Free VPS Hosting

Free VPS Hosting options mentioned here comes with all the tools that usually comes with premium VPS Hosting solutions. Although the use of Free VPS Hosting is only advisable for education & application testing purpose. If you’re looking for VPS Hosting to host a critical application or a business website, we would encourage you to use only premium VPS hosting from any of the following, i.e Bluehost, Hostpapa, Dreamhost.

free vps hosting

Best Free VPS Hosting Providers 2016

#1 Interserver

Interserver is a popular name in cheap VPS Hosting segment. They offer a wide range of VPS Hosting solution on Windows & Linux OS flavors. Their VPS Hosting solutions starts from as low as $5 per month but you can get them for free for the first month. Getting a VPS from them is a good option because you’ll get a professional class support because their service is chargeable from the 2nd month. Everyone can afford their service as the price starts from $5 per month only. If you would like to activate your 1 month free VPS hosting plan, click on the below link

#2 A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the top web hosting provider. They rank among top 25 best web hosting providers in the World. Recently they entered into unmanaged VPS hosting segment with plans starting from as low as $5 per month. The base VPS plans comes with 20 GB storage, 512 MB RAM & 2 TB bandwidth. The major advantage of using A2 Hosting unmanaged VPS hosting is, the SSD drives that comes with their all VPS Hosting solutions. The SSD’s makes your server hard disk speed 20x more. Their servers are not 100% free but $5 per month pricing is very affordable for a quality VPS Hosting service. If you would like to get A2 Hosting VPS plan, click on the below link

#3 Site5

Site5 is another top VPS Hosting provider and unlike A2 Hosting, they offer 100% free VPS for 1 month to their client to give their services a try. To get their service you only need to pay $1. The free trial is limited to 1 server per user. If you think Site5 is the right free VPS Hosting provider for you, click the below link

#4 GigaRank

Gigarank is another web hosting provider that offers free VPS hosting plan. The free plan comes with only Linux OS option. It includes 10GB HDD, 75GB Bandwidth, 256MB Ram, 1 Dedicated IP Address, Virtualizer Control Panel, Full Root SSH Access. There is a catch to get a Free VPS from GigaRank. You’ve to join GigaRank’s webmaster community forums and have to make 50 forum posts.


VPS.ME is another popular name in VPS Hosting industry for cheap VPS Hosting services. They have both free & paid VPS options and you can anytime upgrade your free plan into paid. The free plan comes with 348 MB RAM, 5 GB disk space, 1 core processor, 10 GB bandwidth, SSD storage, full root access, control panel with IPV6 address.

#6 Google Cloud

Very few of us know that Google also offer cloud hosting service. To attract new customers to try their services, Google is offering $300 credit to try their services for 60 days for free. If you’re looking for 100% free VPS hosting service, Google cloud is a good option to give a try.

#7 HP Cloud

The big IT company HP also offers 90 days Free cloud hosting to their new customers. If you want to give their service a try, go and register on HP cloud.

Note: HP Cloud is going to close on 31st JAN 2016. If you’re already on HP cloud, you must transfer all of your content before March 31st.

#8 Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is another good option for anyone who is looking for Free VPS Hosting services. You can sign up with Microsoft Azure for free & can get up to $200 worth of free cloud hosting service. Azure is world’s one of the best cloud computing service and majorly target big clients. They offer their service on pay per as you go basis. To get Microsoft Azure service for free, click on the link below

We truly hope this article would definately help you get a free VPS for your any kind of need. As we have already mentioned above that you should only use free vps for education or testing purpose, for any critical or business application always use premium VPS hosting services. You can also get VPS Trial for free with many of the top VPS hosting providers.

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