How to quickly promote a young website?

So, what is the main problem of promoting a young website? This is age, lack of authority, trust. Many SEO agencies do not undertake to promote a young website, as this is due to a large amount of work at the initial stage. This naturally increases the cost of promotion and reduces the agency’s profit.

The sequence of promotion of any site is the same – collecting semantics, creating landing pages, writing texts, purchasing links. What is the difference in the promotion of a young site? At the stage of developing a new website, we create several HTML pages with relevant text – Home, About the company, Services, Contacts. We post contact details, banking details, opening hours, all commercial information. In fact, in 1 day you can create a business card site, and not just a stub, which begins to be indexed and counts the age of the site. In contrast to popular opinion, the age of the site begins from the moment of the first indexing of thematic content on the domain, and not from the moment of domain registration.

Adding a site to the Webmaster panel

Adding the site to the Google webmaster panel. This is necessary to speed up indexing and inform search engines about the creation of a new site. Next, we proceed to the actual development of the site itself or wait for the customer’s developers to finish the site. This can be laid down for 3 weeks, or maybe 3 months.

Collecting semantics

Then, we collect the semantics and create a structure. For example, we have collected all the brands and models of cars. There are about 500 pieces in total. (50 manufacturers plus several models for each manufacturer). For example, Audi-A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q3, Q5, Q7, Q8, etc.

You pass the list to the customer and he selects the most popular out of 1000 pieces because the budget for content was limited.

Creating content

A separate website page is created for each model. Next, you prepare and give the texts to the copywriters for work.

Special attention should be paid to the elaboration of the technical task for writing texts. It is important to create an approximate structure of the article and select additional LSI queries. This is necessary for greater coverage of keywords, greater naturalness, and quality of the text.

Crowd links

What the young site lacks most of all are high-quality links. Even in the process of developing a site, when there is a “stub” on the domain, it is advisable to start working on placing natural links on automotive forums. 

Site audit and error correction

When the site is ready – you will need to conduct an audit for technical errors. If there are few errors, then they should be eliminated within a short time.

Some of the ways to promote

Promote a Website

Registration in site catalogs

The method is similar to registration on bulletin boards, but instead of them, thematic and general thematic catalogs of sites are selected, where the domain name is entered. Manually selecting and running sites is a long time, if you entrust it to someone, it will cost $ 10-90. The efficiency is almost zero, but it is also suitable for increasing the reference mass. The main requirement of most catalogs is the uniqueness of the article.

Promotion in social networks

SMM or promotion using social networks allows you to create a subscription base and increase traffic to the promoted website. The main advantages of SMM are: direct contact and receiving feedback from the target audience, as well as the ability to achieve results even with a limited budget.

The most popular methods of promotion using SMM: targeting and advertising in groups or communities. 

Advertising in groups and communities

Buying ads from bloggers, in thematic communities and public sites is a quick way to attract large volumes of traffic. When choosing this method of promotion, you need to determine the “opinion leader” — a media person or a public that reflects the interests of their subscribers, which are as similar as possible to the portrait of your target audience. The cost, as well as the effectiveness of promotion, directly depends on the activity and reputation of the “opinion leader”, as well as the volume of the subscription base.


  • SEO promotion is the basis for business development on the Internet. Search engine optimization is necessary for the successful development of projects aimed at the long term.
  • Contextual advertising is a quick way to get traffic and sales. Efficiency depends on the specifics of the business and the company’s budget.
  • Promotion in social networks is a method that is suitable both for quickly attracting an audience for a young project and for forming a subscription base as a constant source of traffic.
  • Display advertising allows you to generate demand for a product and work effectively with a cold audience. The effectiveness of display advertising is determined by the popularity of the site and the creativity of the approach to creating advertising materials.
  • Advertising on external resources is a good way to declare yourself using any information guide. The effectiveness of advertising in the media directly depends on the credibility of the publication providing the placement service, as well as the quality and practical value of the published content.

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