5 Things You Must Check Before Buying Web Hosting For Your Website

Making a decision on choosing web hosting company can be very tough.

All the companies in market promise 100% uptime, unlimited resources and knowledgeable support which make customers even more confusing to make the right decision.

With most companies having similar claims, you want to be sure that the company you choose provides the best hosting service at best price.

You should look for the following feature in a web hosting service:

  • Unlimited hosting
  • Enhanced malware protection
  • Free domain
  • Online stores and selling tools
  • Easy site builder
  • Spam and malware protection
  • Money back guarantee
  • Scalability

You should check below five things before buying web hosting for your website:

web hosting buying guide


It is the aspect which most of us look at first while choosing a hosting provider.

Price or fee of the service that you would be paying must be considered before selecting a web host.

Many web hosting company offers free services, some offers paid plans.

There different kinds of offers available in the market with a different feature which you need to select according to your business requirement.

This means you also need to compare the feature that company offers along with the price.

Selecting the cheapest offer isn’t necessarily the best idea, especially when you depend on your website to make money.

A feature like non-outsourced support, quality hardware, costs money and companies offering very less price won’t offer these features.

So, always consider your business requirements and compare prices with features they offer before making your choice of web hosting.

Godaddy offers best in class web hosting services at best pricing with all the features you need to build your website. Their web hosting plans starts from as low as $1 per month.


Hosting security is extremely important as you would want to invest money in the secure hosting package to make sure that viruses, malware, DDoS attacks & hackers don’t hurt your website.

A lot of companies these days are eager to use your emails for spamming and your website for their ads.

The hosting company that you select should have highly secure servers. The hosting company that you select should have the following feature to make your data safe.

  • RAID: It is a special system for protecting data even if the server crashes. It is important to have web host server pre-installed
  • Secure Datacentre: The web host company should have data center with secure location where chances of natural disasters are less
  • Uptime: It the time your website is online and users can access it. Make secure your company offers not less than 99.99% uptime
  • Back-up: Make sure that your web hosting company provide regular backup which helps to restore latest version of your website in case server goes down

Customer Support

It is also a very important factor that you should consider before selecting any web host.

You should be able to connect the customer support of your web host server whenever you want to and more importantly, they should be knowledgeable enough to solve your issues.

Before selecting, you can try to call on the customer support and check if they can fix any issue.

You should also check online reviews about them and the support should be 24/7 available.

Features and add-ons

Now, different hosting offers the different feature in different prices.

You should look after first your requirement that what exactly you need.

With so much of competitors, companies offer extra add-ons features as well to make their service more popular among users.

Many companies offer multiple data centers with additional features such as regular data backups, free domain privacy, hosting companies and many others.

You get extra services at the same price, so little research on plans of different companies helps you get more features at the same price. Always consider this factor while selecting the web hosting for your website.


This is the feature which tells you whether or not the company fits in your plan for future.

You might consider one company that fulfilled your needs for one year as you have less traffic on the website, but after six months or one year when traffic increases the server cannot handle it and your website crashes.

You might consider one company that can fulfill your needs in a longer run.

During the initial period of your website, you have less traffic on the website, but after six months or one year when traffic increases, sometimes the server cannot handle it and your website crashes.

Any web hosting company that you select should give you the room to grow your website.

The web host should be capable enough to give you options when traffic of your website increases.

Transferring from one host to another is time-consuming and takes lots of efforts as well.

Your web hosting company should be easily able to upgrade your account whenever in future you need that and should provide dedicated servers.

So, the host should scale their solutions for the growth and you can stay with one web hosting company even when your business grows.

Summing Up:

As with all these factors, you need to do some research and get opinions from experienced users to make the informed decision.

You can read customer reviews if they are satisfied with the service of that hosting company and what is the company’s reputation in the market.

It will give you more knowledge and would make it easier for you to make a decision.