Does Bluehost Support ASP.NET & MS SQL?

bluehostBluehost is one of the top web hosting provider offer Shared hosting, VPS & Dedicated hosting services.  The Hosting company was founded in 1996 by Matt Heaton. Currently, the company is hosting 1.9+ million domains with its sister companies, HostMonster, and FastDomain. Recently one of our blog readers asked us if Bluehost support ASP.NET and MS SQL, we thought to write a detailed post about the same.

To all the visitors who wants to know if BlueHost provides ASP.NET hosting or support ASP.NET & MS SQL database, let us tell you that Bluehost doesn’t provide or support .NET platform and MS SQL.

Update: Recently Bluehost started its operations in India. Unlike, Bluehost India offers both ASP.NET (Windows) & Linux hosting services.  If you would like to buy ASP.NET hosting from Bluehost, you can try Bluehost India.

Why Bluehost Doesn’t Support ASP.NET & MS SQL?

Bluehost offer hosting services on Linux Server i.e LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Php) platform, that means you can host only those websites or application that are built on LAMP platform. ASP.NET & MS SQL are Microsoft’s products and require Windows environment to run. ASP.NET & MS SQL applications can’t be run on Linux environment ideally.

So if you’re looking to host your application build on ASP.NET platform with MS SQL database, you can choose any other top hosting provider which provide Windows Hosting services. You can check the top 3 Windows hosting providers that we recommend by visit here.

We Strongly recommends Godaddy’s Windows Hosting. If you’re looking for ASP.NET hosting we suggest you to go with Godaddy. Under the current special promo offer you can buy ASP.NET Hosting with FREE Domain for $12/Year. Read More Here

Here are the 3 possible solutions recommended by Bluehost if you’re running hosting services with Bluehost & wants to run Windows application build on ASP.NET, MS SQL or MS Access database.

  1. Hire a developer to re-program ASP .NET in CGI, PHP or another scripting language that is Linux compatible.
  2. Convert the pages to PHP by using Microsoft’s conversion tool.
  3. Move your content to a host that provides Windows-based services.

Software Supported On Bluehost Hosting

Below is the screenshot was taken from Bluehost official website which talks about Bluehost shared hosting server configuration & supported software.

Bluehost Hosting Supported SoftwaresFrom the above screenshot, it is clear that Bluehost doesn’t support ASP.NET & offer only Linux hosting.

If you still want to buy Bluehost Hosting you can buy it at a discount price i.e $4.95/Month Only, Check the Bluehost Coupon to activate the discount.

Hope this article must have cleared the doubt why Bluehost Doesn’t provide ASP.NET hosting & don’t support MS SQL & MS Access databases. If you still have any doubt let us know, we’ll revert your query as soon as possible.