecheap was founded in the year 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. As per their Wikipedia Page, they have over 3 million domain names under management, which is indeed a good number. One of the most popular blog Lifehacker also recommends NameCheap for domain registration. As per their official website, Namecheap has 500,000 clients base for domain & hosting services.

On the other hand Godaddy was founded in the year 1997 by Bob Parsons. Godaddy has 55 million domains under management, which makes them #1 domain name registrar in the world. As per their official website, Godaddy has 12 million customers and 4000+ employee base.

why godaddy

In terms of company size, customer base and experience in managing domain names, Godaddy is a clear cut winner.

Domain Registration Pricing

The listed price for registering a .com domain name on Namecheap is $10.29 / year and on Godaddy, it is $12.99. But there is a catch, both of these domain registrars offer coupon codes and using the same you can register a domain name at a way cheaper price than mentioned on their website.

At Namecheap, you can register a .com domain name using a coupon code in just $3.98 and at Godaddy the cheapest coupon code which we found offer you a .com domain registration at $2.95.

Comparing the first year registration price for both of the registrar, we can say Godaddy is a smart choice and if get a good domain transfer deal in future you can move your domain anytime from Godaddy. So it is a win-win deal for you to get your domain from Godaddy.

Domain Control Panel User Experience

User experience is one of the important things someone must look into when you choose a domain registrar. Both of this registrar provide an easy to use control panel with lots of functionality, but I like Godaddy’s control panel handier.

Godaddy offers a control panel which enables you to manage all of your services in a single window. Using the control panel you can manage your domains, transfers, auctions and bids. you can also see what other products are associated with your domain names under the same window and it also tells and reminds you when your domain is going to expire.

using the control panel you can put your domain to auto-renew which helps you renew your domain automatically without your intervention. It helps you protect losing your domain name if you forget to renew it on time.

It really impress me, how easily I can manage my domain A records, Name Servers, MX Records, C name & Domain Forwarding. You can also lock your domain name from the same panel which helps you protect your domain from an unauthorized transfer of your domain name.

All of these facilities under a single screen really helps me deciding my domain registrar. Although Namecheap also offers all of these facilities but I like Godaddy’s control panel more impressive.

godaddy control panel

In this section, Godaddy is a winner. Godaddy’s domain control panel is awesome.

Customer Support: Namecheap vs Godaddy

I must say that my customer support experience with both of the domain registrar is awesome. Both of them give a prompt response on every ticket you submit. You also get a good response when you contact both of these registrars using other means of contact i.e phone or email.

Although my experience was good with both of them but I still read some bad reviews I read about them online. It is a part of the business and you can’t satisfy all of your clients. One of my co-blogger Mr.HESHAM ZEBIDA once loses their main domain names which were registered with Godaddy. Someone has stolen their domains but later they got their domains back. The similar incident I read on a popular forum but this time, Namecheap was the registrar. Someone wrote that Namecheap stolen his domains.

You may read such incident all over the web but it is with all the registrar. Companies learn from their experience and both of these domain registrars has improved their security after all those incidents. Here I would say it’s a tie between this two registrar. Both of them are equally good when it comes to customer support.

Freebies: Do You Love Them?

Everyone loves freebies and I love them too,So I tried to find out if Godaddy or Namecheap offer any freebie with a new domain registration. I saw that they have listed many freebies on purchase of a domain name like Free DNS, 24*7 Support, Control panel and Bla-Bla things. Believe me, all of those comes with every domain name and not unique to Godaddy or Namecheap. After reviewing thoroughly, i found that Namecheap gives a WhoisGuard subscription for one year (a value of $2.88) absolutely free with every eligible new domain registration or transfer.

why namecheap

This was the only freebie I found you may get with your domain registration. Although it is not a thing you may feel wow about but still it’s free so we loved it. So in this section, Namecheap is a winner.

Final Verdict : Who is The Winner “Namecheap or Godaddy

After reviewing both of the domain registrars on different parameters. We could say that both of them are good for registering a domain registration. We personally prefer Godaddy the most and also recommend it because of its experience in the industry, Pricing, and easy to use control panel. You may get your domain registered with Namecheap as well if you want to save some money on WhoIs privacy but if WhoIs privacy is not something you’re looking for Godaddy is the best choice.

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A Quick Guide to Starting Your Own eCommerce Store

Guide to Starting Your Own eCommerce Store

Firstly there are many different approaches to starting an E-commerce store. Each approach is not weighted the same.

Some are better than others, some are more expensive, one approach might work better for some people, another approach will work better for the rest.

The description of this approach will be the easiest, the most reliable and the most powerful.

Why would you want to look at any other approaches – I wouldn’t know.

It, however, not the cheapest. But then you don’t want to waste your time clowning around – like the text to come will explain.

In a nutshell, the approach here is to use an existing shopping cart software like BigCommerce ( Read Bigcommerce Review). This doesn’t mean I’m limiting this only to BigCommerce. Not at all. You can use a number of popular software out there. Shopify, Volusion – They’re all good. There aren’t all that many, though.

The approach that I’ll not be talking about are ones that will make you want to punch your monitor in a bout of anger. Such approaches include; getting an Ecommerce store created by a website programmer from scratch, using free or open source software or adding a shopping cart to CMS/Blogging platforms like WordPress.

Which E-Commerce Platform Is The Best for Online Store

Why Not Use These Other Approaches?

Well like I said, you’ll get angry. Pissed off actually. You’ll go through so much pain of “trying” to get the stupid thing to work, but to no avail.

Trust me – I’ve been there.

What I mean is that I’ve used open source software such as Magento to create an Ecommerce store. I really gave it a good go. But there were just too many bugs. There were performance issues. I spent more time fixing problems than selling products.

You don’t want to be in this situation. I’m sure you would rather want to start selling your products as soon as possible.

Using BigCommerce to Build Your Ecommerce Store

There is an obvious reason why I love BigCommerce so much. There is a reason why I love others such as Shopify and Volusion as well.

It’s quality software. It’s software that works. It’s software that will take you a few hours or a few days to upload all your products and to start selling.

The performance is brilliant, it’s bug-free and the three mentioned companies focus more on marketing than anything else. They understand, just like you should as well, that marketing is what it’s all about. That and selling of course.

I presume that you already have a product to sell. I hope that it is of great quality. I hope that you currently sell that product on eBay, and you know the demand for it, the margins you can make, and you already have a little bit of a customer base.

Super. Now you are ready to get your Ecommerce game on. Now, rest assured I tell you no lies when I say you don’t need to be technical minded at all when using software such as BigCommerce.

In fact, I’ll argue that if you are technical minded, you don’t have the right mindset to be running an Ecommerce store. Technical minded people usually worry about just that – the technical side instead of the selling side. (The making money side)

If you know how to follow a few simple processes you should be sweet. That’s all you need. Really. BigCommerce has a massive knowledge that has a process for just about everything. They have guided videos as well.

The Steps Involved in Starting a Store

So it’s either BigCommerce, Shopify or Volusion. All are quality. All will do the trick as you like.

You simply need to follow the links on their site and sign yourself up. Follow the simple process they have, and hey presto, you’ll have your store.

Next will be to add your products. Add one product at a time first, and then once you’re comfortable, use their mass import product feature.

This should all occur error free. No bugs along the way to annoy you with this process.

You’ve signed up, you’ve added your products… What next? Marketing of course. You’ll want to get your products out there, get it in front of your target market – Start selling.

Of course, there is a whole bunch of stuff to learn when it comes to selling online. I’ll cover that in posts to come.

Common Problems You Might Face Along The Way

I can only speak from experience here, and I really do hope you hear me out and not follow the same path I did. My problem (and I’m sure the thing that many others before me, and no doubt after me) was that I’d deal with the entire website on my own.

I thought that I needed to do it all. From creating my own logo to fixing bugs, to marketing, to customer service. All me.

Why is this wrong? Unless you are very skilled in all the areas mentioned above, it’s best you delegate, and leverage from the professionals to produce you quality work.

Need a logo created? Read this post about Creating A Logo For Your Ecommerce Store. Need to fix a bug in the software – Hire someone on oDesk to lend you a hand.

Need to create a well-structured Marketing campaign – Again, use someone who has done it before.

I wasted a lot of time with all this stuff when I should’ve been selling instead. I do not wish the same for you.

Looking for more, consider reading these detailed guides

Ecommerce Business Blueprint

How to start a successful online Store

Epic Guide to start an online business

All the three guides mentioned above are the detailed guides and will provide you further information regarding the subject. We truly hope this article will give you a clear idea of starting your own eCommerce store without having much technical knowledge.

Why you should choose WordPress over Blogspot?

Why WordPress over Blogspot

For a long time the blogger/BlogSpot blogging platform has being the best free blogging platform even till date, but if you intend on taking blogging as a profession or a business then I proudly recommend you to migrate to the self hosted WordPress blogging platform now.

  • These are little things i hate about blogger/BlogSpot blogging platform.
  • Poor customer service or support
  • Unprofessional design
  • Poor SEO
  • No control over blog web hosting
  • No plugins
  • No payment gateway integration
  • No ecommerce integration
  • Can’t install SSL certificate
  • Limited themes options

This is an easy way to tell the best blogging platform, like the blogger platform it has lots of users but they can’t be compared with 63 million sites on wordpress this result alone is enough to help you detect how popular and awesome the wordpress blogging platform is to all it users.

5 Reasons you should choose WordPress over Blogspot/Blogger

Choosing a perfect blogging platform is just like choosing the best spot to mount a shop and choosing the best blogging platform is tough most especially for newbie’s in the blogosphere, now learn the reasons why I migrated from blogger to wordpress.

Here Are Few Reasons While I Moved From Blogger to WordPress

Better (SEO):

Many newbie’s thinks they can rank quickly with a BlogSpot blogging platform which is completely wrong even though the blogspot /blogging platform is owned by Google, But with the wordpress and the necessary (seo) plugins installed you are guaranteed to gain more and huge traffic from search engines to your blog which is one of the main reasons you should move your blog to wordpress.

Complete power over your blog

With the WordPress blogging platform I sleep with my two eyes closed because I know am saved from getting a sad news from blogger/BlogSpot blogging platform saying, (your blog has being deleted because of spam) and when this happens you have nothing to do about it even if you contact them they might respond with irrelevant answers giving you some useless reasons for deleting your blog or sometimes they won’t even respond because of their poor customer support.


The best thing I like about the WordPress platform is the “plugins”. Using plugins you can do any customization without writing a single piece of code. There are lakhs of free plugins available in WordPress plugins database and you can install any one of them in just single click. If you know coding, you can also write a plugin for your blog.

Quick loading

Blogger/BlogSpot blogging platform loads slowly because it uses one long page filled with html for doing everything and this affects its load time and decreases its (SEO) strength, but with wordpress you can enhance the speeding rate of your blog with plugins.

There are plugins available that you may use enhance the speed of your WordPress blog or website.

Regular free updates

WordPress keep itself updated. There are many programmers who keep writing codes for WordPress to make it a better blogging platform. You can find a new update almost every month that fixes some issues or add new features to it.

Everything is almost automated on wordpress blogging platform

If you are thinking of changing some stuff on your blogger blog design then you should be ready to learn html coding and editing, but if you are on wordpress blogging platform you don’t need to be good with codings before you can work on the blog because there are lots of plugins that will help you manage the blog.

Enhanced design

When it comes to design blogger/BlogSpot platform can’t be compared with wordpress because wordpress has the flexibility of allowing it users to customize a site to their desired style without being stressed out.

There are lots of convincing reasons why I migrated from blogger to wordpress but I decided to reveal few of the most important reasons why I migrated from blogger to wordpress on this particular article.

Need help in moving your blog from blogger to WordPress?

I have seen many people on internet are offering this service at a very reasonable price. You can also go to fiverr to find a gig for you or you can post a job on upwork.

Do you have any reason why you moved from blogger to wordpress that was not mentioned here? Then feel free to share with us and we’ll include that in our article.

Are you a blogger who was just convinced about moving from blogger to wordpress then simply see the following recommendation for WordPress hosting. There are some hosts that WordPress officially recommend and one of them is Bluehost. Not all hosts are capable of hosting enterprise level blogs/websites that generate thousands of visitors per day. If you think you need enterprise level hosting solution, you can check the following enterprise WordPress hosting solutions.

I know that after evaluating this article you are now ready to migrate to wordpress, please share your thoughts with us.

I Just Bought A Domain Name Now What?

Buying a domain name is the first step towards creating your website. But a domain name isn’t enough. It is only an address that will point to your website. That address is alternative for the IP address that is often a complicated set of 2-3 digit numbers that point to a location on the World Wide Web. But once a person a types in your domain name and pressed enter, he would be redirected to your website that is stored on your web host. The host would then display the web pages designed and developed through the web browser. Therefore the next step is to buy hosting that will store the files and media that your website will be made of.

i just bought a domain now what

Once you have bought hosting for your website. It’s time for you to build an attractive website either by yourself or by someone else. The developed website has to be fast enough so that it loads quickly on any browser. You can achieve that by caching your website resources either on your server side with the help of your content management system or from the client side with the help of services like cloudflare or cloudfront.

Once the website is cached it is ready for deployment. Now customers can easily find you on the web and get exposed to services and products that you provide on the web. To make it easier for your customers to find you, you need to optimize your website for search engines and advertise on various online platforms. Of course, the optimization and marketing parts are optional but they are often necessary if you want to get noticed immediately or expect higher sales on your website in significantly less time. Let’s dive deeper into each of these sections to further understand them and find ways on how you can apply them to create your own website.

Buy Web Hosting

Web hosting is the most crucial section of the whole website development process. Without a good enough web hosting service, you can face a number of challenges that can greatly affect the outcome of your websites performance. However, there are hundreds of web hosting companies out there but only a dozen among them provide services up to the mark. Selecting the best web hosting company for your domain name is often a challenging task. You will find thousands of reviews for each web hosting company in all over the web. Therefore making the right decision becomes even more challenging. Here I will guide you on how to select the right web hosting for your requirements and suggest you some of the top ones for each type of website you may want to build.

If this is your first time building a website, you should always start from the top and most commonly used web hosting companies. Some of the most common hosting companies are Godaddy, Bluehost, Arvixe etc. I would prefer Godaddy over the other two due its user friendly interface and excellent plans along with great customer service. They help you get started as per your requirements and the plans you choose. You will find a plan for every budget and can easily get started with your website in no time. But before you select a hosting you need to figure out your requirements. Let’s figure them out now

Exclusive Godaddy Offer: Buy Godaddy Hosting For $1 Per Month

Basically all websites on the web can be classified into the following categories: blogs, ecommerce, corporate and custom. Blogs are the websites for authors and bloggers. They are aimed at people who would be writing a lot of content for their target audience. Ecommerce websites are meant for selling your products and services. Amazon and ebay are perfect examples of those types of websites. Corporate websites are the websites of the companies and organizations that want to showcase their skills and services or products to their customers. You may also find portfolio websites but they are just small scale versions of corporate website meant for individual creative people. And last but not the least are custom applications like Facebook and Flickr. These custom applications cannot be built by everybody and they often tend have a business model around their website. Now let’s dive into what you may want and which web hosting companies would be ideal for your requirements

If you want a blog, then most web hosting companies provide WordPress hosting. However you should always go with the most popular content management system e.g WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and host them with the companies that provide specialized services for those CMS’s. Today the most popular blogging CMS is WordPress. You can find our guide on selecting the best blog hosting company here.

If you want an ecommerce website where you can sell your products your services, WordPress would do just fine but you need a more powerful hosting solution. You would need at least 10GB of space along with at least 100GB bandwidth. As your website grows, you will have to keep upgrading your plans. Moreover, you would also need a hosting company that provides SSL for security.

If you want a corporate website, a normal web host would do but if you want a custom application built then you have to find a good web development agency to build your application. Custom applications often cost much more than blogs or even ecommerce websites.

Before buying hosting you also need to estimate the number of vistors you would be getting to your website. This would help you estimate the bandwidth cost of the type of plan you may should choose while buying your hosting. In case of any doubts you can always call the selected company’s customer service to help you select he right plan.

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Build Your Website

Now that you have bought your domain and hosting, you need to build your website on top of it. Otherwise everyone who visits your domain name would see a blank page or a default page setup by your web hosting company. Creating a good website is not an easy task. However the huge amount of resources available on the internet often makes it easy for anyone to build any kind of website. However if you want to do it yourself, you can choose one of the numerous website builders available on the web as they really make the designing and development easy for any user. You can also hire a freelancer or a company to build your website for you. When you hire a dedicated developer for your website you get complete control of how your website would look and therefore can get it designed anyway you want. Let’s find out more.

Get A Website Builder

The web has come a long way forward since its early ages. Now you don’t have to code any bit in order to create your website. You can easily build your website with the help of numerous online and offline website builders available on the web. However you would always need some design and graphics manipulation skills to create your webpage designs. You can buy automated website builders from major hosting companies that allow users to create their own websites with relative ease. Some of the major ones are Godaddy, Wix and Weebly. These website builders are completely automated and provide all necessary tools to create wonderful web designs. You can also choose from their existing web templates created by experts to directly build your website. However if it doesn’t match your taste you can sit down to design your website the way you want. Godaddy, Hostgator and a number of other hosting giants provide automated website builders to help their customers create awesome websites in relatively less time. Browse through these companies and observe the numerous websites created through their website builders. You will easily get the hang of it and can start designing right away.

Hire A Freelancer

If you don’t want to spend your time designing your website or if you want complicated functionalities that are not generally available from the major website builders, you will have to hire an experienced freelancer to do the job for you. Finding the right freelancers for your website development is relatively easy due to the numerous freelance websites like Guru, UpWork and They provide an ideal platform for all clients and freelancers to easily build their websites without the unnecessary overhead. The websites also help you manage your client activity and freelancers deliverability with the help of automated tools that track freelancer’s performance. You can hire from the global pool of talent and can easily get your website built for relatively cheaply. Before you hire a freelancer you should always check his prior work and the existing client reviews he has received over the years. This would help you find the best freelancers available in the market.

Hire A Company

To ensure that you get the best website for your money, it is always better to go with a web development company. There are thousands of web development companies in all over the world that can help you build any kind of website without any hassles. All you have to do is provide them with your requirements and they will come up with the best options and features that should go in your website. You can find a number of web development companies on the web and also on the freelance websites. Most web development companies also help you host your website on their servers instead of hosting it on Godaddy or Bluehost or any other hosting company. This ensures that your website remains secure and gets more resources than you would generally get on the major web hosting companies. With your requirement list the web development companies can often create custom websites suited for your requirements.

Go Live

Now that your website is ready, it’s time to go live. Once your website is out there for the world to see, you need to market it among your friends and social circles. Social networks come in very handy in such situations. Once you feel that your reach is limited by the limited number of people in your social network, you can start advertising your services to be displayed to the world. Social networks and search engines are the primary ways of spreading your word through internet marketing. You can create campaigns in Facebook or google and manage them through your dashboards. You can set daily budgets and slowly see your website getting more and more visitors every day.

Creating a successful website takes a lot of work. However with a little dedication you can build a very successful website. All those websites that you see today on the web were started by people like you who were completely new to website creation once in their life. However they learnt the necessary skills and now they run quite popular and profitable websites that people from all over the world visit. You can learn further about website creation from major search engine results. Just google what you want to know and you will find someone who has written a detailed guide about it.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Website?

Creating a website means creating a huge product that can either make you freaky rich over night or it can turn you broke. Therefore there are a number of considerations before creating a website for yourself or your business. All the information or people you know about to day is due to the millions of websites with billions of pages spread across the web that are accessible to us through the major search engines. So you need to consider a number of factors before you go on to build your website. Depending on the factors that you choose, the cost of the website would also be determined and accordingly its valuation in the web would be calculated based on the number of users and customers it attracts. Let’s dive deeper to consider the numerous factors that come into play while creating a website and how you can manage these factors to reduce the resulting costs.

website cost

Things You Keep In Mind When You Plan A Website

Defining A Purpose

Without a purpose, a website is of no use to anyone. Every website that you see on the web I focused on solving a problem or focuses on some specific topic to provide information or services necessary for customers all around the world. Therefore, defining your purpose would help you identify your requirements better and thus would also help you design and configure your website accordingly. It will also help you analyze your potential audience and therefore you can easily calculate the impact you can have on those audience by the services, products or information that you provide on your website.

Every successful website like Facebook or amazon have a unique concept around them. They either provide services, sell products or provide information. Therefore these services, products and information are the most valuable attributes of these organizations. People from all over the world access their website and they have built a successful business model around it. If you have a business of your own and you think that it can be taken online then it’s time to figure out how your customers could access these services through your website. Once you have figured out how your customers are going to access information on your website, it’s time to craft a strong business plan around it.

Create user flow and define a target. You can find a number of tools on the web that can help you create your site plan or your business plan. This plan can be further leveraged to strengthen your presence on the web. Before you go any further, it’s always better to find any existing competitors already on the web. As the web is widespread among people, someone in some corner of the world must have created a similar website with similar services on it. Study those websites and figure out how they work and how they make money. In this way you can easily design a great business plan that can leverage all your business and trade knowledge to create a lasting website.

Analyze Your Target Market

Without a target market or potential customers to sell your product, your website would end up gathering dust and consuming resources. Therefore whatever type of business model you have created, it’s time to build an effective market around it. Find your potential customers and then target them with your products and services and show them how you are better than your competitors. Only then they would want to buy what you will be offering and therefore they would visit your website.

Once you have gathered some visitors for your website, you need to expand your market beyond your friends and acquaintances. If your product or service is good enough, people will flock to your website and if it is bad, you will come to know from their numerous reviews about you. Remember that he web is very open on all thing in it. Therefore in order to create an effective business you have to at par with the standard quality that is being offered by your competitors.

Once you have gained your market, you need to expand it to cover people from all over the world. The web is a gateway to the world. Therefore you need to find customers and build meaningful relationships with them for long term success. You can easily create a huge market base for your products and services by leveraging the major social networks that can be greatly helpful to market yourself among potential customers. But remember not to be pushy.

Prepare Your Product/Service/Information Stack

Before you build a website to display anything to the world, you need to have a strong enough product, service or information at first. Analyze your competitors to understand how they offer their services and learn from them. You can always copy their business model but in order to stand out you need to be able to do something differently that could attract people’s attention. Else getting recognized in the market would not be so easy when it comes to the web. Therefore dedicate some time to study the market and also develop necessary product specifications that the customers could see and browse through on the website. The more people understand and know about you, the better it is for your business and therefore your success. Building a successful product allows you to create a huge market advantage that your competitors will strive to keep up to and in the meantime you can focus on the numerous business advantages of being ahead of them.

Design Your Website

Once you have your service or product ready for your customers, you can now focus on designing the website. Without a good design it’s hard to impress people and attract their attention. You can see numerous websites that are designed greatly. If you are technically adept, you can create the designs yourself or you can hire a freelancer or company to design the website for you. There are numerous ways a website can be designed. Depending on your type of product and service you are offering, your website should be accordingly designed to express your sentiments and impress your audience. After complete design and verification you need to test your design for maximum impact on your target audience.

Develop Your Website

Design is essential but functionality is more important. Without great functionality and good load times, you will face a number of problems with your conversion rate. People who come to your website won’t be able to experience the product that you want to offer and therefore it would lead to an unsuccessful attempt at creating your service. To develop your website you can hire a good freelancer or a outsource it to one of the numerous organization in the world. Always remember to use a content management system without which you won’t be able to manage your content.

The web is full or powerful content management systems that help you manage all your site content and publish as and how you want. You can develop your website yourself or even make any minor changes without having to hire other people to do so if you have a good content management system. Some of the popular content management systems are wordpress, joomla, drupal, etc. Depending on the type of website you want, the content management system required can also be different but the control they provide should not hinder you from creating literally anything you want on your website.

Cost Analysis Of Different Kind Of Websites

As you can see there are numerous stages when it comes to building your website that could turn out to be a successful one in the near future. If you can build your business model and strategy aroud your service and product you can hire some of the best programmers on major freelance sites to build your website. Although some of them also help you strengthen your online business strategy, it is better to build your strategy before you approach them. Therefore to build your website you will incur primarily two types of costs. The first is the design cost and the second is the development cost. Often freelancers consider both the sections in one whole package. They will normally charge you for domain name, hosting your website, the bandwidth it consumes and the design and development costs. Often you get the services as a packaged deal and the cost may range from mere $200 to $3000 or more for a year depending on the complexity of your website the number of visitors it attracts.

However if you only want a simple website that can show of your products and services to your customers and at the same time help you publish your blog posts etc. you can get it done with around $300-$400 per year. To find out the exact cost of your website, you need to talk to a developer and explain your requirements. Once a sample pricing has been projected, you can add or remove extra features to suit the site to your budget. If you are starting out for the first time, you will also have to invest on online marketing and social media optimization. This cost of social media optimization and internet marketing depends on the number of customers you want in your website. Here the different types of websites and the development cost for each of them.

Basic Websites

Basic websites do not have much functionalities but only focus on specific features. They are meant for a small user base and focus primarily on one aspect of a business or service. Creative individuals want portfolios to show off their talent and skills. Bloggers want a basic website to blog about their respective topics. Small businesses focus on displaying their talent and other offers to their potential client’s. These websites do not require complex content management systems and therefore cost consume much less resources as compared to advanced websites. Therefore these websites also cost less than advanced websites. Here are basic website types and their estimated costs.


Blogs are for bloggers who write about the topics they are mostly interested about. Therefore they contain a minimal content management system without much customizations or features necessary for maintaining the website. Depending on the type of features you require, you can get a basic blog at a price range of $300-$500. If you need advanced features, the cost can rise as per your requirements.

Corporate Site

Corporate sites for small businesses that want to show off their skills, products and services. Most corporate sites are made of basic HTML templates that are modified to be used as per the client’s requirements. They can cost around $200-$500 depending on the type of features you require.

Portfolio Website

Portfolio websites are for artists and people specialized in a field who want to showcase their work. They are highly creative websites and are mostly made from HTML templates. They can be modified as per requirements and therefore have the benefit of customizability depending on your type of portfolio. They cost around $400-$800 depending on the amount on custom design work required to build the website.

Advanced Websites

Advanced websites are mostly ecommer websites that sell products and services to their target customers. They have most features embedded into them and therefore can cost a lot more than the basic websites. Often you can build a small ecommerce store at around $5000-$30000 a year.

Ecommerce Stores

Ecommerce stores have hundreds or sometimes thousands of products. Some of the popular ecommerce stores are Amazon and Ebay. Building such a website can cost you around $3000-$12000 or even more depending the amount of resources you consume and the number of visitors you get over time.

Advanced Corporate Websites

Advanced corporate websites are build for large organizations that control a lot of information on their websites. They can publish literally anything depending on the type of information they want their customers to know. They can also carry out complex customer relationship management functionalities to take their business to a whole new level. They mostly cost around $7000-$70000 depending the amount of features they embed into the website

Custom Applications

Custom made web applications are highly optimized applications that are targeted towards a specific group or type of customers. They are built to start a whole new business around the website and most of them are mostly online services like Facebook or Youtube. Creating such a website may cost you around $7000-$50000 depending on the type of features you want on your application.

Godaddy Website Builder Templates

godaddy website builder templatesGodaddy Website Builder is one of the most amazing think on web to build a website yourself using wide range of beautiful templates. The DIY tool helps you create a website with few clicks. You can choose a template for your website & can add images, videos & content without any technical knowledge. If you are planning to buy a Godaddy Website Builder Suite you can save money pn your purchase by using our Godaddy website builder promo code and if you’ve already bought a website builder suite and wondering which is a better template, have a look on some templates we’ve recommending below.

Top Godaddy Website Builder Templates For a Stunning Website

Godaddy Website builder comes with close to 200 beautiful templates on the below mentioned categories. That means every one has a template for their business. Here we’ll mention only top Godaddy website builder templates

  • Auto/Transportation
  • Business/Finance/Law
  • Creative/Design
  • E-commerce/Products
  • Education
  • Food/Restaurant
  • Health/Beauty
  • Miscellaneous/Other
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Non-profit/Causes/Religion
  • Personal/Family
  • Pets/Animals
  • Photography/Art
  • Real Estate
  • Sports/Recreation
  • Travel/Hotels

Get Godaddy Website Builder in Just $1/Month

Business Templates

Website Builder Business Templates

eCommerce Templates

Website Builder commerce templates

 Real Estate Templates

website builder real estate templates

Pet Templates

website builder pets templates

Travel Templates

website builder travel templates

Sports Templates

website builder sports templates

Photography Templates

website builder photography templates

Non profits Templates

website builder non profits templates

Music Templates
Website Builder Music Templates

Miscellaneous Templates

Godaddy Miscellaneous templates

Health and Fitness Templates

website builder health and fitness templatesFood Templates
website builder food templates

 Family Templateswebsite builder family templates

Education templates

website builder education templates

Creative Design Templates

creative design templates

Auto/Transport Templates

Auto Transport Templates

There are lot many other templates available with Godaddy Website Builder. We’ve mentioned only those templates which we find beautiful. You can browse for more templates on Godaddy official website.

Godaddy is offering a free domain name & web hosting space with every website builder plan if someone opt for more than one year. It’s highly recommended that you buy the plan for more than one year using our Godaddy Website Builder Coupon & save 50% on your purchase.

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