Does Web Hosting Include Email & Domain Name?

does web hosting include emailIf you’re new to web hosting, there are many question that comes to your mind, specially when you decide to start a website. The two most common comes to someone’s mind are 1. Does Web Hosting Include Email? 2. Does Web Hosting Include Domain Name?

This is obvious that these questions should come into the mind because we all know to run a website we need a domain name to associate with the website & at least one email ID to communicate with customers.

When someone ask those questions to me i.e Does Web Hosting Include Email? or Does Web Hosting Include Domain Name? i simply says “It Depends”. This might sound a very generic answer but in reality it is very true for both of those questions.

To start a website we need three things

  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Name
  • Email ID (Optional)

When you buy a web hosting service , it is not necessary that it comes with Email IDs and Domain Name. It all depends on the hosting provider that how does they create their hosting plans. Generally all hosting providers which offers web hosting services with cPanel or Plesk offers free emails IDs along with their hosting packages. There are only handful of hosting providers which offers a Domain Name for free.

So if you want to buy a web hosting service that should provide you free email accounts and a domain name, we recommend you to go with GoDaddy. (Get Godaddy Hosting With Free Domain & 100 Emails at $1 Per Month)

Godaddy is World’s #1 Domain Name Registrar that offer reliable web hosting services with Plesk or cPanel. Using the cPanel someone can create email accounts and can also manage their website. Godaddy also offer a free domain name along with its hosting package. Under the current offer which we’ve already mentioned above, you can buy Godaddy’s Economy Hosting Plan for just $1 per month.

The economy hosting plan comes with 100 GB space and allows you to host 1 website. It also allows you to create up to 100 free email accounts that you can configure with any popular email client like Microsoft’s outlook, Apple’s mail etc. You can also configure those email accounts on you mobile phone. All email account comes with Spam filter and Email privacy & protection with 256-Bit Encryption.

Nevertheless, Godaddy hosting comes with a free domain name that we’ve already mentioned above in our article.

So don’t wait, act now. Get the benefit of limited period offer and buy Godaddy Economy Hosting Plan at $1.