Dedicated Server Hosting: How it’s different from Server Colocation

dedicated-server vs colocation Dedicated Server Hosting or Dedicated Server or Managed Hosting service is a kind of internet hosting service in which client get a server on lease. Unlike shared hosting service, A Dedicated Server Hosting allows user to use the server in the way he wants to use it. Customer gets full root level access of the server with the right to reboot it as per his desire; customer also gets the flexibility to choose an operating system & type of hardware configuration he required.

Difference between Dedicated Server and Server Colocation

In colocation, Customers buys a server and put it in the data center of his choice and get the billing on the basis of Bandwidth, power supply & Rack space. Sometimes customer also hires the service of managing the application and operating system.

In Dedicated Server Hosting the server hardware own by the service provider, customer only leases the server for a period of time.

In Dedicated Server Hosting customers gets an operating system of its choice, generally all open source operating systems including CentOS, Fedora Core, Debian etc and versions of linux and unix comes free with dedicated server. If you’re looking for leasing a windows server or Red Hat Enterprise version then in that case you have to pay the associated fee for it.

You also gets the support on the operating system level when you buy a Dedicated Server Hosting but it’s all depends on which plan you’ve bought. We recommend you that whenever you buy a dedicated server hosting plan make it ensure that all the manageability that you’re looking for is included in it.

Server management can include some or all of the following:

  • Operating system updates
  • Application updates
  • Server monitoring
  • SNMP hardware monitoring
  • Application monitoring,  management & Support
  • Antivirus updates
  • Firewall services &Security audits
  • DDos protection and mitigation
  • Backups and restoration
  • Disaster recovery
  • DNS hosting service
  • Load balancing
  • Database administration
  • Software installation and configuration

Although there is no industry standards have been set to clearly define the management role of dedicated server providers.