Resellerclub Review

It’s been about two months since I came across the web service provider cum registrar ResellerClub, and I have been working with them and studying their products minutely. I have been talking about their services (Exclusive VPS Trial | Reseller Hosting | Dedicated Servers) on my website for a while, and some of you’ll have had questions about the company, the support, the portfolio of Products & Services offered and similar. This got me to believe that I need to publish a review on the company ( Resellerclub Review ); the following article is a representation of my research for one of the fastest growing registrars ResellerClub.

In-Depth ResellerClub Review By A Web Hosting Expert

resellerclub reviewResellerClub is one of the few registrars that offer their clientele the option of Reselling Web Products & Services, or directly purchasing Web Hosting based on a user’s requirement. Let me explain both the options briefly:

The Reseller Program:

This is primarily opted by users with a wholesale requirement wherein the demand to register a Domain Name and Hosting Package could come in through multiple sources, or because the end user has multiple requirements. For instance, a Web Designer, or a Developer who caters to multiple customers.

In the above case, both profiles cater to a varied set of customers with different needs. A few customers may look at building a website with minimal web space, and a few may require maximum resources for their website. With a Reseller Program, the web professional can cater to the exact requirement of the user by providing them a service option that will fulfill their need.

The revenue model for the Reseller Program involves the selling of web products & services such as Domain Names, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and Digital Certificates. Every product has a pre-defined cost associated with it; as a Reseller, you’re allowed the option of selling the same products in your own brand name, and at a price decided by you.

The Reseller Program can be activated with a minimum deposit of USD 25 which is completely usable and can be used to purchase any of the above-mentioned products. The benefit of becoming a Reseller is the price advantage the reseller obtains as and when his/her business increases.

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Direct Hosting Purchase:

This option could be availed by clients with a one-time requirement (For Eg Bloggers (WordPress Hosting) and Developers (VPS Hosting), or by a web professional who wants to offer a hosting service to a client but doesn’t directly wish to take up the service of providing support to the client.

Unlike the Reseller Program, there is no need for an investment. The user just needs to pay for the Hosting Package and can begin using it immediately upon activation.

Through this model, the user is allowed to purchase VPS Hosting (Exclusive VPS Trial), Reseller Hosting & Dedicated Hosting.

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The Company:

resellerclubResellerClub has been in existence from around 1998 and was founded by Bhavin Turakhia under the company Directi. Directi then went ahead and got acquired in 2014 by Hari Ravichandran, CEO & Founder of the Endurance International Group which houses some of the largest Hosting brands recognized around the world today.

Some of the well-known Hosting brands that are a part of the EIG banner include Hostgator, Dreamhost, Bluehost, Justhost, BigRock and so on.

Two Sides of the Coin

pros and consAs with everything in life, even ResellerClub has a set of Pros & Cons that I have tried listing below. Some of you currently dealing, or who may have dealt with ResellerClub could have individual opinions about the pointers laid down, but these points are a representation of my research and experience with ResellerClub.

I will begin with the negatives: The Cons

Poor Hosting Reviews:

Most popular Hosting Forums have people discussing issues regarding ResellerClubs Hosting services. These issues range from server uptime to support. However, a majority of these reviews published have been done as far back as 2010

Support Response Time:

From time to time it does get tough to connect with the support team when required. As mentioned earlier, discussions of these issues have been happening in forums as well where people have debated about the length of time involved in receiving a reply

Higher Domain Prices:

Though ResellerClub is well known for its competitive pricing there are times when I feel that they could offer better prices on Domain Names

Critical Issue Updates:

I have heard some people claim that they’ve faced issues regarding receiving updates on critical issues. However, while doing my research I have come across an updated support forum which is used by all ResellerClub clientele for updates on critical issues.

Pros: The Positive Side of ResellerClub

Friendly Sales Team:

I have had the chance to interact with some of the guys on the sales floor. It feels nice to be advised a product or service based on your requirement instead of being sold one. ResellerClub has all the necessary products & services required, but the best part is the Sales team. They seem well qualified to guide you about the products and suggest which one would serve you better based on your requirement

Quality Hosting:

Their Hosting seems to be quite good in terms of their uptime. I haven’t faced any issues concerning hosting as yet with the service provider. A lot of the issues that ResellerClub faced in the year 2010 seem to have been ironed out. Their Hosting according to my reports meets the promise of 99.9% uptime

Wide Portfolio:

One thing I appreciate about ResellerClub is their product portfolio. You can source almost all of your basic to advanced Hosting needs through ResellerClub. Their portfolio includes all the essential Hosting flavors such as WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Services. They also offer a plethora of Domain extensions which only seem to keep increasing

Awesome Support:

I seem to appreciate ResellerClubs support. For any business in the service, industry support is always critical. It’s understandable for support to take a little time in coming out with a response, but that’s because that time gets invested in understanding the issue and coming up with the best response to your query, which I have seen them doing with queries or issues I have faced.

I like the fact that they offer me the option to mail or call in when required, and every time I do that I’ve never had an issue receiving a solution to a query at hand

Better Pricing:

This topic is always going to be tricky. None of us are ever going to be satisfied with pricing similar to how all of us would like to earn more money; even the ones who make the most. I personally appreciate the pricing structure followed by ResellerClub. Most of their Hosting Packages come with an up to 30% Discount offer.

For instance, you can Go Here to get a 30% Discount on Reseller Hosting, you can Go Here to try out VPS @ USD 5, and you can Go Here to get a 50% Discount on Dedicated Services. It’s easy to find multiple providers offering cheaper pricing, but I believe ResellerClub offers the best bang for the buck

Server Choice:

Another option that I genuinely appreciated was the choice of server location. Let me explain this with an example. Imagine you’ve or you’re a user from China who’s looking at purchasing Hosting Solutions. Most service providers offer the default US Hosting option as the server of choice for their customers, but at ResellerClub the same user can opt to host their website on servers in Hong Kong. Similarly, users with ResellerClub have an option to select from US, UK, Turkish and Indian servers which provide a lot of Hosting value

There’s a lot more that could be researched and written about the company, but my current research is primarily based on the majority of questions that I have received from my readers and followers. I personally feel that a company that has been acquired by one of the largest Hosting companies, EIG, genuinely has something really good to offer; otherwise, no one would be insane to offer more than 100 Million Dollars just to acquire another Hosting company.

I hope this helps make your decision a little more simpler. If there’s anything you like to discuss or share with me, then please feel to free to connect with me.