IX Web Hosting vs. Godaddy vs. Bluehost

IX Web Hosting , Godaddy & Bluehost are 3 very popular web hosting companies in the world. Most of the times we got confused which one to buy as all 3 have their own advantages and disadvantages.

On one hand IX Web Hosting is very affordable, Godaddy has multiple plans & local support and Bluehost has rock solid data centers and years of web hosting experience.

Since the early days of the Internet, organizations and business owners have tried to establish their businesses online. What began as simple solutions for small business or personal use has now become a huge industry where everyone remains online and every website provides some information, service or product to their target customers.

Therefore, with developing technology user expectations have also increased, leading to increased load on servers and related Infrastructures.

Web hosting companies now have to continuously innovate in order to capture their target customers by providing excellent services along with support and performance. Any web hosting company that stops innovating eventually dies off due to rising server costs and lack of customers.

Today’s widely used web hosting companies were once started in dorm rooms and garages. Continuous Innovation and strategic marketing have led these web hosting companies to now become some of the major organizations that host millions of domains and websites every year.

Some of the most popular and widely used hosting companies are Godaddy and Bluehost. Quality Services along with awesome support to their customers make them ideal solution for millions of customers in all over the world.

Although IXWebHosting has remained in the market for a very long time i.e. since 1999 it still doesn’t have the expected market share as Godaddy and Bluehost does. However, it provides quality services and varied plans for all kinds of customers who can build any type of web application or website depending on their requirements.

Although all three organizations provide all possible solutions for web hosting requirements it may often become quite challenging to select the most ideal company for application development.

Therefore, let’s drive deeper into all the services and features that each of the companies provide to further understand which one of them might be the ideal solution for your applications. All the three companies provide services ranging from shared hosting, wordpress hosting, VPS hosting to dedicated servers that are ideal for all types of customers ranging from beginners to technology experts.

The plans come with varied features that depend on the target market and the type of services they provide helps us select the most ideal one for your web applications.

In this article we tried to compare all 3 on different parameters. Hope you would like our comparison i.e IX Web Hosting vs. Godaddy vs. Bluehost .

Did You Know: Bluehost Doesn’t provide web hosting services on Windows Platform but Godaddy & IX Web Hosting does

Plans and Pricing

The pricing of the services determines a lot about the organization, consumers and the competitiveness of the web hosting Industry. With such huge competition among web hosting companies and with new companies coming along nearly every day, it becomes quite tough for an established infrastructure organization to price their products and services keeping in mind the competitive pricing provided by their competitors. Among the above three companies IxWebHosting has the best packages with competitive pricing and features that are not even found in established companies like Godaddy and Bluehost.

IX Web Hosting

IxWebHosting provides three types of basic web hosting plans named the Expert plan, Unlimited Pro plan and the Business Plus plan.

IX Web Hosting Plans

  1. Priced at $3.95/month, the expert plan comes with unlimited space, bandwidth and hosted domains. One major advantage with IxWebHosting is that it provides a dedicated IP address for every new plan. Even the Expert plan can have up to two IP address but comes with one free IP address. You have to pay an additional $2/month for the second IP address.
  2. The Unlimited Pro plan is priced at $7.95/month and also comes with unlimited disc space, bandwidth and hosted domains. It can have up to 15 IP addresses but comes with only one free dedicated IP. The remaining 14 IP addresses cost $1/month each. You can also have 3 free domain names.
  3. The Business Plus plan is exactly similar to the Unlimited Pro plan but comes with even less features like the ability to host only up to three IP addresses and provides only two free domain names.


Did You Know: Bluehost is one of the 20 largest web hosts, collectively hosting well over 1.9+ million domains.
Bluehost also provides 3 types of plans for its shared hosting accounts named as the starter, Plus and the Business Pro plans targeted at 3 distinct types of consumers.

bluehost plans

  1. The starter plan is ideal for beginners as it provides all inbuilt features for quick website deployment without deep technical know-how. Users can host one website and use up to 100 GB of web space. Although the website can consume unlimited bandwidth, the server load must be below CPU throttling limits. Users also get one free domain name that they can keep until they are hosting with Bluehost. Along with that, users can have up to 5 parked domains, 25 sub domains, 100 email accounts with 500mb of storage in each account. The plan is costs only $3.49 per month.
  2. The plus plan is ideal for experienced website administrators or people who have already hosting and maintained websites before. It costs only $5.95 per month and offers unlimited resource usage for all parameters including the number of websites that can be hosted, bandwidth usage, server space, email accounts and storage per email accounts. The plan includes a free domain name and comes with marketing offers worth $200. Users can also deploy a global CDN and Spam Experts to further secure their websites against DDOS or penetration attacks.
  3. Priced at $13.95 per month, the Business Pro plan is one of the most powerful shared hosting plans in the market. All resources allow unlimited usage and the plan comes with free add-ons worth $180 per year. It also has 2 Spam Experts with one dedicated IP and one domain privacy feature. The associated SSL certificate is ideal for ecommerce websites and other secure online transactions. You can also backup your website with Site Backup Pro and therefore enable high maintenance features that increase your page speed and deliver your content through optimized content delivery networks.

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Did you know: Godaddy is World’s largest domain name registrar with 14 facilities in United States, Asia & Europe. It has 13+ million customer wordwide. 
Godaddy is also a highly competitive organization that provides four different plans for customers who might need higher server resources at competitive prices. The plans are named at the Starter plan, Economy plan, Deluxe and the Ultimate Plan.

godaddy hosting plans


  1. The starter plan is ideal for people and businesses who want to have a static website to host only a few web pages. This cannot handle huge traffic and therefore you have to upgrade to higher versions. You can also use the page builder to design your website without any technical knowledge. However, if your site sees more visitors, you will have to upgrade to a higher plan. You also cannot host the any eCommerce website on this plan. The plans allow users to build 1 website in 30 GB space and 10 email addresses with unlimited bandwidth.
  2. The economy plan also allows you to build only 1 website while you can store up to 100GB of data and create 100 unique email addresses. It is ideal for growing businesses and websites that are getting higher traffic. You can easily host a small blog that can handle up to 300 visitors per day. Deluxe: A bit more powerful plan that allows users to build their own ecommerce websites although there is not SSL security provided with the plan. It comes with 500 email addresses, unlimited websites and unlimited bandwidth and storage space. It can help you build most types of websites and can handle up to 500 visitors per day Ultimate: The highest plan comes with all things unlimited and can handle up to 1000 daily visitors. You also get 1 year SSL with premium DNS. This is the only plan that can accommodate all your website requirements.


In order to attract customers and improve their deployment rates, all web hosting companies provide a combination of features that must be ideal for their customers.


Did You Know: BlueHost is now a part of Endurance International Group.
Some of the best features are provided by Bluehost as their cloud services quite a compliment their servers infrastructure.

There is an all-in-one domain manager that allows users to update, purchase, transfer and manage all other administrative tasks on all domains in a centralised console. You can also have unlimited add-ons and parked domains, including domestic and international domains in the Plus and Business Pro plans.

The centralized Email console allows users to manage unlimited email addresses along with advanced features like forwarding rules, account filters, secure POP3 and IMAP support, third party client’s compatibility, etc.

Bluehost automatically creates daily weekly and monthly backups of your entire website which you can use to restore in case of a damaged server. You can also opt for the pro backup service to restore only specific files and folders instead of the basic plan that only allows you to backup and restore your whole account.

Along with the above, Bluehost also provides resource protection, scalability, enhanced CPanel, multi-server management, access control, content delivery networks and other advanced capabilities like SSH access, server side includes, web-based manager, database and email manager to customise your account as per your requirements.

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Godaddy on the other hand provides all basic features like free domain with the annual plan 1GB database storage in case of MySQL and 200 MB database storage in case of Windows, up to 1000 email addresses, 24×7 security monitoring, spam protection, easy to use control panel and 1-click install of 200+ applications like wordpress, Joomla and other open source content management systems from its centralized cPanel to ease user development process.

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IX Web Hosting

IxWebHosting also provides basic features like unlimited shared hosting with unlimited bandwidth, disc space, domains and email accounts along with 1-click install of applications like wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, MySQL and others from its centralised CPanel to control and manage your servers. It also provides a free site builder that could be of great help to newbies.


When it comes to server performance nothing can beat Bluehost & Godaddy benchmarks. IxWebHosting also fare much better than traditional web hosting companies but Bluehost & Godaddy stands out with its cloud hosting services that are highly scalable and also provide extensibility options for nearly all kind of applications and services.

All the services provided by Godaddy are scalable and are based on modern hardware architectures i.e cloud based application structures.

Godaddy Server Performance

godaddy server performance

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Bluehost Server Performance

bluehost server performance

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IX Web Hosting Server Performance

ixwebhosting server performance

Performance in traditional architecture is much more outdated than in cloud based hardware’s. The cloud based solutions provided by Bluehost are one of the best performing services when it comes to IO retrieval, caching and other performance parameters.

Moreover, integration with Google apps and other related services distributes data among multiple servers making it easily retrievable upon request. Data is automatically replicated across different servers located all over the globe. Before any hardware errors pop up, the failover Technology kicks in to deliver unmatched performance and delivers data continuously to the users.

If you like traditional web hosting, then IxWebHosting provides the best performance when it comes to hosting websites.

With its custom control panel and beautifully designed interfaces Godaddy makes it easier to manage all technical aspects of the hosting plan in comparison to IxWebHosting. Although it allows users to host multiple websites on its higher plans, the server infrastructure is ideal for only a single website.

On the other hand, IxWebHosting has powerful services along with numerous features and add-ons that are absent in most web hosting companies. It primarily focuses on security ranging from spam filtering, monitoring, dedicated McAfee security and testing, eCommerce hacker shield, etc.

It has a customized control panel that maybe new to a lot of customers who are used to traditional CPanel or Parallel Plesk. With strong backup options and reliable failover measures IxWebHosting provides a relatively stable and reliable performance in our benchmarks.

Customer Support

Customer support is highly essential in any kind of technology related services or products. Often customers are completely new to web hosting and therefore require proper guidance when deploying their first hosting account.

Sometimes even the experienced customers fail to set up their websites due to some technical glitch in the configuration of the content management systems and other aspects of their setup.

Godaddy has an excellent customer service that helps users in all stages of setup but often the customer service ends up promoting their own products to generate higher sales. On the other hand, Bluehost is popular for their dedicated customer support as they have the best technically proficient team who can help you set up any kind of website or application without any hassles.

To compete with that one of the coolest features is provided by IxWebHosting. They provide a dedicated professional for each hosting account, and the customers can call them up anytime in order to get their problem solved.

All customer service professionals are based in US (Columbus and Ohio) and therefore the company’s customer service is only limited US time zones. Their customer service department works alongside the technical team and thus they can usually help you in case of complex problems that may arise during setup and configuration of your website.

However, Bluehost has a dedicated technical support team spread all across the world to allow customers from varied geographies to reach them at any time possible to get their problem solved.

Unlike Godaddy Bluehost does not promote their products during support sessions which is often quite a relief. All the three companies allow users to reach their customer service through phone email and chat.

Usability, Upgrades and Migration

Along with the numerous services and features provided by a web hosting company the user interface and the add-ons should be easily accessible and usable by the customer and therefore plays a significant role in attracting consumers to its services.

Companies like Godaddy and Bluehost have a huge advantage when it comes to user interface related usability parameters which the consumers always prefer over better services and performance.

If a consumer cannot use the product, then the performance of the product does not matter at all. Both the companies have a custom designed interface that not only enhances their products and services but also attracts new users, be it newbie or an expert programmer.

The Bluehost interface is meant for both individual and business users who require easy layout to manage all their requirements and web hosting functionalities without any hassles or technical details.

On the other hand, the IxWebHosting panel uses a simplified version of the CPanel which is quite hard to comprehend if the user is not an expert web administrator. This often repels newbies and therefore only experienced web administrators opt for IxWebHosting even though it provides better features and services when compared to the other two.


IxWebHosting comes with a whole package of features and add-ons bundled with plans that are thoughtfully created to help developers get the most out of their hosting plans. However, it is mostly meant for experienced web developers and hosting administrators who know their way around a relatively complex cPanel.

On the other hand, Bluehost and Godaddy come with easy to use interface that is ideal for both newbies and experienced administrators. However, their plans are not as good as IxWebHosting. If you know your way around a cPanel then I would highly recommend you to go with IxWebHosting but if you are completely new to hosting, you should stick with Bluehost. If you are attracted by coupons and offers, then Godaddy should be your ideal solution.