Umbraco Hosting

Umbraco is the content management system which is built on framework and if you wish to host your website using this CMS, you should ensure that you have a Windows Hosting with ASP.NET support. There are not many hosting providers that provide you with Umbraco Hosting. In this article we’ve listed some of the best Umbraco Hosting provides that provides you best in class shared Umbraco Hosting. Umbraco CMS can be installed through Plesk control panel.

umbraco hostingWhether you are looking for a powerful online marketing tool, an outstanding ecommerce platform or a hub for your community, Umbraco is a great choice. Umbraco is facilitating more than 2, 50,000 websites currently, which is enough to prove the ability and reliability of Umbraco CMS services.

2 Best Umbraco Hosting Providers

Two of the major Umbraco CMS providers are Godaddy and Arvixe.

1. Godaddy

Godaddy offers you an easy, affordable way to get your ideas posted online through its Umbraco CMS services. While choosing Godaddy, you get direct access to Umbraco CMS on signing in to your Godaddy account. Godaddy boasts of over 12 million customers all across the globe and is still striving to assist more and more people. Godaddy is here to help you easily start and successfully run your own ventures online. It has more than 4,000 employees and it offers 24/7 customer support to all users.

It is recommended for you to choose Godaddy while looking for Umbraco CMS since it is a reputed site with over 12 million users and turns out to be very cost effective and reliable. Its 24/7 customer support helps you relax at the most difficult of situations. Godaddy helps you get all web solutions at one shop ranging from a domain to Umbraco CMS and get complete assistance for building up your online presence.

2. Arvixe

Arvixe was established in the year 2003 and it has been delivering world class quality Windows and ASP.NET web hosting services world wide. Whether you are looking for a shared Windows hosting, a Virtual Private Server or a dedicated Windows Server, Arvixe is the answer.

Taking up Umbraco and Arvixe’s Umbraco Hosting services allows you to enjoy some of the great features that include using a beautiful, user friendly interface, integrated WYSIWYG editor, support for editing in Microsoft Word, versioned and scheduled publishing, full support for controls, use any .net language like c# or, availability of full source code. Once you log in to Arvixe, you can enjoy all Umbraco CMS features for getting your content published over the World Wide Web. It has no limits to design with its super simple template engine. You will get full support for web standards and accessibility standards.The plans offered at Arvixe are 100% Windows and Linux friendly.

You must opt for Arvixe service since it proves very advantageous when compared with any of its competing sites. Arvixe offers you a 60 day money back guarantee if you wish to cancel your account plus it has a 99.9% site uptime rate. Arvixe also offers 24 hour assistance to all its customers, free website transfer to another web host and returns customer discounts. Arvixe has no hidden fees.

Both of these hosting providers also offer windows hosting with Plesk panel. Umbraco CMS can be installed through this Plesk panel in just a few clicks.

Umbraco as a CMS

Umbraco acts as a CMS, Content Management System and is built using It is a user friendly open source .net CMS, which you must have hoped for, while looking for an efficient content management. Umbraco is an ideal choice for managing content at ease. If you are new to CMS, Umbraco is also fun to learn.

Painless Integration

Though Umbraco is a CMS in the core, it can also be integrated easily with any of the leading third party tool. It facilitates painless integration.

Simple User Interface

Umbraco has an amazingly simple user interface.The focus is to make you as productive as possible and thus, the design has been kept simple and easily workable. Umbraco CMS is fast, wonderfully designed and easy to use. This helps you to focus on the message that you want to spread and you don’t need to spend more time on how the technology works.

The interface for Umbraco has been designed by following the conventions from the existing desktop applications, which makes it very easy to use. Working in Umbraco back office is very obvious and appealing to all users.

The Umbraco Community

Umbraco has its own community as it believes that sharing is caring. That is why, joining Umbraco is makes you a part of an award winning community of more than 70,000 active developers who share code, packages, tutorials, love and a lot more.

Master Online Media

Umbraco has its very own built in media library which helps you manage all your digital assets. Umbraco is designed to make work simpler and master online media. The site automatically scales up your photos and also lets you crop images with a single click and makes your shots responsive as well.

Umbraco has a Backup

Umbraco is an open source website but, it has been backed up by the profitable Umbraco HQ Company, which offers professional grade support and warranty at a reasonable and fair cost price. Also, Umbraco has a network of more than 250 Umbraco Partners who are trained and ready to help at all times.

Experienced Umbraco

Umbraco has an experience of over 10 years in the field of CMS. Services from Umbraco give you exactly what you want. It gives you the best practices without having to install anything ever.

Umbraco CMS Requirements

In order to host Umbraco, it is essential to have Windows hosting. Windows hosting is reliable and is of very high quality. And most important is that for hosting Umbraco, you need to have Windows hosting.

Umbraco provides plenty of space and bandwidth to handle your websites. You can also host up to 6 domains or can also go for unlimited hosting plans. You get 24/7 support by qualified and experienced technicians with years of in depth hosting experience. Umbraco hosting services also include a website control panel for unlimited email, databases and subdomains. Umbraco offers 99.9% uptime and guarantee a 60 day money back option if you are not satisfied.

Verdict of Umbraco CMS

Umbraco CMS is the best choice for publishing your content over the internet. Be wise to choose Umbraco in order to eliminate the issues of slow loading websites. You must invest in Umbraco CMS options since Umbraco has been the choice of many reputed organizations. Umbraco is known for its amazing features like no cost, open source licensing and simplicity. Most importantly, Umbraco is known for its unlimited potential to offer you a full featured web content management system that is easy to use. Umbraco makes it simpler for you to customize your sites and this has been proven by the way Umbraco is efficiently assisting in running Fortune 500 companies along with many other large media sites in the world.