Best WordPress Hosting For Newbie Bloggers

wordpress hosting for newbieBlogging has become one of the most popular methods to earn money online. The boom was started back in 2006 when Google’s Adsense program was started catching up with the online entrepreneurs. Nowadays many college going guys and graduates are choosing to blog as a career option. To start a blog someone needs to register a domain name and has to buy a hosting space where someone can install WordPress (The Blogging Platform). There are hundreds of WordPress hosting providers available in the market but finding the best WordPress hosting for newbie bloggers is a difficult task. To make the task easier for newbies we’ve conducted a research and find out the best WordPress hosting for newbie bloggers which is not only affordable but also runs very smooth and comes with easy to use control panel and 24*7 customer support.

What does the WordPress Hosting For Newbie Bloggers Should Have?

Plenty of Server Space

When you start a blog, you need to post articles every other day or sometimes multiple times in a day to make your blog successful. You upload pictures, videos and lots of content to make a blog post looks alive which requires lots of server space. When you buy a hosting space you must check if the hosting provider is offering at least 10 GB of hosting space so that you never run short of hosting space.


The data which is transferred when someone opens your website or download anything available on your blog e.g your eBook or when you publish an article is considered as bandwidth. As your blog’s traffic increase your bandwidth consumption also increases. Most of the hosting providers put a cap on the monthly bandwidth a blog can consume and makes the blog inaccessible when any blog’s bandwidth consumption reaches the set bandwidth limit. As a newbie blogger you must choose a hosting provider which should provide unlimited bandwidth with their hosting plan so that when you start receiving lots of traffic on your blog, your blog keeps running smooth.


A control panel is a backbone of any hosting service. When it comes to WordPress hosting, we strongly recommend cPanel over any other panel available in the market. Using the panel you can do anything which is required to manage a blog effectively. The panels allow you to install WordPress, create email accounts on your domain name, check the resources your website is consuming and much more.

It Should Be Affordable

The major problem any newbie faced when he/she starts a blog is the money. All premium hosting cost a lot and can’t be afforded by any newbie. When you buy a hosting space you must check if you can afford it. Luckily we’ve managed a deal for you with World’s largest domain & hosting provider. You can buy a WordPress hosting with a free domain name at just $12 for one year. You can find more details about how to beg this deal at the end of this post.

24*7 Expert Support

Being a newbie you might face more problems in terms of installing and managing your WordPress hosting. Here the customer support plays a major role. When you buy a hosting service must check if your hosting provider is offering phone, email and ticket support.

The Best WordPress Hosting For Newbie Bloggers

During our research, we’ve reviewed top 10 WordPress hosting providers to find the best WordPress hosting for newbies i.e for you and concluded that Godaddy is the best WordPress Hosting provider for any newbie blogger wants to start a blog.

Godaddy is world’s largest domain registrar with millions of domain name under management. They offer one of the best Linux Hosting which is required to run WordPress and comes with cPanel, Cloud Linux, CageFS and free Applications i.e WordPress.

You can install WordPress on Godaddy’s Linux hosting in just a few clicks. Their Economy web hosting which is best for any newbie bloggers and comes with the following features

  1. 100 GB Disk Space
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth
  3. Free Domain Name
  4. 100 Email Accounts
  5. 10 MySql Databases
  6. 24*7 Customer Support

Godaddy charge close to $8/Month for their economy hosting but we’ve managed to get a great deal for newbies. Under the offer, all new customers are eligible to get Godaddy’s Economy Linux Hosting at just $1 per month only. That is the best money saver offer we found on the internet for any WordPress hosting. If you want to grab this offer, read our Step-By-Step guide to buy this.

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