Godaddy Python Hosting

godaddy python hostingPython is an awesome high level programming language to create next generation web applications. Not only the code written in Python is very easy to read but the programming language has been developed to the level that big brands likes Google, Youtube, NASA, Quora, BitTorrent, CERN trust Python. If you’re looking for a reliable Host that supports Python on their shared hosting servers, we suggest you to give Godaddy Python Hosting a try.

Godaddy supports Python on their Linux shared hosting packages. You can buy any of the Economy, Deluxe or Ultimate plan from Godaddy to host your Python application. Although we suggest you to talk to a Godaddy hosting expert though their customer support number to clarify if everything you need to host your application is being supported by them. It is always advisable that you do a proper research before you enter into a long-term commitment with any host.

How To Get Python Hosting Almost Free From Godaddy?

GodaddyWith Godaddy it is very easy to get started with almost free hosting offer. For everyone who wants to give Godaddy web hosting a try, Godaddy is offering it’s shared hosting (ECONOMY Plan) for just $1/month with a Free Domain Name. The offer is available exclusively through THIS LINK . The offer is also available for Python Hosting as well. Just choose Linux Hosting Economy Plan and complete the purchase. Please note that once you click on the above link you’ll see a non-discounted pricing. the final discounted price will only been seen at the CART during payment.

The link also help you secure up to 50% discount on other hosting plans as well.

About Python and Why You Should Choose Python

Python is a high level programming language known for it’s easily readable code. Python is known to be a general purpose programming language and even a novice can easily pick up this language in no time.  If you’re the one who want to mix an object-oriented approach with structured programming, Python is an ideal language for you. Python has been used to create some of the most popular websites in the world such as Quora – A question answer community like Yahoo Answers. The developers of Quora chosen Python to develop the platform because it was easy to read and they believed that the language will help the community grow to the next level with lesser programming complexities.

The programming language was first appeared in 1991 i.e 23 years ago. Guido van Rossum is the person behind this language. In the last 23 years of history, Python has evolved a lot and now being considered a powerful language that can be run over cross platforms. Python is influenced by many programming languages e.g ABC, ALGOL 68,C, C++,Dylan,Haskell,Icon,Java,Lisp, Modula-3,Perl and also influenced many other programming languages e.g Boo, Cobra, D, F#, Falcon, Go, Groovy, JavaScript, Julia,Ruby,Swift etc. A Python file can be identified with the extension names .py, .pyw, .pyc, .pyo, .pyd. Currently Python is being developed by Python Software Foundation.

As we’ve already mention that Python is known for it’s easy to read quality. Where most of the programming languages uses punctuation, Python use English words that can be easily read and understood by humans. Apart from Quora some other big names has adopted Python, Some of the names are Youtube, Google, NASA and CERN. The programming language is often used to crate security apps but in recent times the language is most often being used to develop web apps running on Unix or Linux machines.

Should You Use Python To Create A Next Big Web Application?

Python is an established name among high level programming languages. As we mentioned above established brands like Youtube, Google, NASA, Quora,Bittorrent trust Python to develop next generation web applications. If you’re considering Python to develop your next big web application, we would encourage you to do so as it will help you keep your code more structured and readable in long run and your new developers will find it easy to understand every bit of code already written in past.

There are plenty of hosts out their offer Python Hosting but we strongly recommend you to go with a trusted brand like Godaddy. Although before you enter into a long-term commitment, you should check if all of your requirements are being fulfilled by Godaddy.