WPengine Pricing

Did you know Wpengine coupon code can reduce its pricing by 20%. Wpengine pricing is based on the visits your website receives in a month. WpEngine has created their plans based on traffic.

WpEngine offers 5 managed wordpress hosting plans. They mentioned clearly in each plan’s description that how much traffic they can handle. So pick them wisely.

Most of the web hosting providers doesn’t mention those numbers and try to tell their potential buyers that their plans can handle unlimited traffic which is not true. In shared hosting everything is limited.

If your website exceed the number of visits in any month, you have to pay overage charges. Wpengine charge $1 per 1000 additional visitors to your website. Unlike other web hosting providers who throttle your website or put it down if it consume more resources, WpEngine keep it running and charge you for additional resources consumed.

You can find more details about WpEngine pricing & plans on this page.

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How To Use WPengine Coupon?

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WpEngine Pricing & Plans

As we mentioned earlier in this article that Wpengine offers 5 plans for their managed wordpress hosting.

Find more details about their plans & pricing below

wpengine pricing

As you can see above they offer 5 plans

  • Personal – $29/month (single WordPress website)
  • Professional – $99/month (10 WordPress websites)
  • Business – $249/month (25 WordPress websites)
  • Premium – Contact them for more info (150 websites)
  • Enterprise – Contact them for more info (150 websites)

These plans are capable of handle the traffic

  • Personal – 25,000 visitors
  • Professional – 100,000 visitors
  • Business – 400,000 visitors
  • Premimum – 1000000+ visitors
  • Entreprise – 5000000+ visitors

It is always a wise decision to choose Professional plan. You can host up to 10 websites under this plan and even you host one, you need not to worry about the traffic. The plan is capable of handle 100,000 visitors a month which is good enough for websites with moderate traffic.

What To Expect After You Buy

After you make a purchase, Wpengine sends the following details to your inbox

Blog URL: http://YourUserName.wpengine.com
Wordpress Admin Login URL: http://YourUserName.wpengine.com/wp-admin
Username: YourUserName
Password – XXXXXXXX