Arvixe Review 2019

You might have heard that Arvixe is a good web hosting company or probably get to know that they’re quite affordable but still, you want to read a review about them. You may still have a question in mind that Is Arvixe any Good? Arvixe Sucks or Arvixe is reliable. To answer all of these questions read this Arvixe review 2019.

Finding a good hosting company for your next website can be quite challenging. Especially when the market is flooded with hundreds of hosting giants all trying to deliver the best products and services depending on their estimated customer requirements. Moreover, hundreds of new hosting companies come into the market every month and hundreds more die out without a trace. But only a few of them remain in the market due to their strong business model. Arvixe is among those few companies that have remained anonymous for a very long time but is now gaining market due to its world class services, therefore, competing head on with giants like Godaddy and Endurance International. Its plans are targeted towards both personal and business use and have the best services and features along with the necessary performance benefits ideal for any kind of website. Therefore it has recently acquired loads of positive ratings from users and magazines including PCMag and others. Let’s dive deeper to understand the numerous benefits it provides and how you can levy them to build you next website.

arvixe review

Plans and Features

Unlike traditional web hosting companies, Arvixe doesn’t offer the usual plans for personal and business users. Instead, it has modified its plans to be more customer centric. All its plans are full of features that lack in most hosting services. Although it classifies the plans broadly into personal, business, reseller, VPS and dedicated plans, it doesn’t sub-classify them further into multiple levels to restrict users based on a number of server resources they use. Below is a detailed explanation of the plans and their features ideal for all types of customers.


The personal plan is divided into a personal and personal pro. Priced at $4 per month the personal class plan provides users with all the features that a traditional web hosting company could provide. The personal pro plan comes at a price of only $7 a month and allows users to host unlimited websites on the plan. The personal plan can host only 6 domains, however. Along with the RV site builder and the softculous installer built into the cPanel, the company makes it really easy for anyone to host any kind of website without having to setup and configure technical stuff by themselves. You also have access to unlimited FTP accounts, domain aliases, and subdomains ideal for any type of task you may expect to carry out on the host.

The personal plan also comes in windows variants for users who like to build websites in ASP.Net. However, the ASP versions of the personal class host come at $5 and $8 respectively. Along with the above, the personal class plans come with numerous add-ons and extras ideal for newbies and experienced hosting customers alike. You can get priority support, private or shared tomcat and SSL certificates for your website at cheaper prices compared to other hosting companies.


The business web hosting plans in Arvixe take the hosting experience to a whole new level. Without compromising with resources and offering higher stability and features to business customers, Arvixe provides great business hosting plans in both Linux and Windows variants. Just like the personal hosting plans the business hosting plans have all the features and are also classified into business and business pro sub plans. Priced at only $22 per month, Arvixe allows users to host up to 6 powerful websites in its business plan. For customers who want to host more than 6 websites, Arvixe provides business pro plan that allows users to host unlimited websites at only $35 per month.

Unlike the personal plan, the business hosting plan comes numerous hosting improvements and hardware features that lack in most hosting companies. The business servers now come with SAS 70 Type II Certified, DDoS Attack Response, Secured Entrance/Exit, Redundant Carriers, Network Monitoring features that can significantly improve performance while focussing on higher uptime and reliability. Therefore Arvixe business hosting plans are the ideal hosting plans among all other competitors in the market.

Moreover, you can also opt for windows based systems that are priced at only $27 and $40 a month. You can now create any ASP website on your server with the windows installations and can synchronize data from across multiple websites. Along with the features, the business class hosting comes with essential add-ons, which greatly improve end user experience. For new customers, the priority support can be an ideal add-on that could greatly help them set up their website or even troubleshoot issues during running or installation.


The reseller plan comes with numerous improvements over other hosting plans provided by major hosting companies. You can easily build and host any number of websites on your hosting with custom branding and other necessary improvements that normally come with major hosting companies. Priced at $20 and $50 a month, the reseller hosting account is ideal for small hosting companies or web application development companies that manage their client’s websites on reseller hosting accounts.

Other Plans

Like usual web hosting companies, Arvixe also provides customized VPS and dedicated plans to suit user requirements. Its VPS benchmarks are best in the industry and are ideal for any large scale application that carries out financial transactions. The company does not support running e-commerce applications on its shared platform and therefore encourages its users to opt VPS plans to run any type of e-commerce or applications that require payment processing on the website.

Performance and Reliability

Very few companies have remained popular for their web host performance and reliability. Arvixe has always remained as one of the top hosting companies. With over a million customers and arrays of optimized server hardware that also compete with hosting companies like BlueHost and A Small Orange, it offers some of the best plans to its customers. Fortunately, its performance is also average when compared to its competitors. The page speed, server uptime, and customer support benchmarks over a limited period have remained quite steady and have therefore proven to be invaluable to customers. When compared with major hosting companies that claim to provide exceptional services, Arvixe fares average in its benchmark tests.

Page Speed and Uptime

Fortunately, Arvixe has always maintained an excellent record for server uptime with more than 99.96% as compared to its competitors who fare much worse. Servers go down only once or twice in a month for a couple of minutes and get back up without any kind of damage to data or configuration. Even maintenance tasks are carried out without taking the server down with the help of cloud data distribution procedures. Arvixe runs one of the fastest SSD servers on the planet with its fastest page speed result at 2.75s and longest at 5.35s only. Its average page speed is around 3.20 seconds which is significantly better than most of its competitors. With optimized hardware and features the business users get the most advantage as they have exceptional resources that can be used to deploy their own websites without much setup and speed related concerns.

arvixe performance test
Arvixe Performance Test

Usability and Customer Support

Unlike what one would expect from such a company, Arvixe has one of the top customer support teams. Firstly the company badly wants newbies as its customers. Else they would have made the whole cpanel and other major interface elements harder to navigate and setup. Therefore it is only recommended for a customer who has prior experience in dealing with hosting companies to go with business plans as they provide higher and complicated functionalities. Due to its awesome cPanel, the company also doesn’t expect a lot of people lining up for support. Fortunately, they do and the company’s competence to handle so many queries elevates its image. You can also opt for priority support that can help you setup your website with the customer service ready at hand to help you whenever you want them

Unlike user expectation, Arvixe has one of the top customer support in the market. The average reply time for each query is at least 1 hours. With millions of customers waiting in line with their queries, the company restructured its support forums to make them more user oriented. As the company mostly targets beginner users, there are always hundreds of queries with its customers. But with proper documentation of basic procedures like Godaddy and Arvixe provides, this is greatly minimized.

Personal Experience

I recently bought a power plan from Arvixe and transferred my domain name from Godaddy. Although the plan offered a free domain name, I skipped the offer as I already had one. The setup was quick and the presale support was definitely better than GoDaddy. It took around 2 days to transfer the domain name to Arvixe but I have had worse with Godaddy (which took more than 9 days to transfer). After the transfer, I installed WordPress from the softaculous apps and the site was deployed within seconds. I went onto install plugins and one of the plugins damaged the WordPress database. I filed a support ticket just then and waited for any possible backup that I may be able to retrieve. Fortunately, the support team got back within 7 mins and guided me through the whole process of restoring the database. The problem was resolved within the next 20 mins and without any expense whatsoever unlike in other hosting companies. Therefore I am pretty satisfied with the company and the server is definitely faster than any shared hosting plan I have ever used due to the SSD drives that push data 65% faster than traditional magnetic drives.


Arvixe is ideal for business users who want anytime support and uptime along with faster websites to improve their user experience. Although the prices are a bit lower than its competitors, the improved performance and support compensate for the extra dime. If you are an experienced web administrator and want a perfect hosting company within your budget, Arvixe must be your first choice.

Over the years, the popularity of Arvixe has significantly grown due to their quality service and powerful servers. However, customers at smaller plans have often faced difficulties while setting up their website even after the customer service guides them through the process. Arvixe is ideal for you if you want to run blogs or another corporate website that don’t attract a lot of e-commerce related sales. As the hosting company does not support heavy e-commerce applications in its shared hosting plans to maintain server health, you can run normal blogs or other types of websites with relative ease. Its plans are also designed to restrict e-commerce applications on the server.

When compared with its competitors, Arvixe is definitely a better hosting company when it comes to page speed, server uptime, and performance reliability. It’s awesome customer support is definitely for beginners. Their presales support is great and after sales tech support is awesome. Go with it if you want a reliable server without expecting support.