Why you should choose WordPress over Blogspot?

Why WordPress over Blogspot

For a long time the blogger/BlogSpot blogging platform has being the best free blogging platform even till date, but if you intend on taking blogging as a profession or a business then I proudly recommend you to migrate to the self hosted WordPress blogging platform now.

  • These are little things i hate about blogger/BlogSpot blogging platform.
  • Poor customer service or support
  • Unprofessional design
  • Poor SEO
  • No control over blog web hosting
  • No plugins
  • No payment gateway integration
  • No ecommerce integration
  • Can’t install SSL certificate
  • Limited themes options

This is an easy way to tell the best blogging platform, like the blogger platform it has lots of users but they can’t be compared with 63 million sites on wordpress this result alone is enough to help you detect how popular and awesome the wordpress blogging platform is to all it users.

5 Reasons you should choose WordPress over Blogspot/Blogger

Choosing a perfect blogging platform is just like choosing the best spot to mount a shop and choosing the best blogging platform is tough most especially for newbie’s in the blogosphere, now learn the reasons why I migrated from blogger to wordpress.

Here Are Few Reasons While I Moved From Blogger to WordPress

Better (SEO):

Many newbie’s thinks they can rank quickly with a BlogSpot blogging platform which is completely wrong even though the blogspot /blogging platform is owned by Google, But with the wordpress and the necessary (seo) plugins installed you are guaranteed to gain more and huge traffic from search engines to your blog which is one of the main reasons you should move your blog to wordpress.

Complete power over your blog

With the WordPress blogging platform I sleep with my two eyes closed because I know am saved from getting a sad news from blogger/BlogSpot blogging platform saying, (your blog has being deleted because of spam) and when this happens you have nothing to do about it even if you contact them they might respond with irrelevant answers giving you some useless reasons for deleting your blog or sometimes they won’t even respond because of their poor customer support.


The best thing I like about the WordPress platform is the “plugins”. Using plugins you can do any customization without writing a single piece of code. There are lakhs of free plugins available in WordPress plugins database and you can install any one of them in just single click. If you know coding, you can also write a plugin for your blog.

Quick loading

Blogger/BlogSpot blogging platform loads slowly because it uses one long page filled with html for doing everything and this affects its load time and decreases its (SEO) strength, but with wordpress you can enhance the speeding rate of your blog with plugins.

There are plugins available that you may use enhance the speed of your WordPress blog or website.

Regular free updates

WordPress keep itself updated. There are many programmers who keep writing codes for WordPress to make it a better blogging platform. You can find a new update almost every month that fixes some issues or add new features to it.

Everything is almost automated on wordpress blogging platform

If you are thinking of changing some stuff on your blogger blog design then you should be ready to learn html coding and editing, but if you are on wordpress blogging platform you don’t need to be good with codings before you can work on the blog because there are lots of plugins that will help you manage the blog.

Enhanced design

When it comes to design blogger/BlogSpot platform can’t be compared with wordpress because wordpress has the flexibility of allowing it users to customize a site to their desired style without being stressed out.

There are lots of convincing reasons why I migrated from blogger to wordpress but I decided to reveal few of the most important reasons why I migrated from blogger to wordpress on this particular article.

Need help in moving your blog from blogger to WordPress?

I have seen many people on internet are offering this service at a very reasonable price. You can also go to fiverr to find a gig for you or you can post a job on upwork.

Do you have any reason why you moved from blogger to wordpress that was not mentioned here? Then feel free to share with us and we’ll include that in our article.

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I know that after evaluating this article you are now ready to migrate to wordpress, please share your thoughts with us.