HIPAA Compliant Dropbox Alternative

HIPAA Compliant Dropbox AlternativeHIPAA Compliant Dropbox Alternative: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 also known as HIPAA was bring into existence by president Bill Clinton. The office of civil rights enforce the HIPAA Privacy Rule, HIPAA Security Rule & HIPAA Breach Notification Rule for protecing the privacy of individually identifiable health information, to set national standards for the security of electronic protected health information & to provide notification following a breach of unsecured protected health information.

If you’re from a Healthcare Or Insurance industry and wants to store PHI information on cloud, you’ve choose a provider which met the criteria set by the government. There are many cloud storage provider on internet which offer cloud storage but only few of them are offer HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage. Most probably you’re reading to this post because you’re aware that world’s most popular cloud storage known as Dropbox is not HIPAA Compliant. In this post we’ll talk about HIPAA Compliant Dropbox Alternative. From our research we’ve shortlisted one cloud hosting provider which we believe is the best HIPAA Compliant Dropbox Alternative.

Egnyte: The Best HIPAA Compliant Dropbox Alternative

Egnyte is award winning cloud based file sharing platform. The solution offers security, control, and compliance to store & access files through any device regardless where the data is stored.

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What is Egnyte?

If you’re still not clear about what Egnyte actually is and how could it help you achieve your goal, watch this small video of 1:47 minutes.

Egnyte provides deployment models to solve any use case including cloud file sharing, private file sharing, cross-office collaboration, and fast local file access.

From the video we hope now you must be having an idea about how Egnyte works.

Now if you’re a covered entity and looking for a solution which can help you store Protected Health Information (PHI) and makes you HIPAA compliant, then Egnyte is the right solution for you. HIPAA requires that Covered Entities identify other businesses (also known as business associates) they disclose PHI to.  These business associates contracted to performs the functions for covered entities. HIPAA allows covered entities to disclose the PHI data to their business associates if business associate will use the data only for it was engaged and will safeguard the data from misuse. For all covered entities it is required that they should sign a business agreement with their business associates before they share any PHI information with them.

When you sign up with Egnyte, they enter into a Business Associate Agreement with you and agrees for the following

  1. Engyte will not use or disclose the data other than written in business associate agreement or set by law.
  2. Engyte will safeguard the use of data as per business associate agreement.
  3. Egnyte will report you about any use or disclose of PHI not provided for BAA.
  4. Egnyte will ensure that any agent who receive the data provided by use should abide by the restrictions and conditions mentioned in BAA
  5. Egnyte will make internal practices, procedure, books and records related to use & disclose of PHI in compliance with HIPAA.

Egnyte’s data security practices include using usernames, passwords, and encrypted protocol for data access.

Plans & Pricing

This is the most important part that everybody consider while they choose a cloud based platform to securely store and share files. Everybody wants a solution that is pocket friendly and also complaint with HIPAA. Egnyte knows that every business has different needs thus they offer 3 different solution for small, medium & enterprise class businesses.

The first plan which is called Office is best suited for small businesses & teams that require basic file sharing & storage facility. If you’re a team of 5-24 employees this plan could be the right choice for you. The plan cost $8/user/month.

If you’re a medium size of business & wants more flexibility & control and has a team size of 25-100 employees, you can go with Egnyte’s business plan. The plan cost only $15/user/month.

For business which require to store large amount of data & bigger files, enterprise plan could be the right choice. If you need such solution you can directly asked for a deal from Egnyte.

To study Egnyte’s plans & pricing in details, you can visit here.

Egnyte is empowering 40000+ businesses to store their files online & on premises. With their HIPAA Compliant cloud storage solution a covered entity can easily become HIPPA Compliant. You can access your data using any device regardless of your location. If you’re not sure if it is the right solution for you, we suggest you to take a trial before you buy. If you’ve any further question on this feel free to contact us.

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