Why VPS Hosting Is Superior To Shared Hosting

If you’re familiar with web hosting services, you must have heard many a time about Virtual Private Server popularly known as VPS.  VPS Hosting is an ideal solution for growing businesses or for websites which have a large volume of traffic that can’t be manage with a shared hosting. Now you must want to know when you should move to a VPS Hosting from Shared hosting. In our today’s post we will write 5 reasons you need VPS Hosting over a shared hosting.

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Why VPS Hosting Is Better Over Shared Hosting?

Better Control On Your Hosting

All VPS comes with root level access that means you have a full control over your VPS that otherwise not possible on shared hosting. There are thousands of other websites already running on same server in shared hosting thus no host can provide you a root level access for shared hosting services. When you buy VPS hosting, you can even restart your server when required or can install any software or application. You can host multiple applications or website on a single server and can manage all of them from a single console.

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Cost Effective – Less Burden on Your Pocket

VPS is costlier compare to a shared hosting plan as it gives you better computing facilities but it is a cheaper solution compare to a Dedicated Server Hosting. It’s a perfect solution when you require features comes with a dedicated server at cheaper prices. You can get a VPS plan starts from just $10 per month or can ask for a VPS Trial anytime you like before buying one.

High Level of Security Compare to Shared Hosting

Shared hosting doesn’t provide you a high  level of security which is required for a dynamic website or blog. In shared hosting environment each website hosted on a shared server use a common IP address but VPS hosting comes with a dedicated IP & unique to user password entries. You can also use a firewall and can restrict your server access from certain IPs to ensure a high level of security.

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Better Support & Full Manageability in Your Hands

Almost all the top web hosting providers offers premium support to their VPS clients. generally, they offer support over the phone, Email, Chat & trouble ticket. You can also get a managed server with some additional cost which makes VPS a better choice over shared hosting. A VPS solution cost you a just higher in cost compare to shared hosting but it’s worth spending a few more cents for a bigger benefit.

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Better Performance Compare to Shared Hosting

Shared hosting doesn’t guarantee you a great performance, many a time you face a poor up time & slow server performance issue in shared hosting, this is generally happening because there are many websites sharing the resources of a single server. VPS is your own private server which host only those websites which you host on it and it also comes with dynamic upgrade facility, i.e you can upgrade or downgrade your server any time as per your requirement.

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I hope with all of the reasons we mentioned above, you must be able to make out why VPS hosting is better than shared hosting and how it can help you grow your online business step by step without spending much on servers. The best part with a VPS hosting is, you pay only for the services you use. Unlike dedicated server, you can easily upgrade the resource you want & can save on other resources that you don’t want.