How Much Does Godaddy Charge For Hosting a Website?

Godaddy HostingHow much Godaddy charge to host a website? Godaddy is one of the most trusted name in domain name registration & web hosting services. The company was formed in the year 1997 by Bob Parson. It has its headquarters located in Scottsdale, AZ, United States of America. It always offer a very good discount to new customers or even to the existing customers. You can register a .com domain name with Godaddy as low as $2.95 USD, can start your website using Godaddy’s DIY Website Builder tool in just $1 per month including domain registration & web hosting cost or can buy a shared hosting services at 50% discount. Godaddy has an offer for everyone, whether you’re just starting up or you’re a big player of your domain.

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how much does godaddy charge for hosting a website? This was the question which one of my friend asked me when i was discussing about “how to start your own website with Godaddy” with him. The question triggered me to write this article on my blog because i though there will be many other in the world who must be searching for this information on internet. I will write each and every thing which i explain to my friend in my answer. You can also check one of my post in which i discussed about how to choose a web hosting company?

There are 5 kind of websites on internet, Small with little traffic (e.g A 2-5 Pages website of a local business), Medium with moderate traffic (e.g A mid size business website with up to 1000 visitors per day), Large with up to 3000 visitors per day (e.g A Higher Secondary School Website or A Mid Size corporate website Or A Blog like Ours), Very large websites with 3000+ traffic per day (e.g Online Stores), The giants (e.g Google, Youtube, Twitter etc).

Every website has a different kind of hosting requirement based on its size. Godaddy offer a hosting solution for the first 4 kind of websites. The solutions are called Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers.

Godaddy’s Shared Hosting Services

Godaddy offer 3 different shared hosting solutions named as Economy, Deluxe & Ultimate. Each web hosting solution is perfect to host a small or medium size website. You can choose Linux or Windows hosting platform as per your website need. Each hosting package comes with a free domain name registration. The shared hosting plans start from as low as $6.99/Month, using the following link you can get up to 50% discount on all shared hosting packages.

The economy plan is best suited if you just want to host a single website with low traffic. If you have multiple websites you can go for either Deluxe or Ultimate plan. The only difference between the two is, Ultimate plan comes with a premium DNS & SSL certificate. Ultimate plan also allows you to create unlimited databases and up to 1000 email addresses.

If you’re confuse if you should choose Windows or Linux hosting, This article may help you.

Windows hosting plans comes with Plesk control panel and Linux hosting plans comes with cPanel to allow you manage your website or install popular software like WordPress, OS Commerce, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc with single click. You can also check the health of the server your website is hosted on, using the same control panel.

Virtual Private Server Hosting Services

Your website need better computing resources as it grows. A shared hosting server may not take the load of your website when it start getting a significant amount of traffic. Generally web hosting provider suggest you to move to a VPS when your website start receiving 1000+ daily visitors. If you own a website which is getting 1000+ visitors it is advisable to move to a VPS solution. The cost of a VPS is a bit higher compare to a shared hosting solution. Godaddy offers 5 different VPS hosting plans named as Economy, Value, Deluxe, Premium & Ultimate.

The Economy plan, which is the cheapest among all cost you $24/Month when you buy it for 24 months. Each VPS plan comes with a free SSL certificate, 3 Dedicated IPs and full root level access of the server. Root level access is not available on any of the shared hosting plan so even if your website or application is small but require a root level access, you have buy a VPS or a dedicated hosting solution.

Dedicated Server Hosting Solution

Dedicated servers are ideal for heavy traffic websites like eCommerce website, where thousands of people visit daily are surf multiple pages. Any business which is completely online and accept payments online requires a dedicated server. Dedicated servers generally designed to cater those segment of website which attracts high volume of traffic e.g an online shopping store, a big university website, an online ticket booking website etc.

Godaddy offers 6 different kinds of Dedicated Server Hosting solutions named as Economy,  Deluxe, Premium, Value Deal, Power Player & MemoryHog. Each server comes with different kind of computing power. The cheapest server i.e economy server cost $99.99 for 1 month term. Each sever comes with 3 dedicated IPs, TippingPoint® Intrusion Prevention System, 24/7 network monitoring & physical security. you also get a root level access to Install and run virtually anything on the server.

To run giant websites like Google, Youtube, Twitter etc, thousands of dedicated servers in cluster mode are required. The load has been strategically diverted onto all of those servers. All servers use cloud computing technology and their computing resources can be upgraded at any point of time. Godaddy don’t offer that big infrastructure solution as of now. It require sometime many data centers to be allocated to run a single website.

Hope our today’s article about how much does Godaddy charge for web hosting? will help you find the answer of your question. Remember Godaddy doesn’t offer any web hosting trial. If you’re looking for a trial before you buy, go for Hostgator web hosting. Hostgator offer 30 days free trial in just 1 CENT. Read how to use Hostgator 1 CENT Coupon 2014.