Godaddy Windows Hosting Review

godaddy windows hosting reviewGodaddy is the world’s largest ICANN accredited registrar and has a 10 million customer base which makes Godaddy the largest company in Domain business in the world.

Along with Domain Registration Services Godaddy also provide Web Hosting, Website Builder, SSL, Dedicated Servers, and Reseller Hosting services.

In this article, we’ll Review Godaddy Windows Hosting services. In this Godaddy Windows Hosting Review, we’ll discuss Features, Uptime, Customer Support, Speed, and Supported Programming languages on Godaddy Windows hosting.

Godaddy Windows Hosting Review Based On Our Experience

Godaddy Windows Hosting Plans Comparison

Free DomainFree DomainFree Domain
1 WebsiteUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited Websites
Unlimited BandwidthUnlimited BandwidthUnlimited Bandwidth
100 GB Disk SpaceUnlimited Disk SpaceUnlimited Disk Space
1 MS SQL Database2 MS SQL DatabasesUnlimited MS SQL Database
100 Free Emails500 Free Emails1000 Free Emails
10 Fotolia® Photo Credits10 Fotolia® Photo Credits10 Fotolia® Photo Credits
Free SSL – Value $ 69.99/yr
Premium DNS

As you can see above Godaddy offer three Windows Hosting Plans. Each plan has been designed keeping different kind of users in mind.

If you own a website that only has one database and has not a high volume of traffic, Economy plan is good for you.

We’ll recommend you start with Economy Plan and upgrade it as you grow.

Deluxe Plan is a better option for people who want to host more than one website build on .NET or other windows based technology.

It comes with unlimited domain options which makes it a good option for high traffic websites.

As the name suggest Ultimate plan is for people who need more speed and concern about website security.

The plan is loaded with a 256 bit Free SSL certificate. The SSL certificate is free for the initial plan term purchased.

All plans are loaded with lots of Freebies included Free 10 Fotolia Credit, Free Domain, Free Email Addresses.

Godaddy Data Center Review

Go Daddy has a 65,000 square foot data center in The United States. This data center is connected to an optical fiber DWDM Ethernet backbone with a speed of 20 Gigabits per second. Source WikiPedia

According to the Mass Market annual report in winter 2011.

Godaddy is the world’s largest hosting provider in terms of annual revenue.

Godaddy has 10 Million Customers, 55 million Registered Domains, and 5 Million Hosted Websites on their servers.

In total Godaddy has 35000 servers hosted in their data center. Godaddy claims to offer 99.999% uptime.

Godaddy uses Best-in-class equipment for firewalls, routers, and servers and has a Fully-Integrated monitoring system.

Godaddy Windows Hosting Programming Languages Support

Godaddy Windows Hosting is best suited to host your ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Silverlight & ASP.NET MVC website.

A full range of supported languages is mentioned in the image below.

Godaddy Windows Hosting Supported Programming Languages

As you can see above Godaddy Windows Hosting supports almost all ASP.NET versions including ASP.NET v1.0,2.0,3.0,3.5,4.0.

It also supports ASP.NET MVC3 & Silverlight.

Manage Your Websites with Plesk

Godaddy Windows Hosting comes with a Plesk control panel. Plesk is the best control panel to manage windows hosting.

You can easily manage your server, email accounts with few clicks.

You can Instantly install over 70 applications on your website with just a few clicks.

You can check everything about your website including disk space, traffic, logs & statistics, and much more.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Does Godaddy really give 99.99% uptime? the answer is yes.

Godaddy Windows Hosting servers are capable enough to make your website 99.99% available.

Although we’ve read many negative reviews as well about Godaddy Uptime it is with every host. Every company has some happy and some not so happy customers.

it’s part of hosting business. To be frank enough, customers need not expect very much from a shared hosting service.

Shared hosting services are good for hosting applications that consume less computing resources and has limited traffic.

So if you have a high traffic website or an application which consumes lots of computing resources, we’ll recommend you to host the same of a VPS or Dedicated Server instead.

Godaddy Server Speed Test

To get some insight about Godaddy Windows Hosting server speed, we run a test and found the following results.

Godaddy Server Speed Test

We found the test results good. The server we tested respond fast and the server was up when we had tested. You can check the test report above.

Godaddy Customer Support

We’ll give Godaddy Support 3.5 out of 5 because we have received some average reviews about Godaddy Support.

Godaddy offers support through various mediums including telephone, trouble ticket, and forum. You can contact them 24*7 and 365 days.

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Based on our experience with Godaddy Windows Hosting we can say that Godaddy is one of the top website hosting providers to host your ASP.NET and Database driven website.

Godaddy servers are fast and secure & Godaddy hosting plans have been designed keeping different types of customers in mind.

You can buy hosting on a monthly basis and can save money for a long term commitment. We recommend Godaddy Windows Hosting to host ASP.NET websites & applications.

I hope you’ll find our Godaddy Windows Hosting Review helpful. If you’ve any queries on this feel free to contact us.

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