Low Cost Web Hosting

low cost web hostingThis is a myth that only highly priced web hosting services preform better and low cost web hosting lags behind.We ourselves tested few low cost web hosting services and found some of them were performed even better when compared to highly priced web hosting services. So if you’re planning to buy a web hosting service at an affordable price that should also be reliable and equally fast as high priced hosting, keep reading to this article.

What You Should Look For In A Low Cost Web Hosting?

It is not like you only look at the prices while choosing a low cost web hosting service. There are many factors that you should consider even when buying an affordable web hosting for your website.

#1 A Well Known Brand Name

A well established brand name is something you should consider while buying a reliable low priced web hosting service. Usually all big brand name spend a lot on their data centers so that they could offer world class web hosting services. We’ve tested many big web hosting brands and found that Godaddy offers the best low cost web hosting service. You can buy Godaddy’s Economy Hosting at just $1 per month.

#2 Review About The Web Hosting Company

It has been found that most of the reviews you read on internet are paid reviews but still there are few places like FreeAsp.Net , where you can read unbiased reviews about various web hosting companies. It is highly advisable that you must read some reviews about the web hosting company before your buy a web hosting plan.

#3 Server Space & Monthly Bandwidth

This is another very important factor you must look at before you buy a web hosting service. You must check how much server space the web host is offering with the plan you buy and how much monthly data transfer is allowed. We recommend you to buy a plan which comes with at least 10 GB of server space and unlimited data transfer per month.

#4 Does The Host Provide 24*7 Customer Support?

A 24*7 customer support is something without that you can not imagine a web hosting service. It is called the back bone of any web hosting company. When you consider a web hosting company, you must check that the company should offer customer support via  Phone, Chat, Email and Trouble Ticket . A well documented knowledge base is also very helpful in most of the cases.

#5 Freebies

Every one loves freebies and most of the big brands offers many freebies with their hosting services. It is always better to choose a web hosting company that offer a free domain name and some free advertising credits with their web hosting services.

The Best Low Cost Web Hosting: GoDaddy

low cost web hosting providerOur study says that Godaddy is the best low cost web hosting provider. You can buy Godaddy’s Economy Hosting plan at $1 per month only along with a free domain name of your choice. The web hosting plan is ideal for hosting a single website & comes with 100 GB space & unlimited bandwidth. Along with a free domain name you also get free advertising credits that you can use advertising your business with Google and Facebook.

About Godaddy

Godaddy is one of the oldest web hosting company, founded in the year 1997 by Bob Parsons. The company employee more than 4000 people and have their headquarters located in Scottsdale, Arizona & United States. GoDaddy has a 65,000 square foot data center in The United States. Godaddy also have a 270,000 square foot facility in Phoenix, Arizona. In total they have 14 facilities across the Globe.

Currently Godaddy has more than 57 Million domain names under management which makes it World’s number 1 domain registrar. The company has 12 Million customers which is an amazing number.

We strongly recommends you to choose Godaddy to buy cheap web hosting services.