Highest Paying Hosting Affiliate Programs

highest paying hosting affiliate programsAre you a affiliate marketer and wants to make big money online with web hosting affiliate programs? Well when it is come to choosing highest paying hosting affiliate programs there are quite a few things that you should be knowing about the company before you start promoting it, and those things are

  • Is the web hosting company reliable?
  • What platform do they use to track sales?
  • How popular is their product in the market?
  • Is their pricing competitive?

You may find many web hosting programs in the market that offer a huge payout but I can tell you most of them are fake. In my personal experience there are handful of web hosting companies in the market who pay honestly and on time. So when I select a program to promote for myself, I always consider the above written parameter and go with the company which has a good reputation in the market and use a reliable affiliate network e.g Share-A-Sale or CJ Affiliate to track the numbers. This do half of my job and making sales become a lot more easier for me.

Today I’m gonna tell you about one of the most converting and highest paying hosting affiliate program that I personally promote and make hell lot of money each month. The program pays you a minimum $200 for each sale of amount less than $200 and gives you a 100% commission for every sale of amount above $200.

Getting curious to know about the name of the company I’m taking about. So here is the link of that affiliate program that can change your life.

Earn Minimum $200 For Each Sale: The Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Up till now must have known that I’m taking about WP Engine affiliate program. WP Engine is one of the most reliable web hosting company owned and operated by Godaddy. The company known for its Managed WordPress Hosting, which is the only product the web hosting company offer. Up till know the company was offering $150 per sale but recently the company has changed its payout structure and have increased the payout by $50 and that add up to $200 per sale.

In one of the email I received from WP Engine. They wrote to me.

As a sign of appreciation for all of our hard working affiliates, WP Engine is increasing our commission rate! When referring a personal or professional plan, your commission for each sale will increase from $150 to $200! That’s a minimum $200 dollar commission for every sale you bring to WP Engine! Business and Enterprise plans will still receive a 100% commission of the first month’s fees. Just last week, one of our top affiliates earned a $3,200 payout off a single enterprise deal!

It is clearly written that you would be making a minimum $200 for each sale you bring to WP Hosting for their personal or professional plan, and if you can bring a customer to them that buy Business or Enterprise plan, you can take away all of the money the customer pay to WP Engine.

Join WP Engine Affiliate Program on Share-A-Sale and start making $200 per sale.

Being a part of world’s most trusted brand Godaddy, WP Engine converts very quick. People trust the brand a make a purchase in no time. Like Godaddy, WP Engine pay their payouts very honestly. If you’re looking for highest paying hosting affiliate programs, I will strongly recommend you to join WP Engine affiliate program on Share-A-Sale.