How To Choose A Web Hosting Service?

How to Choose Web Hosting ServicesAre you looking to buy a web hosting service? Wait, read this article before you buy one. Choosing a web hosting service sometimes seems very easy but in actual it is not an easy task. You’ve to consider various factors before you make a decision. This post will give you the perfect answer to the question “How to choose a web hosting service”.

Before we move to the answer of the question “How to choose a web hosting service”, let’s first know about various kind of hosting services available in the market.

Broadly there are 3 kinds of web hosting services available in the market, i.e

  • Shared Hosting
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Dedicated Server Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is most economical web hosting service available in the market. In shared hosting many websites on one web server connected to the internet and share the overall cost of server maintenance and server resources. Each website resides on to the same server but gets its own folder partition to keep separate from other sites. For a shared hosting service different companies charges different prices which rank between $1/Month to $15/month. In our personal experience, Godaddy offers the best shared hosting service at most economical price i.e $1/month only along with a free domain name. You can read more about this service here.

Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server is an advanced form of web hosting service. When your website grows it needs more computing resources. This requirement can’t be meet with shared hosting as the resources are shared between many website and you can not use all of the resources available to a shared hosting server as other websites will suffer because of this. To deal with this situation you’ve to move to a server which can provide you some dedicated resources so that that your website can run smooth.

Here Virtual Private Servers comes in picture. Virtual Private Servers or Virtual Servers or Virtual Dedicated Servers are special kind of servers which runs their own operating system and provide admin the root level access of the server. These servers are designed partitioning a dedicated servers into multiple virtual servers. All virtual machines got some dedicated resources assigned to them while partitioning. These resources can be increased or decreased in cloud hosting environment on demand. These server offers all the functionality of a dedicated server at an affordable price.

We strongly recommends Bluehost’s Virual Private Servers. You can find some discount offers here.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server hosting is a kind of internet hosting service in which client lease an entire server not shared with anyone. These kind f hosting servers generally used to host high traffic websites or online software that need more server resources. These kind of servers are more advanced compare to shared hosting service or virtual private servers as they provide more control on server’s hardware and operating system.

In dedicated server hosting environment, the hardware is owned by the service provider and client only lease the server for a particular time period.

For dedicated hosting you can count upon single hop. For DDoS protected servers here are some options.

How to choose a web hosting service wisely for your website?

By far now you might have got a clue about which hosting service is good for you. Every website has a different kind of web hosting requirement. If you’re a small business which has a few page of website or a large business which has multiple small websites, a shared hosting service is ideal for you to start with.

On the other hand of you’re an online business which accept online payments and receives more that 1000 visitors per day or you’ve got an online software for your company that is going to be used by multiple users at a time from different locations, a virtual private server would be an ideal option for you. You can also go for a virtual private server to host a website which require high traffic that can not be managed with shared hosting services.

Anything which can not be managed by shared hosting and virtual private server should be hosted with dedicated server hosting. This hosting is used when you need to host a website which receives millions of visitors per month or you want to host an online software or portal that require more security and computing resources.

So choosing a web hosting service is all depends of your requirement. If you’ve a requirement which can be meet with minimal computing resources, shared hosting is best for you. For all other hosting requirements you can go with either VPS or Dedicated server.

Note: More than 80% websites in the world are hosted on shared hosting environment. We also encourage you to read our article how to choose a web hosting company for more details.