Godaddy Dedicated Server Review, Alternatives & Promo Code

Godaddy Dedicated Server Review 2020: No doubt Godaddy is one of the most trusted brands in domain registration & web hosting business.

The company is around since 1997 & has the largest number of customer base for domain registration & web hosting services.

The company offer everything you need to go online i.e domain registration, shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server, managed hosting services, web builder tool etc.

Recently we compare Godaddy’s dedicated server hosting services with some top dedicated hosting providers and found some interesting things about Godaddy’s dedicated server hosting services.

In this article, we’ll talk about Godaddy Dedicated Server Review & Godaddy Dedicated Server Alternatives. We’ll also mention a coupon code to buy Godaddy Dedicated Server hosting services at discounted prices.

godaddy dedicated server review

Godaddy Dedicated Server Review

So let’s start with the plans & choice of operating systems Godaddy offer on their dedicated server hosting.

Plans, Pricing & Choice of Operating System

Godaddy offers total six dedicated server hosting plans i.e Economy, Deluxe, Premium, Value Deal, Power Player & MemoryHog.

Each plan has been designed for different type of customer with different computing need.

If you’re a small player & need smaller computing resources, you can start with the Economy plan & as and when your need grows, you can move to the next plan.

Godaddy Dedicated Server Plans

Godaddy offers their dedicated servers with 4 operating system choices i.e CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Windows.

All operating systems come with their latest versions.

Processor & RAM

Server processor & RAM are two most important factor which decides the server performance. Godaddy dedicated servers are backed with up to 32 GB of RAM & Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors.

Frankly speaking, we didn’t like the selection of processors in Godaddy’s dedicated server. i3 processors are being used in the laptops more frequently and they are not designed for Dedicated Servers. i5 processors are frequently used in computers and laptops used for gaming.

The current line of Xeons are based on the same architecture as the i7, but the basic difference between the two is Xeons are better when it comes to run a server 24*7.

Xeons are cooler and take less voltage & has been developed for 24*7 usage.

i7 are also good for dedicated servers but we personally prefer Xeons in dedicated servers.

We can say I series processors are better in desktop-based computing where high computing resources are required but in servers Xeons win the race.

Hard Disk & RAID

Godaddy offers 2 hard drives in each dedicated server plans.

The size of the hard drives varies from 160 GB to 2 TB based on the plans. By default there is no RAID implemented on the server, if you require a RAID to be implemented you’ve to pay $29.99 for RAID 1.

We couldn’t find any option for RAID 5 or RAID 10 on Godaddy’s website.

If someone needs more security and wants to store the data in 3 or 4 hard disks using RAID 5 or RAID 10 then Godaddy is not a good choice.

I wonder why Godaddy doesn’t provide such RAID facility with their server. I’ve seen that almost every other popular hosting provider offer RAID choices.


Backups are chargeable.

Godaddy dedicated servers come with no backup solution.

If you need backup, you’ve to buy it. There are two paid backup solutions are there that Godaddy Offer with their dedicated servers i.e FTP backup solution and Managed backup solution.

FTP backups are charged based on the size of the data whereas managed backup solution is based on daily or weekly manageability and duration of retention of data.

The pricing of backup solution is as follows.

dedicated server backup plans

 Control Panel

Control panels are meant to make your life easier.

With the help of control panel, someone can perform some of the toughest tasks with few clicks.

There are many dedicated server providers which provide a free control panel that they’ve developed for their customers.

Godaddy charge for the control panel. You can buy Parallels Plesk Panel on windows server and cPanel on Linux servers. There is nothing free, you have to buy it from your pocket.

Firewall & DDoS Mitigation

To make your server secure, you need a firewall in place and to reduce the risk of DDoS attack, which is common in recent time, your host should offer DDoS mitigation facility.

Godaddy doesn’t offer any firewall by default.

If you’ve bought a control panel like Parallels Plesk you can configure a software firewall free of cost. Otherwise, if you need an external firewall you have to pay for it.

Godaddy offer Cisco ASA 5505 Firewall for $ 34.99/month.

We didn’t find anything about DDoS mitigation on Godaddy’s website, which is an important thing to be considered while you choose a dedicated server hosting provider.

Customer Support

Customer support is another important factor someone should consider while buying a dedicated server hosting.

Godaddy offers customer support by the medium of Telephone (Paid Number) and Email. As per their website the average wait time is 14 minutes but with our personal experience, it is a bit more.

Godaddy claims that the expected wait time for a response to your email is 11 hours, don’t you think it is a way to high. People buy a dedicated server usually to host mission-critical applications and if they need to wait for a response in 11 hours, they may lose a good amount of business.

Godaddy’s free customer support includes the following

  1. Network failure within Godaddy’s facility
  2. Hardware failure within Godaddy’s facility
  3. Setup process failed
  4. Root user password change request failed

You have to pay for everything beyond the pointers written above. Godaddy charges $49.99 for 30 minutes assistance if you opt for expert hand support.

Expert Hands services include:
•  FREE diagnosis
•  Install 3rd-party Web-based software or add-on module to a control panel
•  Database assistance, such as data import/export
•  Optimization of MySQL® Databases and Apache® web service
•  Port changes such as SSH, RDC, and remote database access
•  Dedicated and VPS resets
•  Dedicated and VPS backup/restore (only with FTP back-up add-on)
•  Installation of 3rd-party SSL Certificates
•  Migration of content to customer’s server or Web hosting account
•  PHP/ASP Modules (per module)
•  The configuration of game servers

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a dedicated server to host some small application or mid traffic website and are good at managing servers by yourself, Godaddy is a good option.

But if you have a plan to scale up and you think in future you may require high computing power e.g hexacore processors, 32GB+ RAM, SSD hard drives and RAID 5 or RAID 10 for data security, we’ll suggest you look for some alternative.

Godaddy goes week when we compare processors with other dedicated hosting providers and scalability is also very limited. They also don’t offer any toll-free number for support and expert support charges are very high.

Godaddy Dedicated Server Alternative

After checking out lots of dedicated server hosting providers, we finally concluded a web hosting company as an alternative to Godaddy’s dedicated server hosting.

SingleHop – A Godaddy Dedicated Server Alternative
Godaddy Dedicated Server Alternative

About SingleHop

SingleHop is a leading global provider of hosted IT infrastructure and Cloud computing.

SingleHop’s proprietary automation platform allows organizations to quickly migrate or deploy workloads in the Cloud. SingleHop is one of the best-managed hosting service providers.

The company was founded in 2006 and as of now, the company has 14000+ physical servers under management and 3,200+ customers in 124+ countries.

The company also do business through reseller partner and has 500+ resellers under them. The company owns 4 data centers in North America & Europe.

Why SingleHop

Here are a few of the reasons you should buy a dedicated server from SingleHop.

  1. A leading global provider of hosted IT infrastructure and Cloud computing.
  2. 15+ Dedicated Server plans to choose from
  3. XEON Powered Dedicated Servers
  4. A wide range of operating systems to choose from
  5. Single & Dual Quad & Hexacore servers options
  6. Up to 64 GB RAM Servers
  7. Options to choose RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10
  8. 4 Different data centers to choose from
  9. Toll-free number for technical assistance
  10. Highly qualified IT Team
  11.  Hybrid Capability to use dedicated servers alongside cloud servers in a natively hybrid environment.
  12. Manage everything within SingleHop infrastructure from Leap Client portal using your iPhone, computer, tablet, and more.
  13.  10 GB Free Bandwidth included with every plan.
  14. Buy up to 125 additional IPs
  15. Up to 1GBPS uplink port
  16. Free R1Soft which normally cost $50/month for backing up your data. Just pay $1.50 per gigabyte for storage Or just buy raw FTP backup solution for $1 per month.
  17. Two different firewalls to choose from.
  18. Self-managed, semi-managed & full managed manageability options.

A Screenshot of SingleHop Leap Monitoring System

SingleHop Leap

We hope you must have liked our Godaddy Dedicated Server Review.

We’ve recommended SingleHop as a Godaddy Dedicated Server Alternative after extensive research.

Now it is your turn to make a decision. Keep your actually need in mind while you buy a dedicated server from any of these two dedicated server hosting providers.

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