How To Activate Reseller Club VPS Trial?

Being able to choose the right hosting package, as everything else, should be based on a users need. Insufficient server resources for a website that is resource intensive can mean server stalling and website crashing. And excessive resources for a website that doesn’t require too much server resources could mean under-utilization of the server and unnecessary money spent.

In this article I will be discussing VPS Hosting, and I have listed two questions that should be able to capture your need for a VPS Package.

Question 1: Are you operating or starting up a business where client interaction with your website is important? For instance, a game based site, forum, or popular business. Initially you might see modest growth, but you’re expecting rapid expansion and user interaction via the website? If that’s the case, I assume you would require your website to be agile, scalable and flexible to support the growth?

Question 2: Are you looking at owning your very own “Virtual Machine” that is as good as a private dedicated server, but at a much more affordable price? This could be to meet your App or Software Development needs.

If you’ve answered yes to either of the above questions then VPS is the perfect hosting option for you. A Virtual Private Server allows you root access and provides you with the private resources similar to a Dedicated Server. This allows you to customize your software application and a host of other aspects at a fraction of the cost you would pay for a complete Dedicated Server.

Advantages of Virtual Private Servers

  • Server administration has full root access to the virtual machine
  • Any VPS account is isolated and separated from other accounts on the same server
  • Hardware or any replacements or physical upgrades are taken care of by the web hosting provider as he is responsible for the management of the underlying physical server
  • Customers coming to your site will experience faster load times so you will eliminate visitors from becoming impatient and leaving.
  • With VPS hosting, you have your own server and have access to dedicated resources which automatically translates to having access to more RAM, a faster CPU speed, and more disk space for storage.
  • From a user point of view, VPS is easy to scale up and down and used on a per demand basis
  • A VPS is cheaper compared to a physical server with similar amount of resources

 Interested in trying out VPS?

You can do so by using the 30 Day trial @ USD 5 offer at ResellerClub which is exclusively available for FreeASP.Net users. The process to acquire your VPS trial with ResellerClub is listed below.

How to Purchase VPS from

Reseller Club VPS

You have to use a coupon code “VPSTRIAL” during check out to activate this offer. Click on the link mentioned below & follow the instructions to avail this offer.

Once you click on the VPS Hosting Link, you are only three simple steps away from owning your own Virtual Private Server!

Step 1: ResellerClub provides 10 Fully Managed VPS Plans, each featuring CentOS Linux with complete root access handled with Parallel’s Virtuozzo Power Panel. You can choose the plan most suited to your requirements to move on to Step no.2.

For VPS trial purposes please select from plans VPS 1, VPS 2 & VPS 3 since these three plans allow you the option of trying out the ResellerClub VPS service @ USD 5.

reseller club vps plans

Step 2: In the next Step you will be able to select the Operating system (CentOS 6 or Ubuntu 12), the control panel to manage the VPS package, and the billing panel to manage the billing transactions on your website. The trial offer doesn’t include the price for these additional yet important elements, but I would suggest paying a little extra since that would help ensure you get to experience the services & functionality of the VPS package thoroughly. Once you have made your choice you can move on to Step 3 by clicking next.

reseller club vps add ons

Step 3: In this step you can select the existing domain name that you wish to associate your VPS Hosting package with, or else register the domain name you want by using the “I want to register a new domain name”. Once you have selected the domain name you wish to use, you can click on “Proceed to Checkout” which will be in green.

vps trial domain name

The Coupon Code for you to avail of the exclusive USD 5 for 30 Days VPS Trial offer with ResellerClub is “VPSTRIAL

reseller club vps order details

Your VPS is now completely deployed and ready to use.

A VPS server is an ideal choice when looking to upgrade from a shared hosting package. However, for websites with a larger quantity of traffic, virtual private hosting may not be the best solution since their need for resources are high, which would require an entire server, or multiple servers. For any other more than moderate requirement or development purpose a VPS Hosting package is perfect

If you have any queries on the VPS service that you wish addressed by ResellerClub, you can drop them a mail at “