What Is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated Server Hosting Services, Dedicated Servers, or Managed Hosting Services are a type of Hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else. This is more flexible than shared and VPS hosting, as organizations have full control over the server.

Many companies offer shared hosting services, which are a great option if you are just starting out and do not expect to have a lot of traffic to your website. Shared hosting means that your website is hosted on the same server as several other web sites. This makes it possible for the hosting company to offer low-cost services. On the other hand, if you have a lot of traffic intensive website which can be the case if you’re operating a game based site, or running a resource intensive software or application, a forum and similar, you should consider a Dedicated Server.

There are many reasons why you should choose to use a Dedicated Server. The most imperative one being that you would retain full control over the server and would not have to share space and bandwidth with other websites. You may have a very busy website, or you would want to run very specific software applications. The amount of independence offered to your website via a Dedicated Box is absolutely not possible through a Shared Server. With shared hosting, you’re sharing the server with many other unknown people from anywhere in the world which is why it is quite common for you to experience disruption to your services as others draw on the resources of the server. If one of the websites on a shared server is hacked, the malicious spyware and viruses can attempt to infect your website and email services as well. And this is absolutely not tolerable for any website that cannot afford any type of downtime.

I reviewed the Dedicated Server offering at ResellerClub and spoke with one of their hosting specialists, Arnold Marques, to better understand the need for Dedicated Hosting and how is this better as compared to VPS Hosting. I have summarized my conversation in the form of salient features that I got through speaking with the hosting specialist at ResellerClub.

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Why Should You choose a Dedicated Server?

Greater Performance

Dedicated servers not only give you complete autonomy on your server but have a much higher level of performance and far better computing capacity. You will be able to experience better processing speeds and faster load times on a dedicated server. This means your website(s) users will enjoy faster access to your sites and a smoother experience. As you have complete control of the dedicated server you can decide how to allocate the resources effectively and suited to your needs.

Added Security

Dedicated servers come with an extra layer of security. With shared web hosting, permissions are set up to restrict users from your directories and files. However, dedicated servers provide an extra layer of protection where you, and only you, have access to your machine and can severely restrict access to your server from the outside world.

High Reliability

Shared hosting and VPS hosting plans are very reliable, but using dedicated servers gives you added reliability. When you have a shared hosting plan, you share server space with other people. If their websites take up more resources than usual, that could affect your website. All of dedicated server’s resources go toward keeping your site up and running. You also have total control over the use of the server’s resources, making it possible to increase your uptime.

Multiple Domains

Dedicated hosting is extremely cost effective and management friendly for multiple domain hosting. It removes the hassles of dealing with different accounts for different websites on many hosting accounts. You can host virtually an infinite number of domains on a single dedicated server. Dedicated server management software makes it extremely easy to manage the servers, create, manage and delete account as per your convenience from a single interface.

Managed vs. Unmanaged Hosting

Dedicated servers allow you complete control of your hosting space but there is a certain level of technical expertise that is required for the management and installation of the server. Expertise in server administration will go a way to ensure that updates and patches to servers happen in time. Managed hosting eliminates the need for stable server administration and will help you optimize your dedicated server to suit your needs and requirements. It also saves you significant amount of time invested in setting up and taking care of your server.

If you are considering hosting numerous sites, have a high traffic site, data sensitive site, game servers or simply want more power and control, it’s time to consider a dedicated server. Despite the cost differences, a dedicated server is the best solution for those that are serious about their website, possess the expertise and want the assurance that hardware, software and resources are dedicated exclusively to them.

I hope this article helps explain why and when you should consider opting in for a Dedicated Box. In case you’re interested in going through a few plans for Dedicated Hosting, I would personally recommend that you take a look at the options provided by ResellerClub. I have reviewed them and they seem to be well equipped to handle the needs of any hoster.